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Adobe Photoshop is now offering an amazing set of enhancements and new features with its new release. When you launch the software, you are met with a home screen that lists a set of tutorials and presets that will help guide you through each step of your design process. Other additional features include advanced content aware fill tool, frame tool for easy image making, new multiple undo modes and lot more. Besides adding new features, Adobe has also worked on enhancing their existing toolsets. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 – New Features:

1. Frame tool for easy image making

Until now designers had to work with clipping masks from the adjustments panel to shape a content into an object. With the introduction of frame tool, designers are able to create an image frame that gives a preview of what the content would look like when placed on a shape. To place an image onto a frame, simply drag and drop the image into them and the image will be scaled automatically. Now you can easily convert text or a shape to be a placeholder frame and drag images into it.

2. Content aware fill

This new tool is able to provide an interactive editing experience for the user. With the ability to edit source pixels you are able to achieve seamless fill results. Powered by Adobe Sensei technology, this tool offers the ability to rotate, scale, and mirror pixels to get the desired results. To use this feature, select the area you are looking to edit in an image, Choose Edit > Content-Aware Fill- this creates an overlay mask on the image, now choose tools and work with modifying the sampling area along with initial selection area.

3. Multiple Undo mode

Now you are able to use Ctrl+z to go back multiple steps in your Photoshop document. Step forward and backward has been removed from the Edit menu but you will still be able to access it from the flyout menu.

4. Radial and Mandala paint symmetry

You can now paint multiple symmetrical brush strokes around the desired axis and use a color wheel to change colors as needed. With paint or pencil tool selected, click on the butterfly icon on the options panel, enter the number of segments to create an outline of the axis to create a framework. Once you apply changes to the outline, use the color wheel from the flyout menu and choose the desired colors for the artwork.

Adobe Photoshop 2019 – Enhancements:

Reference Points

Reference points on a shape will help you scale the object proportionally. If you are looking to distort the shape, select Options bar or use Edit > Preferences > Tools > Show reference point when using Transform to hide the reference point.

Auto Commit

It is easier than ever to apply changes to your artwork made by the tools that have modal states. To commit to an action, simply click outside the bounding box, outside/inside the canvas, select a tool or a layer.

Edit Texts the easy way

Double click to edit texts that are within the bounding box. You do not need to toggle back to the type tool/character panel to edit texts.

Edit Layers the easy way

You can resize and scale most layer types proportionally by default. This means that you don’t have to hold down the shift key while transforming a layer type to constrain its proportions. So this would mean that by dragging down the corner handles you can now resize the layer types without worrying about losing its original proportions. Holding down the shift key while dragging the corner handles will resize it non-proportionally.

Layer Blend hover preview

View different blend modes on the image by scrolling over these options on the layer flyout panel. Photoshop now offers a live blend mode preview as you hover over these modes.

Color wheel to choose colors

Use the new and improved color wheel to find analogous, complementary, split complementary and other color palettes for your next project. To access this feature, click on color panel fly-out menu and choose color wheel.

Home screen

You are met with a list of tutorials and presets as you launch the newly updated software. Tutorials help you learn and understand the tips, tricks and the inner workings of the software. While presets help you choose a predefined document with ease. In addition to these features, you are also able to create a new document or open a pre-existing one for an edit.

Improved learning

Photoshop has integrated in-app learning system that helps guide the user to achieve the results he or she is looking to get. Upon the completion of this tutorial, you can use your own image or artwork to get the desired result in less time.

Distribution of Spacing

You can bow distribute objects in a way that was only possible by Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop already evenly distributes objects by measuring the distance between its center points. If your objects are different in shapes, you can now evenly distribute the spacing between each by simply dragging it along the same axis.

Simple math in input fields

How many times have you used a calculator outside of Photoshop to round off a decimal point or find a numerical value? This version lets you input a simple math operation into the fields and calculates the numerical value for you.

Try out these features and add incredible details to your artwork and illustrations today!

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