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Finding new clients always involves some work. But if you go about it in the right way, it will become less of a challenge. You still must be a go-getter, and be able to showcase your skills. The pay you receive depends on it.

One of the challenges you face is the competition. You can’t change that. It will always be there. What you can do, however, is change your own approach; to one that will leave the competition in a cloud of dust.

These three things can make that happen.

  1. Build your own creative website – or update the one you have

If you’re in the business of creating websites for others, why wouldn’t you have one of your own? Having your own website is the easiest and most effective way to showcase your skills.

You’ll naturally want to include an awesome portfolio. But even more important, your website should provide an amazing experience. It’s the first step in getting an assignment, and if you do it right, it’s the only step you’ll need.

You want those visitors to say:

“That website is far more impressive than anything I’ve considered, and I want one just like it.”

And, you’re obviously the person that can deliver it.

Be Theme’s great selection of over 45 pre-built creative portfolio websites will get you off to a fast start.

  1. Getting clients in less time, building a better portfolio, and receiving referrals

Getting more clients in less time is easier than you think. A problem you face is that different clients represent different niches and industries. They have vastly different requirements.

You could spend countless hours either looking for a theme to fit a client’s needs or building one from scratch. A better approach is to devote those hours to actual design work.

Be Theme makes it all possible. It has pre-built websites to fit every industry sector and most business niches. Moreover, all of them are customizable! So you can easily create a beautiful website for a hard-to-please client in half a day.

Some examples:

 60+ pre-built websites for creative clients


For a creative client with a product or service to sell. This could also serve as a good starting point for your own website.


A great choice for an advertising or marketing agency


An obvious choice for a client representing a video-producing agency


A modeling agency or a fashion designer would like a website based on this concept


Barbers are also fashion designers of sorts. They are also visual artists.


This pre-built website has many potential uses; including web designers and bloggers.

While each of these examples is, in its own way unique; they have several things in common, including:

  • Interactive galleries
  • An effective use of high-quality imagery
  • Easy navigation; even for large or complex websites
  • Emphasis on the client’s brand

One-Page pre-built websites

Clients’ requirements for one-page websites can be challenging. This is since they tend to be (and should be) unique. Be Theme’s selection of more than 30 one-page pre-built websites gives you plenty of options to work with.

Landing Page




Just like all the pre-built website examples here, these one-page websites are responsive.  They feature an adroit use of whitespace. Moreover, the content can be structured any way you want, and; you can build a one-pager in less than 4 hours.

9+ pre-built websites for online shops

These have been especially designed with eCommerce in mind; and perfectly integrate with Shopify.





Each example features:

  • Product galleries you can customize and build on
  • Easy to use menus, and easy to fill out order forms
  • Design is structured to showcase products

There’s also plenty to choose from for specific niches, including:

  • 20+ to create high-quality health & wellness websites


  • 12+ for the busy fitness & nutrition sector


  • 16+ for clients representing events & nightlife businesses


  • 9+ for upscale restaurants, bars, cafes, neighborhood diners, and bistros


  • 10+ for IT services and products; a super-fast-growing industry sector


  • 7+ for finance and bookkeeping; you can even make bookkeeping exciting!


  • + many more industries and niches; be sure to browse Be Theme’s complete collection
  1. Don’t waste hours looking for the perfect theme for your client

Let your competitors keep doing it!

They’ll be helping you to move out in front of the pack if they continue to do what they’ve been doing all along. Precisely, wasting time searching for the right themes for their clients.

If you make a client wait, you’re sending a signal that you don’t think he/she is all that important, i.e., low on your priority list. You certainly don’t want to send that message. With a little help from Be Theme, you can skip those extra hours of search time! It will be easy to come up with the right solution in nothing flat!


Moving ahead of the competition is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Showcase your skills and accomplishments, by building your own creative website.
  • Create a stronger portfolio, and experience an uptick in referrals. How? By creating one awesome-looking, high-performance UX after another! In addition, you will be able to create each in a matter of a few hours.
  • Never make a client wait. Let others do it.

Take the advantage of Be Theme’s 280+ pre-built websites! You can produce immaculately-designed, responsive websites that will impress the most demanding clients.

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