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Take a look at these editorial website designs with beautiful layouts and get all the inspiration you need for your future projects!

We selected 22 editorial website designs, all belonging to different niches, but with some things in common. They all look good, have professional designs and interesting color palettes and graphics.

If you don’t know how to design your future editorial website project, you should take a look at these magazine websites and analyze them. You may learn a thing or two from them!


Yatzer is a global online destination that allows readers to both discover and follow the most engaging creative projects and people in art, fashion, design, and more.

Yatzer editorial website designs

Yours Truly

This is another editorial website design with a unique layout that emphasizes typography and pairs it perfectly with large images.

Yours Truly editorial website designs

Red Bull Music Academy

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music.

Red Bull Music Academy Daily editorial website designs


This is a Russian editorial website design with a dark background and carefully picked red accents.

FURFUR editorial website designs

The Completist

The Completist is a publication specializing in evaluations of careers, personalities, locations, and other groups of films.

The Completist editorial website designs


This editorial website gathers the most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people.

minimums editorial website designs

R/m Design School

R/m Design School is a series of educational projects about design, covering fundamental concepts such as typography.

R m Design School editorial website design

Signature International

This website offers a fully immersive digital experience. The graphics are truly inspiring.

Signature International editorial website design

Quotes Magazine

Quotes Magazine is a collection of conversations with people from different fields of work and with diverse lifestyles. It has a simple, grid layout for the blog posts.

Quotes Magazine editorial website design

John Frieda

This is a French editorial website design with a white background and posts arranged in a grid layout.

john Frieda

Sand and Such

Sand & Such features individuals in their bedrooms and asks them questions about their sleeping habits, preferences, and more.

Sand & Such editorial website design

Cereal Magazine

Cereal is a biannual magazine about travel and style. It features exclusive stories, features, film, playlists and online travel guides.

CEREAL editorial website design

The Atlantic

The Atlantic covers news and analysis on politics, business, culture, technology, national, international and life. This website has a standard editorial magazine layout.

World Edition editorial website design

The Great Discontent

On this website, you will find interviews with artists, makers & risk-takers via print & online mag. It has a visually focused design we love.

The Great Discontent editorial website design

Read-Only Memory

Read-Only Memory publishes high-quality books and articles that document defining moments in video game history. It has a unique design for an editorial website.

Read-Only Memory editorial website design


This is the website for the world’s leading online wristwatch magazine. It has a simple and easy to read design.

HODINKEE editorial website design

Paris Life Magazine

This is an innovative digital magazine and essential companion for living in Paris. It has a design that focuses on large images and bold typography.

Paris Life Magazine editorial website

Ever Manifesto

EVER Manifesto is a free print publication, a sustainable fashion and design think tank as the creators want to call it.

Ever Manifesto editorial website

The Green Soccer Journal

The Green Soccer Journal is an independent style publication exploring the world of football by creating original and engaging content.

The Green Soccer Journal editorial website

The Dissolve

This is a film review, news, and commentary website. It has a simple, 2 column grid based layout.

The Dissolve editorial website


Reverse is an online magazine showcasing the activities of athletes by describing their lifestyle. This website design has some interesting graphic overlays and animations.

Reverse Online Magazine editorial website

The Local Palate

This is an editorial website that celebrates Southern food culture through highlighting the countless recipes, people, and destinations.

The Local Palate editorial website

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