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Infographics are essential to any company, business, or even anyone whom is dealing with things such as design, advertising, or development. There are many infographics this year that are extremely successful, and the reasons why are because they have all the points of design that become important to things such as this. One reason an infographic may be considered successful has to do with how the design flows, whether there is not enough text or too much, whether the overall design just isn’t balanced in terms of objects, banners, images, or typography that is not countered with something that allows the eye to flow throughout the entire infographic. There are many more terms so as to explain why these make for successful infographics, and many will be talked about today. Here is a list of successful infographics and why they work.

A Flow of Image and Typography

This is an example of a successful infographic due to the fact that it is interesting, has a lot of color, as well as a selection of different typography that ranges in thickness and in style. The fact that it is an image of something completely recognizable like a house, even going so far as to include the images of things like an icon of a bed, couch, dining room table, chair, and then having the subsequent text go along with and explain the visuals. By having a good overall design, an easy to digest image that doesn’t take too much to understand, and then offering the right material that makes the overall infographic extremely interesting and well put-together, this infographic is extremely successful.


Simplified Graphics and Bite-Sized Information

There is a trend in 2018 for infographics and design alike of using the color purple to an advantage. By using the color purple, this Digital Marketing infographic allows for the white space to bring out the text, as well as allowing the eye to flow easily to the information on the bottom. The large typography creates easy to read and understand information, which in turn creates an overall extremely successful infographic that is on the internet today. With variations of text, design, all while remaining extremely simplified yet designed in a very professional sense, this infographic creates a successful campaign that will draw attention from an audience to keep on clicking, reading, and digesting information about any business or company with ease.

digitl marketing

Utilizing Text and Images to Create Cohesive Piece

This infographic is great, due to the fact that when you first view the illustration in the middle, which forces your eye to view first, the surrounding text is placed around it strategically, allowing for a successful overall image. The white text makes your eye wander through it, and the headlines for each short paragraph surrounding the illustration are great for skimming, because the average internet user and reader will not go through the entire paragraph alone. With bright, solid colors, this creates a certain style of the overall design, and the infographic itself becomes readable, and cohesive due to the way everything is placed. If this infographic style is offered anywhere on the internet, then it will most likely be successful because of all of these points.


Arrows and Icons

This is simply an example of a successful infographic, but at the same time, this offers a great idea for any infographic you might see today in 2018. This is because the colors, instead of being too overly bright and simplified, includes a range of complementary colors, along with icons that go along with the short text and small headlines. The overall design is a mockup of an iPhone, and this is interesting because it gives the audience an idea of what this infographic might be about in terms of a topic. Along with a numbered bullet list that only creates a more simplified design, the way that the arrows flow downward creates a great symbiosis, which is exactly what you want in an infographic. You always need the eyes to flow throughout, if not, then your infographic, web design, graphic design, photograph, even a piece if traditional art, won’t be successful.


Shot Glasses

This infographic is great for showing a very passive toned, relaxed, yet colorful graphic in which you get all of the information that you need. By placing each image in sectioned off parts of the infographic, this helps the eye to flow through as well as allowing the text and typography colors to be consumed very well.


Were you inspired by this list of successful infographics? Do you have any infographics that you’ve designed that were successful? Feel free to share with us!

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