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The web hosting service industry has grown tremendously for years with too many service providers. Startup individuals or well-settled businesses prefer to use web hosting for their websites. However, selecting a trusted web hosting company from thousands of choices available in the market can be a daunting task because you’ll have to sift through many packages highlighting plenty of features.

Some hosting providers have excellent reviews, some with an exciting package of services, and some with relatively pocket-friendly packages.

We won’t be covering details on features and benefits with pros and cons, however, we thought it would come in handy to have a web hosting price comparison to quickly look over the price points of these hosting companies.

Note On Pricing

It would be best to choose an appropriate service provider with the types of services that suit your budget. The web hosting industry has significantly improved and provided affordable prices compared to previous years. Sometimes, we assume that web hosting services will give unreliable services if they offer low prices. But, that is not the case nowadays; many service providers give quality hosting without wasting your time comparing expensive, unreliable services.

Again, we have compiled a detailed price comparison of the top web hosting companies for your ease of selection and you can quickly reference this list to narrow down the best option for you.

What’s The Difference Between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting?

The simplest answer would be that some hosting companies will only host your website if your site is built with the popular CMS (content management system) called WordPress.org. All others will host sites built on WordPress.org along with their own CMS platforms and others like Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.

It’s important to understand this before choosing your web hosting company. There are specific WordPress hosting providers in this list that only host sites built on WordPress and we will identify them below for clarity. All other companies will host sites on their own CMS and for other platforms including WordPress. The WordPress-only hosting providers below will be identified with “WordPress Only“.

Are Web Hosting Providers The Same As Website Builders?

No. Some of these terms get thrown around without proper understanding. Let’s look at the difference between them before looking deeper into our hosting price comparison below.

Hosting Providers

This is a web hosting company that will host (or house) your website on their computer servers and display it on the internet.

Website Builder

This is a separate web design application that can help you build your site with (or without) knowing code such as CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. Some of the companies listed below will provide a website builder. On the other hand, there are web development companies like Wix.com that include everything needed to build and host a quality website.

Page Builder

This is exactly the same thing as a “Website Builder“, but just phrased differently and to identify building-specific webpages of your site. Again, it really means the same thing.

Editors Note

Some of the following web hosting providers include their own powerful “Website Builder” so it may be good for you to consider this important feature first before making any decisions. If they don’t, you’ll need to decide first what application you’ll be using to build and design your websites. Additionally, the “Website Builder” will need to be compatible with certain plugins, your CMS (ie; WordPress), and your hosting provider.

Important Tips & Recommendations

In some cases, it’s best to go with an All-In-One website-building platform that includes hosting, domains, images, plugins, e-commerce, POS, email, etc.

The world of web development has advanced so much today that anyone, amateurs, beginners, teens, grandmas, and grandpas can literally come across as a pro web designer and developer. Basically – Everything is Included Now!

If this is the case for you, our top recommendations for an ALL-IN-ONE Website Building Platform (includes web hosting) would be as follows:

  1. Wix – Build Anything & Free To Start (plans start at $14/mo)
  2. WebFlow – Build Anything & Free To Start (plans start at $12/mo)
  3. Shopify – Build eCommerce & Free To Start (plans start at $29/mo)
  4. SquareSpace – Build Anything (plans starting at $14/mo)
  5. Elementor – Build Anything & Free To Start – WordPress only (plans start at $49/year)

Web Hosting Price Comparison: Top 10 Services

1. WebFlow


Founded in 2013, Webflow is a highly recognized web hosting and website builder company with 3.5 million users worldwide. Webflow has 100+ data centers and servers worldwide, hosting over 10 billion page views a month. Their service comes with power-packed features such as automatic backups, password protection of the entire website, custom forms to collect data from customers, advanced SEO tools, integrated Google Analytics, Google Optimize, and much more. WebFlow has become a powerful player in the web hosting service and it’s no wonder large corporations like Dell, ZenDesk, Rakuten, and Upwork trust WebFlow to host their sites. You may have seen their ads recently that show the power of their page-building features.


Their account plans come with two options: individual and team plans.

Individual Plan

  • Starter: Free (No credit card required, no trial period)
  • Lite: $12USD / month billed annually, or $24 billed monthly
  • Pro: $35USD / month billed annually, or $42 billed monthly
Webflow Individual Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

Team Plan

  • Team: $35/PERSON per month billed annually, or $42 billed monthly
  • Enterprise: You need to contact them for the custom site and account plan packages.
Webflow Team Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Powerful Website Page Builder
  • Ability to host unlimited projects
  • Client billing services module included
  • Custom interactions and animations without coding Javascript
  • Create visually responsive layouts with flexbox, CSS grid, and more
  • Change position, add skew, and rotate objects in 3D space
  • Webflow also provides reusable symbols, customized fonts, and global swatches options.

2. Kinsta – WordPress Only


Kinsta was founded in 2013 and is one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosting providers, serving thousands of clients from 128 countries including big names like GE, Intuit, Tripadvisor, and more. They claim that more than 22500 companies switched to Kinsta for better, faster hosting.

We are proud to say that this site and our sister site WebDesignDev.com are both hosted with Kinsta – We think they’re Awesome!  

For a detailed Kinsta WordPress hosting review, head over to our sister site WebDesignDev.com.

They have 29 data centers and guarantee 99.9% uptime means almost no downtime. They also provide native-speaking support in 5 languages. In addition, Kinsta uses advanced software technologies and compute-optimized virtual machines, making website loading super-fast. Moreover, their use of Google C2 machines offers the highest-end CPUs and global availability.

Kinsta : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Starter: $30.00 / month (1 website, 10 GB disk space)
  • Pro: $60.00 / month (2 websites, 20 GB disk space)
  • Business 1: $100.00 / month (5 websites, 30 GB disk space)
  • Business 2: $200.00 / month (10 websites, 40 GB disk space)
  • Business 3: $300.00 / month (20 websites, 50 GB disk space)
  • Business 4: $400.00 / month (40 websites, 60 GB disk space)
  • Enterprise 1: $600.00 / month (60 websites, 100 GB disk space)
  • Enterprise 2: $900.00 / month (80 websites, 150 GB disk space)
  • Enterprise 3: $1200.00 / month (120 websites, 200 GB disk space)
  • Enterprise 4: $1500.00 / month (150 websites, 250 GB disk space)
Kinsta Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • 30 days moneyback guarantee
  • At least one free premium migration
  • Google cloud platform
  • HTTP/3 support
  • Self Healing technology
  • Backup retention of at least 14 days 
  • Multi-user environment
  • 24/7 customer care support
  • Free and imported SSL certificate 
  • White-labeled cache plugin
  • SSH access

3. CloudWays


Cloudways was founded in 2009 and is one of the famous web hosting companies that successfully manage more than 25000 websites and more than 60 data center locations. Cloudways is a managed platform built for digital agencies, developers, and eCommerce businesses, all backed by 24/7/365 support. Moreover, they excel in the cloud-based hosting space. Their notable features include unlimited applications, support for all PHP apps, an innovative control panel, optimized stack, automated backups, built-in CDN, and much more. 

Cloudways : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


Cloudways offers two plans premium, and standard plans and details are provided as below:

Premium Plan

  • Plan 1: $12.00 / month (1 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 2: $26.00 / month (2 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 3: $50.00 / month (4 GB RAM, 80 GB storage, 4 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 4: $96.00 / month (8 GB RAM, 160 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth)
Cloudways Premium Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

Standard Plan

  • Plan 1: $10.00 / month (1 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 2: $22.00 / month (2 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 3: $42.00 / month (4 GB RAM, 80 GB storage, 4 TB bandwidth)
  • Plan 4: $80.00 / month (8 GB RAM, 160 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth)
Cloudways Standard Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and support for any kind of troubleshooting
  • Free migration services
  • Staging environment
  • Dedicated Firewalls along with regular security patching
  • Includes domain hosting charges
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers & SSH and SFTP Access
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Auto healing

4. BlueHost


Bluehost hosting services was founded in Provo, Utah, in 2003. They power more than 2M websites worldwide with more than 750 employees. Bluehost distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering inexpensive hosting packages, enhanced security, superior customer support, capacity to manage high website traffic, fast servers, and more. In addition, Bluehost also provides their customers a free domain name with their packages with options of .com, .org, .blog, .net, and more. Thus, small and medium-sized businesses prefer Bluehost more because of these facilities.

Bluehost : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Basic: $2.95 / month (For one site, 50 GB SSD storage)
  • Plus: $5.45 / month (Unlimited websites, unmetered storage)
  • Choice Plus: $5.45 / month (Added privacy and features, unmetered storage)
  • Pro: $13.95 / month (Optimized web and CPU resources, unmetered storage)
Bluehost Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Website Page Builder
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 5 GB database site and 10 GB database usage
  • 5000 database tables
  • Free domain up to 1 year
  • Standard CPU performance
  • Plan auto-renews at a regular rate without additional charges
  • Unlimited SQL database except for the basic plan

5. DreamHost


DreamHost has grown immensely from 1997, with 400,000 customers in more than 100 countries. DreamHost hosts over 1.5 million websites. Moreover, they have been hosting more than 750k WordPress websites and blogs since the beginning. Unlike others from the market, they offer a 100% Uptime Guarantee and expert customer care support. You can contact DreamHost customer care via phone, chat, and email. Further, the intuitive and custom control panel gives you admin access to all of your DreamHost products. 

Dreamhost Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


Shared, DreamPress, and VPS plans are the main offerings from BlueHost.

  • Shared: $2.95 / month (1 website, fast SSD storage, free domain)
  • DreamPress: $16.95 / month (1 website, 30 GB SSD storage, free domain)
  • VPS: $13.75 / month (Unlimited website, 30 GB SSD storage, you can add domain easily)
Dreamhost Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Pre-installed WordPress in shared, and DreamPress plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Advanced and easy-to-use panel

6. Ionos


Ionos, formerly known as 1&1, is the web hosting and cloud partner for small and medium-sized businesses. They have been in the online business for 30 years and are experts in IaaS. Moreover, they have over 8 million customer contracts and host over 12 million domains. Ionos is also one of the fastest web hosting providers in the US, with guaranteed uptime. Another advantage of Ionos is that you get free, 24/7 support and a direct line to your hosting expert and a personal consultant with each web hosting plan.

Ionos : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


You can choose your web hosting plan from the below-mentioned categories:

  • Essential: $4.00 / month (1 website, 10 GB disk space, up to 512 MB RAM)
  • Business: $0.50 / month (Unlimited websites and storage, up to6 GB RAM)
  • Expert: $8.00 / month (Unlimited websites and storage, up to 19 GB RAM)
Ionos Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Daily backup and recovery
  • DDoS protection
  • 1 SSL wildcard certificate
  • HTTP/2 service
  • Unlimited traffic handling
  • Unlimited (S)FTP accounts
  • Free domain up to one year with domain extensions .us, .ca, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, and .online
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Easy 1-click installation for over 70 applications
  • 262,144 Inode file limit
  • Anti-phishing and anti-spam system

7. WP Engine – WordPress Only


WP Engine is WordPress digital experience platform and a leading web hosting company. They host over 1.2 million websites in 150 countries. Their security is backed by SOC-2 Type II examination, DDoS protection, managed Web Application Firewall, and default protections. They also claim as customers who migrate to WP Engine experience an average site speed increase of 40% with 100% uptime. Moreover, they offer free WordPress migration from any host such as Bluehost, Cloudways, DreamHost, GoDaddy, HostGator, Kinsta, Liquid Web, Pagely, and more.

WP Engine : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Managed WordPress: $25.00 / month (1 website, 10 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth)
  • WooCommerce Solutions: $63 – $292 / month (3 to 30+ websites, 15 GB storage, 125 GB bandwidth)
WP Engine Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Free automated migration plugin
  • Managed WP and PHP
  • Site content in the cloud (CDN)
  • Page performance monitoring
  • Free SSL and SSH 
  • GIT and SFTP connections

8. Hostinger


Founded in 2011, Hostinger has provided exceptional hosting services to its developers and customers. Further, Hostinger is one of the fastest-growing hosting companies, with over 29 million users and a team of around 1000 employees. They offer web, cloud, cPanel, VPS, Minecraft server, cyber panel, and WordPress hosting services. In addition, they have advanced anti-DDoS solutions, LiteSpeed engines, and their home-designed hPanel. One more advantage of Hostinger is they offer a very affordable starting plan for their hosting services with exciting features. If you are a developer just entering the website hosting space then Hostinger can be a good option.

Hostinger : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Single: $1.99 / month (1 website, 30 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth)
  • Premium: $3.49 / month (100 websites, 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth)
  • Business: $4.99 / month (100 websites, 200 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth)
Hostinger Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Free domain registration with premium and business plans
  • Unlimited MySQL database with premium and business plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • DNS management
  • Powerful control panel with advanced web tools
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Weekly backups
  • PHP configuration with multiple PHP versions
  • 3 GB database size

9. Hostgator


HostGator was founded in 2002, and precisely after two decades, the company hosts over 2.5 million websites worldwide. HostGator provides shared hosting, AI web building, WordPress hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. In addition, they also offer a massive amount of resources in the form of blog posts, articles, tutorials, regular webinars, and more. Given the long time that it has been in this sector, Hostgator has been able to position itself as one of the leading website hosting providers. Based on its wide experience, it has carved out special hosting plans that can cater to almost all types of developers. 

Hostgator Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Hatchling Plan: $2.75 / month (1 website, unmetered disk space, and bandwidth)
  • Baby Plan: $3.50 / month (Unlimited websites, unmetered disk space, and bandwidth)
  • Business Plan: $5.25 / month (Unlimited websites, unmetered disk space, and bandwidth)
Hostgator Plans : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

All Plans Include The Following Services

  • Free domain registration for up to 1-year
  • Free HostGator website builder
  • Free website and domain transfers
  • Free MySQL and script transfer
  • Free email services
  • One-click WordPress installs
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • $150 Google Ads spend match credit
  • $100 Microsoft Advertising credit

10. Elementor – WordPress Hosting


Elementor was launched in 2016, and now it is the leading website page builder platform for professionals on WordPress. Elementor has more than 9,000,000 active installs and a reach to over 180 countries. Elementor is an open-source, GPLv3 licensed offering its platform both as free and premium. With the built-in hosting of Elementor, you can create your professional website seamlessly. At the same time, Elementor has also created a good reputation for cloud hosting for WordPress websites. The good part is that it has integrated hosting along with its website builder plan and this makes it a one-stop solution for all developers starting work on a new website.

Elementor : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison


  • Elementor Cloud Hosting: $99.00/Year
Elementor Plan : Detailed Web Hosting Price Comparison

Their Plan Includes The Following Features

  • It is powered by Google cloud platform
  • CDN by Cloudflare
  • Custom domain connection
  • 20 GB storage space
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 25k monthly visits
  • Free SSL security certificate
  • Premium customer care support
  • Automatic backups
  • Free Elementor domain
  • More than 60 website kits
  • Instant setup services


This comparison will help you whether you are a beginner wanting to develop a website from scratch or if you want to change your service provider. According to us, you will get reasonable rates, valuable tools, and services with any choice from this list. However, not all the providers are the same, and hence you need to choose one which caters to your requirements and needs. Along with the price comparison, it would be best to look for their scope of scalability, customer care support, speed, capacity to manage traffic, and overall performance.

Recap of Hosting Providers:

  1. Webflow
  2. Cloudways
  3. BlueHost
  4. DreamHost
  5. Kinsta WordPress Hosting
  6. Ionos
  7. WP Engine WordPress Hosting
  8. Hostinger
  9. Hostgator
  10. Elementor WordPress Hosting
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