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Now you can build even eCommerce websites with no coding knowledge, all with the help of Simbla online website builder! We’re pretty excited about the new updates – dynamic pages and eCommerce app, as they add so many awesome features to the builder making it even more powerful, so we decided to share our thoughts on them in this post. 

In case you haven’t heard of Simbla by now, you should know that it is a great website and online database builder which helps you easily create, edit and manage your own database and website, with all of their settings. This website builder is completely cloud-based so that everything you will need is available immediately. It also comes with a simple UI builder with a fully functional drag and drop system that helps you create responsive websites.

Online database

This online website builder also comes with many useful, pre-made widgets, such as forms, tables etc. that will draw information from your database. Even more, you are able to create your own custom website applications in no time, thus offering a whole solution for your business, allowing you to easily create your own custom web applications and database driven website. Also, don’t worry about security issues, Simbla provides a set of built-in security features, SSL, HTML encoding for data, secured servers and much more.

We also did a complete review on it a while back if you want to find out more about it before reading about the new dynamic pages and eCommerce app updates below.

Best Escape room games on Simbla

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages will save you so much time! Take the Escape Rooms website project for example. Instead of creating dozens of pages, manually, with the same design but different content, for all the cities and escape rooms, dynamic pages helps you automate all that and simply draws the information from a database you create at the beginning of the project. Also, you only have to create the template design only once, and then all the other pages will have the design you created.

Basically, dynamic pages allow you to create separate pages that correspond to every individual row in your database table. Users can click on an item shown in a dynamic grid, and a separate page will open for that item containing information from your database table that you created. So, only one separate page is needed for this to apply to every row in the table, as the page will duplicate for as many rows as you have.

Best Escape room games on Simbla

Setting dynamic pages for your website is easy! First, a dynamic grid connected to a table in your database must be created. There are guides on their website which show you how to do it, step by step. Then you will need to create a new page in your website which will serve as a “template” on which all of your rows’ individual pages will be based on.  After this step, you will go to the Database and select the Dynamic Pages option. There are some settings there, you can see the guide here, and the final step is to simply design the page to your liking.

web application guide

eCommerce App

Using the eCommerce app you can show off your products in a professional, dynamic catalog and create fully flexible online shops with customizable designs. Display your products any way you like and launch your new online business selling any kind of goods, in less than a day!

By integrating the eCommerce app into your website, you will be able to manage your products and sell goods or services from your website. The checkout process is smooth and this app also comes with some stats for you, to analyze purchasing patterns, tracking purchases and grow your business!

The best features of the eCommerce app are:

  • Fully customizable platform. You can easily change any aspect of the design, with little or no code required.
  • Easy to manage product inventory. Your products can have all the necessary technical details, inventory too!
  • Instant payments integrated. Don’t worry about setting up the payments, just focus on selling!
  • Managing and tracking orders system. Learn your customers purchasing patterns and optimize your sale strategy.
  • Coupon codes integration. Offer discounts to attract even more customers to your business!

Integrating this app on your Simbla website can be done with just a few steps. First of all, you need to connect the eCommerce application to your website, then embed the Store Widget to your website. Next, go into the eCommerce Admin Panel and set up settings, products, coupons, orders, accounts, dashboard and store items. Finally, design and edit the Store widget interface.

App market

What’s next?

Simbla is now developing the dynamic pages function into a whole database-driven role system with increased functionalities. Also, by the end of this year, they will introduce the first version of a CRM app that will communicate with all of the other apps through a single database and will be accessed from the Simbla UI builder.

You can sign up to Simbla for free, or benefit from their premium plans. Check out Simbla today to learn more about how it can help you and your online business.

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