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If you’re looking for a website builder with app integration and lots of customization options, Simbla might be it! This website builder offers plenty of features to help you build any kind of website and even develop web apps.

We’ve talked more about it here if you want to get familiar with its features and capabilities. Also, we’ve created a guide on how you can build responsive website templates from scratch, right here. Check out these links if you want to get an insight of what this website builder has to offer.

Today, we’ll talk more about the most recent update – The App Market. Simbla has released some new apps which will give users, even more, flexibility and customization options, plus they are planning on extending them even more, with useful apps for eCommerce, email marketing and even lead management.

But before we dive in the subject, here’s a little preview of what Simbla is all about.

This website maker comes with many responsive website templates you can choose from and build your website on. The customization is done using a drag and drop interface, with no coding knowledge required. The users also don’t have to worry about SEO, hosting or security. Simbla is SEO friendly, comes with a hosting plan already integrated and keeps your data secure.

The App Market

App market web applications

With the help of the newly released apps, users will be able to build themselves a unique business solution on their own. Whether they need a blog, an online shop or an email marketing solution, Simbla will offer all that from just one account, and one interface.

For starters, they released the lead manager, product catalog, news, and blogging apps, which will analyze below. Their plans include releasing apps for email marketing, eCommerce, site analytics, online scheduling, knowledge base, and more, pretty soon. This means they will offer an all-in-one solution to any businesses needs.

Blog App

App market -Blog application Blog app

If you want to add a blog to your business’ website and start a content marketing campaign, you will be able to do that in just a few steps, right from the website builder’s interface. You will be able to write posts, news, articles, all from an intuitive UI, similar to other popular blogging platforms. The Blog app consists of three parts: the management system, the blog home page on which the posts are displayed, and the post page itself.

Best features for the blog app:

  • Easy to set up
  • SEO friendly
  • Flexible blog design and structure
  • Integrated into Simbla’s drag and drop system
  • Fully responsive

Lead Manager App

App market Lead-Management Application Lead Management App

Simbla’s Lead Manager app’s purpose is to help you track leads that were registered via your Simbla website, using an embeddable widget. This app can be set up and customized using a super intuitive and easy user interface. Track your leads’ sources, manage their status, check their progress, and even chat with them, using this lead manager app.

Best features for the lead manager app:

  • Easy to use lead management interface
  • Possibility to track your leads’ sources (campaigns and referrals)
  • Flexible structure and design
  • Chatbox for internal notes
  • Integrated into Simbla’s drag and drop system
  • Fully responsive

Product Catalog App

App market product catalog application product catalog app

With the help of the Product Catalog app, you will be able to manage your products, add technical information, and share them with your customers.

Best features for the product catalog app:

  • Quick solution for product management
  • Flexible structure and design customization options
  • Flexible product management solution
  • Integrated into Simbla’s drag and drop system
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO friendly

News App

App market news application news app

This News app is ideal for companies or magazine websites that need to deliver breaking news in an eye-catching format. The News Ticker application allows you to add scrolling news headlines to your website and keep your users informed on current events.

Best features for the news app:

  • Easy to customize and set up
  • Possibility to add click-through links to external or internal pages
  • Easy management
  • The headlines scroll continuously
  • Integrated into Simbla’s drag and drop system


Simbla is planning on upgrading their website builder even more and integrate different web applications, thus offering a complete business solution at affording pricing plans.

Apps such as service management, sales management, mail campaign management, CRM, email marketing, eCommerce, site analytics, online scheduling, and knowledge base will be added in the near future.

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