20 Unique Portfolio Layouts and Presentations

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If you want to stand out in this competitive design market, it’s important to make your portfolio as impressive as you can. A touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way in your career, plus having both online and offline portfolios will also increase your visibility.

If you do a bit of research, you will definitely find thousands of inspiring and creative resumes and design portfolios that can help and inspire you to design your own portfolio. Design portfolios come many shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to work on your personal brandingthese unique portfolio layouts and presentations will surely help you a lot!

Check out these inspiring examples of design portfolios, brochures, resumes and presentations and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite!

Portfolio Booklet

This is a beautiful abstract print-ready portfolio. This can be used can also be used as a brochure or company presentation.


My portfolio

This portfolio is subdivided into four sections: corporate, project, illustration and photography. The packing contains a graphic CV, a business card, and a CD.


Art Direction & Graphic Design by Chad Miller

Chad Miller is a graphic designer who created design, direction, and development for brand identity systems and digital campaigns for United Way, TimeWarner, Ray-Ban, and Honda.



Cereal is a bi-annual magazine about travel and style but also features exclusive stories, film articles, playlists and online travel guides. You can get inspired by its design and use some of the details in its layout for your new portfolio.


The Bergenfield Supply

The Bergenfield Supply is a seasonal publication about travel and lifestyle.  The art-direction and the design of the magazine are created by Sorbet Design and Nicole Millerwong.



This is an example of visual clues versus natural eye movement created by Daniel Barba. Check out the layout and the way photography and typography were used in this design.


Cool Modern Brochure

This brochure is perfect to advertise your business in an original way. It has a horizontal design, available in A4 and letter paper formats. It contains 32 pages, which you can duplicate or reduce. Its classic design makes it easy to customize and edit.


Curriculum Vitae

This CV template, created by Fabio Moderno, has a contemporary and clean design. It will surely stand out and get you hired!


A5 Brochure – Booklet Template Minimal Portfolio

These templates look sleek and professional. They are print-ready and very easy to customize using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign.  It is an ideal way to showcase your work as a professional photographer, digital artist or web designer.


Collected design works from 2008-2012

This is the portfolio of Molly Culbertson from 2008 to 2012, an online brochure which includes many spectacular designs.


Real Estate Stripes Brochure

This brochure is a perfect way to showcase your work. It was design for real estate companies but it can be successfully used as a portfolio template. It has a horizontal design, available in A4 and letter paper formats. It contains 32 pages, which you can duplicate or reduce, and its minimal and modern design makes it easy to customize.


Bianco e nero

This process manual is an optimal combination of written and visual elements. The manual includes grid paper for sketching. It is available in a 2.0.version and it is a great inspiration for designers as well.



This project consists of the audio visualizations of the sonic environment of the different unique places in Singapore. It also includes photographs taken during audio recording.


4page Resume Template

This template pack is professionally designed and easy to customize. It contains a 2-page resume and matching cover letter, plus references page. Colors and fonts can be changed for a unique personal touch.


Professional Resume Template

This professional resume template was created by Fernando Baez and includes free fonts and icons. It’s simple and effective!


We Ain’t Plastic

This beautiful one-page portfolio for UI designer Roland Lösslein includes amazing transitions throughout the page. You can get inspired by this website design and incorporat some of its elements in a print-friendly portfolio!


Portfolio layout

This is a lovely portfolio/brochure layout inspired by God creating the world which included quotes from the Scripture.


Book binding

This is a creative DIY bookbinding tutorial featured in 8 images. Use this to create an amazing portfolio!


Viktor Daniel Portfolio

This is a simple portfolio brochure with a black and white, clean and minimalist design, which will emphasize the work you showcase in it.


Interior Design Brochure

This is an interior design brochure which can serve as inspiration for any other type of brochures or portfolios.


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