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For this article, we’ve compiled an excellent collection of vector art in web design, created by web designers who used vectors masterfully to create unique, creative websites. Vectors have gained an increased popularity in web design and these websites prove just why they are so special and how, if used properly, you can create real web design masterpieces. 

A vector file has a high-resolution and can be used regardless of the size of the project. This is a neat characteristic that has made designers switch from simple pixel-based elements to vectorized ones. This aspect allows them to easily create full page designs with beautiful illustrations, custom icons, mockups, typography, animations, and eye-catching logo designs, all created with vector elements.

Also, many of these website designs have lots of animations which help create an even more appealing design. Browse through this set of 20 stunning websites using vector art and use them as an inspiration for your future projects.

Future Bristol

This is an amazing website that demonstrates how a full-page vector illustration can help creating a website with an eye-catching design.

Future Bristol Vector Art in Web Design

Minergie Anniversary Website

Minergie Anniversary Website

Windows of New York

Here is a lovely website which showcases a detailed illustration with a vector design. This demonstrates that you don’t always need a crowded web design to make a point.

Windows Vector Art in Web Design

Isl Review

This beautiful website design includes lots of amazing vector illustrations, neat scrolling animations. It has a creative layout that keeps you connected to discover the whole website, from top to bottom.

A Behance Portfolio Vector Art in Web Design

My Phone & Me

My Phone & Me


This is an extraordinary design that uses amazing vector elements and beautiful colors to create an outstanding website.

Mixpanel Vector Art in Web Design

Octave Octave Jobs

Here is a simple website design that has a marvelous design by using simple vector illustrations and full colors.

Octave Vector Art in Web Design

Kick my habits

This is a creative website with a fun and joyful manner of using its features. It tackles an interesting topic that will get your attention.

Kick My Habits Vector Art in Web Design


Here you have another stunning web design which validates the fact that vector illustrations have a strong impact.

Fieldwork Vector Art

Legwork Studio

Here is an inventive and unusual website design that showcases personality and style. This demonstrates again that illustration animations are eye-catching and will keep you connected, wanting for more.

I know what Vector Art

Works Medical

The designer used vector icons to showcase and to promote various services. It is based on a simple layout with a well-organized design.

Works Medical Vector Art

Enjoy Aiia

Here is an amazing website has an outstanding design with a simple but effective layout. This layout beautifully showcases various products.

Aiia Vector Art

My Own Corks

This is a vine-related website which showcases lots of vine types. This design includes lots of animations and vector elements.

MyOwnCorks -For wine lovers Vector Art

We heart trees

This website promotes an excellent message, that should be more seriously. It incorporates many beautiful vector items, animations, and other neat elements.

 Arbor Day CelebriTree Vector Art

Spectrum Media

Here is another example of how you can use vector icons and strong colors to create an eye-catching website.

Spektrum Media Vector Art

PEZ Geschichte

This is a one-page website with a stunning design that demonstrates that full page illustrations can look amazing. This site displays lots of animations that enroll when scrolling.
PEZ Vector Art


5 years with Sutunam!

This is an outstanding website of a creative agency. This template uses lots of animated vector illustrations that display beautifully when scrolling.

Open Source Expert Vector Art

This is another amazing example of marvelous website designs that use vector illustrations in their designs. Have a closer look and see all the neat features and animations.
eTecc Interactive-Vector Art
Here is a wonderful website that uses vector illustrations in the theme design.  This is a beautiful map visualization with lots of animations and interactive elements.

Oil Spills Beaufort Sea Vector Art

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