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More and more web designers have started using transparent photo overlays in their website designs. If you want to start using this technique as well, check out the websites below for inspiration and admire the subtle effects of transparent photo overlays. 

Using photo overlays is an excellent and quick technique that adds depth to your designs. You can apply it in various situations, for instance, to emphasize a specific content that’s important to your website. These will look amazing with a semi-transparent layer above the background image that still allows you to perfectly read the text. You can also use them in drop-down menus, banners, quote windows, buttons, etc.

Certain transparent photo overlays can be easily achieved by using PNGs or editing the CSS file. You can make any element transparent by customizing its opacity. By setting the value from 1% to 100% you can play with its design, creating semi-transparent items. Experiment until you get the desired effect.


This website design contains a beautiful color overlay of the menu buttons over the background photo, along with simple but effective animations. This is a gorgeous fullscreen template which has a parallax scrolling effects well.

ThemeMakers Transparent Photo Overlays


Ronneby is a beautiful website and a great example of how you can use a semi-transparent color overlay for the home page. This helps better visualize the CTA, but still being able to view the image from underneath.

Corporate Agency Layout Transparent Photo Overlays


This is another lovely website design which uses a transparent black color overlay technique to the homepage. Learn from it and use it in your own digital projects. You can use Marketify to promote and to create a stunning business online to sell various products.

Marketify Transparent Photo Overlays

Politician Drupal Template with Gallery and Blog

The designer used a gray semi-transparent color overlay on top of the government building, creating a contrast between it and the clear image of the man. This is a subtle effect that has an amazing result.

Politician Drupal Template Transparent Photo Overlays

Tennis Club WordPress Theme with Gallery and Blog

In this website design, the large background image is subtly hidden beneath a color overlay that emphasizes the large title.

Tennis Club WordPress Theme Transparent Photo Overlays

Stable High

This site a transparent color overlay that tones down a little the intensity of the image. It has a modern and flexible design that your users will love.

Stable High

Motorcycle Sport Responsive PrestaShop Theme

There are lots of neat overlay effects in this website’s design. For example, the header, with all its elements, is placed above the background image and over a semi-transparent overlay.

Motorcycle Sport Responsive PrestaShop Theme Transparent Photo Overlays

Law Responsive WordPress Theme

See this wonderful example of how you can improve your overall design by using transparent overlays. Here, this technique is used for the image and the banner images.

Law Responsive WordPress Theme Transparent Photo Overlays


This is a stunning example of how to successfully apply this technique. The designer used transparent overlays for the background image and the result is amazing.

Nostalgia Responsive WordPress Landing Page Transparent Photo Overlays


This website’s design has a transparent color overlay on top of the main image. See how the designer used this technique and learn from this example.

Squarecode Premium WordPress Theme Transparent Photo Overlays

Rock Band Responsive Joomla Template

Here is another eye-catching web design which uses a golden color overlay. Also, this site has a responsive layout and this effect will look amazing on any screen size.

Transparent Photo Overlays-Rock-Band-Responsive-Joomla-Template-with-Gallery


This is a creative way of using transparent color overlay by creating depth and separation between the UI elements.

Transparent Photo Overlays Checkout WordPress eCommerce Theme

Water Polo Responsive Website Template

This central image has a neat overlay effect that has emphasizes the white font messages on top of it.

Water polo

Church Suite

The designer used various shades of blue to build this creative theme. It also features semi-transparent overlays that are applied on images for a more subtle effect.

Church Suite Responsive WordPress Theme Transparent Photo Overlays

Wish – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

This website template has an amazing semi-transparent color overlay on top of the main image. This allows the menu and other UI elements to be highlighted for a more interesting look.

Wish-Responsive-Multi-Purpose-WordPress-Theme-Transparent Photo Overlays


This is another example of how you can use transparent overlays to significantly improve your website’s design.

Aivahtheme Transparent Photo Overlays


Here you have an excellent web design website inspiration that uses transparent color overlays in its design. The effect is beautiful.

Jevelin Multi Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme


The designer used an amazing semi-transparent color overlay on the background image in order to make the text readable on top of this busy image.

CheerUp Blog Magazine WordPress Blog Transparent Photo Overlays


In this website’s design, you can discover another wonderful way of using transparent overlay technique.

H Code Responsive Transparent Photo Overlays

Business Responsive Joomla Template

This is a beautiful semi-transparent color overlay with a red tint that adds an exceptional feel to the overall design.

business Responsive Joomla Template Transparent Photo Overlays

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