22 Masculine Website Designs with Macho Features

22 Masculine Website Designs with Macho Features
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December 18, 2017

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Do you want to design a strong, bold, website? Then you should take a look at these 22 masculine website designs with strong features and get inspired.

We selected some really well-designed websites, all with masculine features. From monochrome/darker-toned color palettes to square typography and rectangular graphics, all of the websites in this list look masculine and professional in their own way.

Some of these website designs even have animated backgrounds and parallax effects. This adds movement and meaning to a website while sending a lasting, powerful message to the viewer. This technique will also make your website more memorable and will increase the chance of having visitors return to check out what’s new.

These masculine website designs belong to different types of niches and have very different styles, however, they all have bold features, cool typography, and professional graphics.

Check them out! Which one is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

Industrial Facility

The modern day web is all about grabbing your attention, force feeding content and serving up as many ads as possible, so it’s always refreshing to land on a website that has been stripped back to its bare essentials. This is the presentation website and portfolio of a London-based product-design studio called Industrial Facility. They explore the junction between industrial design and the world around us.

Industrial Facility Masculine Website DesignsPin

Kirschner Brasil

Whenever we think of animations Flash immediately springs to mind, but nowadays we’re seeing websites featuring all that cool animation that is based purely on HTML and CSS. This is the website of a cycling apparel brand from Brasil. Their website design has a fullscreen layout, it’s black and white and has some really cool and subtle animations worth checking out.

Kirschner Brasil Masculine Website DesignsPin


Vigor is a neat WordPress theme with a beautiful fullscreen layout. This template includes many great features, with customizable design and user-friendly layout.

Vigor Masculine Website DesignsPin

Ophelia Wynne

Ophelia Wynne is a London and New York based portrait, documentary and advertising photographer. Her portfolio website is simple, clean, has clean straight lines and she showcases her portfolio in a 2-column grid layout.

Ophelia Wynne Masculine Website DesignsPin


Tower is a responsive WordPress template with a fully customizable design that you can use to build multipurpose websites with a lovely fullscreen layout

Landing WordPress ThemePin

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a modern WordPress theme with a fully responsive layout that will adapt to your every device. Download and use it for your next website.

Massive Dynamic WordPress Website Builder Pin


TwoFold is an impressive WordPress theme with an eye-catching fullscreen design. This template includes powerful features that you can use to build professional websites.

Home Masculine Website Designs TwoFoldPin


Bridge is a multipurpose WordPress theme which includes advanced features that assist you in creating complex websites with a fullscreen layout.

Bridge WordPress Theme Pin

Ernest Hemingway Collection

Typography is extremely important, as the text is the main focus of any website and the main way of delivering information to the visitor. Here’s a great example! The Ernest Hemingway Collection is the most comprehensive Hemingway archives in the world and essential to anyone pursuing a definitive or in-depth study on Ernest Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway Collection Masculine Website DesignsPin


Use this wonderful WordPress template with a highly customizable design to create your next tech startup website. This premium template uses HTML5 framework, Bootstrap modular design, CSS3, and Ajax.



Foundry has a fully responsive design with beautiful CSS3 animations, Bootstrap framework, lots of HTML5 elements and shortcodes, and other powerful features.

TommusRhodus Foundry Masculine Website DesignsPin


This is a music website with a cool illustration on the homepage. It has a more urban design, with straight lines, edges, and polygonal shapes. The color palette is black and white with a strong red accent.

empire state record Masculine Website DesignsPin


Lorem is a creative WordPress theme with a flexible design that you can use to build multipurpose websites. This template has a beautiful parallax effect that looks stunning.

Creative Agency Masculine Website DesignPin

Shard – Multipurpose Business Parallax Theme

Typography will show you how to focus the visitor’s attention on the right places and how typography can help you turn a boring website into a unique, inspiring project. This premium WordPress template comes with 6 outstanding demo pages that you can check out to see all its features. This theme has a page builder included that saves you a lot of time from the designing process.

Shard Masculine Website DesignPin

Edoardo Leo

For a successful website, web designers should pay attention to details and must not neglect any aspect of a website, from user interface and graphics to typography and animations. Edoardo Leo is an Italian actor, director and screenwriter. This is his presentation website which has a simple, fullscreen design with his photo on the homepage.

Edoardo Leo Masculine Website DesignPin

Royal Fashionist

This is a Men’s Luxury Lifestyle Blog. This is a blog website for the modern man that appreciates Men’s Fashion, Style, Fitness and more. It has a masculine design and a magazine layout.

Royal Fashionist Masculine Website DesignPin


Choosing the perfect font and using it in the right way will make a huge difference and will help you convert more visitors into customers. This is an excellent example of web design typography. This is the presentation website of an American advertising agency in Chicago, Illinois that creates integrated marketing communications programs for both businesses and not-for-profit organizations. It has a vintage design and an overall masculine, bold atmosphere.

tdhcreative Masculine Website DesignPin

Marc Ecko

As one of the main design principles, color is an important factor to consider when building a website, especially since it’s one of the main tools that allows you to add character and relate the site to a specific brand. Sometimes the best designs only make use of a select number of colors, providing consistency throughout the whole page. Here’s a perfect example! Marc Louis “Eckō” Milecofsky is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and artist. This is his website which has a very basic layout and clean design.

Marc Ecko Masculine Website DesignPin


Download and use this stunning template from WordPress and customize it to create powerful websites that will definitely get the user’s attention. BeTheme is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the web and has a crazy amount of features for creating websites quickly and easily.

BeTheme Masculine Website DesignPin

Dave Gamache

While a ‘dark on light’ color scheme is the most common approach for website design, some designers are creating powerful sites with dark interfaces. Black and dark colored backgrounds create an alluring mood that entices the user and really helps the content stand out when mixed with high contrasting whites and bright hues. This is the personal site of Dave Gamache. It has some really beautiful graphics, elegant fonts, and an overall simple layout. The color palette is dark, mostly black and white, with some burgundy colored accents.

Dave Gamache Masculine Website DesignPin


Think of the color schemes we tend to see modern web design. Aside from the plenty of minimalist sites made up of white and grey tones, often websites are constructed with just a single highlighting color against a white/black backdrop. Here’s Stratus, an innovative WordPress template with a creative design. This premium theme has a friendly responsive layout, which will instantly adapt to any device.

Stratus Showcase ThemePin

Ralph Vanrentergem

Designers are always taking inspiration from the past and are even using styles from 100’s of years ago to give their designs a vintage themed appearance. Here is another masculine and somewhat whimsical website design for Ralph Vanrentergem. It has a vintage atmosphere and lots of unique elements. The fat typeface was a perfect choice for this type of design.

Ralph Vanrentergem Masculine Website DesignPin

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter


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