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5 of the Best Domain Backorder Services

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Here’s a common scenario: you came up with the perfect domain name, but someone’s already taken it. In 2019, the internet grew to 362.3 million domain names.

This number only continues to increase, so it’s no surprise if you’re having trouble securing the right domain name.

However, just because someone else has your desired domain name doesn’t mean that it’s forever lost. You can use a domain backorder service to try to obtain that domain name.

7 Reasons Why Web Designers Need to Learn Coding

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Modern web designers are like a jack of all trades because they possess lots of soft skills, and know how to design, test, and even sell their designed projects to big companies. When looking at the open vacancies where employers seek web designers, there are now also basic requirements of coding. If you have never even tried to understand the fundamentals of programming, you should start thinking about it now to be competitive in the industry. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why you need to learn to code.

21 Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel to Your Designs

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Halloween is the fun beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is associated with parties, themes, celebrations, activities, and enjoyment. And to support you in your invitations, cards, banners, decorations, and other designs, we have curated this post of 21 scary fonts to give a horror feel to your designs – right in time for Halloween.