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Love them or hate them, horizontally scrolling websites are scattered around the net, and there are some fantastic examples. Unlike the traditional layout of a website that scrolls up and down, horizontal websites flip things around and scroll from left to right. Sometimes they’re enhanced with Javascript to offer an even richer user experience, such as auto-scrolling effects. Check out this collection of 30 inspiring examples, and follow on to a hand full of brilliant tutorials that give an insight into the theory and practice of creating a horizontal site of your own.

The usability of such sites is often questioned, but I personally think they’re great, although one important factor I’d advise considering is to tap into the user’s mouse scroll wheel to enable it to scroll the website horizontally. This is a technique employed by a bunch of the sites in this showcase, and as you’ll find when browsing, it makes them much more usable.


Weblogement van het Elfletterig genootschap horizontally scrolling websites

Elfletterig is a horizontal website that uses navigation keys to scroll from left to right. It has a lot of content and images displayed in a unique layout.

Jason Love

Horizontal scrolling humor by Handmade Interactive

This is Jason Love’s creative horizontal scrolling website. He presents a story with 2 ends with a lot of illustrations along the way


Magpie Studio horizontally scrolling websites

Magpie-studio has an interesting way of presenting content to their readers. They have a one-page website made of horizontal images that slide as you click them.


Zand Studio horizontally scrolling websites

Zand uses animation and a horizontal scrolling layout for their website. They’re a UX team who love design and are focused on finding the best solutions for their clients.


Norgram Digital Design Studio horizontally scrolling websites

Norgam focuses on forming design language for the digital era that we’re in. They have a horizontal scrolling website that showcases all their projects.


Archidirectors horizontally scrolling websites

This horizontal website is dedicated to the work of the contemporary illustrator, Frederico Babina. You can scroll through a gallery of impressive artwork while listening to a carefully picked soundtrack.


Benvigut Bisgràfic Barcelona horizontally scrolling websites

This website has a minimalist yet unique design. They focus on presenting key information about themselves and their work.




Build in Amsterdamn horizontally scrolling websites

This horizontal website works as a design and development agency’s portfolio and it stands out with a creative and unique design.


Identity Print

This is yet another good example of a horizontal website that focuses on print related content and uses the navigation keys to scroll left and right.



This website also uses navigation keys to scroll through their content. They have a nice gallery of projects that can serve as good inspiration.

We Shoot Bottles

See the horizontally scrolling website

This website gives you the impression that you’re reading a book or a flier. They’re specialized in bottles which they photograph at a price that makes everyone happy of their investment.

Magic Realism

Magic Realism scrolling website

Magic Realism also uses a horizontal website on which they post content in a good looking minimalist way, similar to an image gallery.


the boxdoodle project scrolling website

Neu-e is a horizontal website that encourages their readers to make something out of an ordinary box. The results are very nice and each object is posted on their page.


zupadupa - web design & web development scrolling website

Zupadupa is a web agency from Cluj, Romania and they have a horizontal scrolling website that uses a minimalist design.


Hipstamatic - Camera scrolling website

Hipstamatic uses both vertical and horizontal navigation on their website. They have a creative way of posting content especially through animations, pictures and typography.


The Horizontal Way scrolling website

The horizontal way, as their name implies, is a project that aims to showcase a list of horizontal websites like their own one.

Movement of Data

Movement of Data

This is another example of an interactive horizontal website that focuses on sharing a story about the movement of data and how it became what it is today.

Vitamins Kids

Vitamins Kids

Alex Flueras

See the horizontally scrolling website

This website has a horizontal layout that uses navigation key to scroll through a gallery of photos taken by Alex Flueras.




WWF scrolling website

This is yet another interactive horizontal website that focuses on raising awareness about what we eat, how we produce it and how we could protect our planet and our most iconic species.


See the horizontally scrolling website

LoveBento’s aim is to showcase through their horizontally scrolling website some of most loved stuff in around the world, such as music albums.


25 Years of The Internet - Onyx scrolling website

25 years of internet tells the story of internet starting with the first proposal in 1989 to nowadays using a horizontal layout and an interactive way of presenting content.


Me You and the Zoo - Chester Zoo History scrolling website

Chester Zoological Society shares their story, starting from 1930 to nowadays through a horizontal scrolling layout on their page.



Lucuma uses a more minimalist design that only has a horizontal scrolling galleries.


hasrimy.com scrolling website

Hasrimy specialize in web design and they don’t only think outside the box but also outside of this world. They use a horizontal layout for their website on which you can scroll to find out more about themselves.


Archi Graphi Communication créative scrolling website

This website focuses on presenting architecture projects from France in a horizontal scrolling website. The images are showcased on a grid layout, very frequently used in portfolios.

Dean Oakley

See the horizontally scrolling website

Last but not least, Dean Oakley’s website is yet another example of using horizontal scrolling in a user-friendly manner.

BONUS: How to Create Your Own Horizontally Scrolling Website

Fancy building a horizontal site of your own? Check out these handy articles and tutorials. Each one offers expert advice on the coding techniques used, and the best practices when considering going the horizontal way.

Smooth horizontal scrolling

Smooth horizontal scrolling - YouTube

This first example might come in really handy if you’re considering making a horizontal page. From this video, you’ll learn how to make a smooth horizontal scrolling page using Bootstrap and some jQuery magic.

Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling with fullPage.js

From this article, you’ll learn a lot of new techniques about making a vertical and horizontal scrolling website using fullPage.js.

Horizontal Scrolling Portfolio Tutorial

The next example is another video tutorial, which will help you learn how to make a webflow dynamic horizontal scrolling portfolio.

How TO – Horizontal Scroll Menu

How To Create a Horizontal Scrolling Menu

This is yet another helpful tutorial from w3schools which will teach how to code and create a horizontal scrollable menu with CSS.

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35 thoughts on “30+ Horizontally Scrolling Websites Showcase”

  1. Good to see this collection … I thought I’d take a look and see if it could win we over to designing a website as a side horizontal scroller. Hmm … not sure they did … but very interesting designs ….

  2. In my opinion it’s more natural than vertical scrollling because our eyes working horizontal, we have horizontal screens and when we are reading magazines and books we’re moving horizontal… I’m also interested in SEO aspect of this solution

  3. I have tried several times to get clients to buy into this effect – loving it in these examples – great post!

    Ryan – Liminal Design

  4. It is a privilege to me that you Chris have mentioned one of my designs (Publicidade Viva) in this post, since I have had you in my Reader since the beginning on Spoon. It gives me power to carry one, as I am out of work at the moment.


  5. Oh cool! Some of these sites have inspired my own website.

    It also uses jQuery for horizontal navigation.


  6. Going horizontal is surely a great way of “making a difference”. And the sites you picked are design-highlights. BUT: With upcoming netbooks some of them just don’t fit to the screen and a vertical scrollbar appears and even ruins the design. Even in fullscreen view.

  7. @DI: Thank you, may I have another?

    It’s really the lack of UI consideration that is the subject of my rant, not the designs. But I guess omeone has to push the envelope. Maybe if there were more of these annoying side-scrollers we would get hardware on our mouses for that too.

  8. Awesome. Now everyone has wheels on their mouses now and as designers we don’t have to worry about long pages anymore so that people will not get annoyed with scrolling… UNLESS WE DO SOME DUMB ASS THING LIKE MAKE OUR SITE SCROLL THE OTHER WAY!!! Sweet! Now we can annoy everyone again with our avant-garde website design.

  9. Nice collection. Out of these my favorite would be Carrot Creative. The scrolling is smooth and there’s no bottom scrollbar (like some others had).

  10. Thanks for the tutorials. These are some of the nicest sites I’ve seen of late. Any idea how building a site like this using jQuery would affect SEO?


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