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It’s an era of Social Media, and emotions play a vital role in providing useful information about your customer’s interests. The make-shift trend of Digital Design and vibrant color palettes help the heads turn and keep eyes hooked to your content. But we all know that creating a mental hook is a difficult job. So, here are a few tips with which you can get a larger attention span of your audience. Portraying the brand is what designers must do, which is not an easy task. Also, designers must bring out emotion from the viewers through social media design. If the designer manages to evoke emotions in the viewer, then he or she has been successful in creating a fantastic social media design. Here are 10 ways in which designers can bring out various emotions through social media design:

1. Similar Interests:

Similar interest

Finding something that is relatable is quite easier said than done, as there is more to it than meets the eye. People unknowingly send out hints through their search behaviour, and you can provide them with the best fit because they chose something of a similar pattern previously. If they’re suggesting with a product/service based on what the others also selected, they tend to follow it.

Collaborating your content and design in such a way that most of your target audience can relate to it on a personal basis can help you gain long term benefits of prolonged user-friendly content. These customers can be your long-term users and would like to re-visit often.

2. Meme Culture:

Social Media Design - Meme Culture

We all love Memes, and these are created directly as a collective experience. Not to mention Cats are Lord of the Memes for a long time. Utilising meme techniques to enhance your product/services can provide you with rich content-driven experience where you can play a role in reaching out to a larger target audience.

Memes have taken over the internet and have put an effect on the younger generation. If your audience is the younger generation, don’t brood much for a design, just create a meme and it is bound to be popular among youngsters. As any kind of emotion can conveying through a meme, it is mostly accepted. If you want to evoke any kind of emotion, be it a happy or a serious tone is what you want to convey, try meme, and you could easily convey without offending anyone.

3. Represent Desire:

Social Media Design - Represent Desire

Like your interest in this sub-topic while reading right now, yes, desire sells. The more you let your product/services sink into the desirable experience, the more people want to be a part of it. By implementing the law of attraction into action, you can get much attention to your social media design.

There is an unsaid law of marketing, and that is a consumer doesn’t know what he needs, it the seller or marketer who brings out the need of the consumer through his product. The marketer makes the consumer know what he needs. Similarly, whenever designer designs, he must ensure that the brand represents the desire or generate desire in the viewer to get attention. By representing the desire how viewers come looking for the brand.

4. Single Emotion:

Single emotion

The most important thing that a designer misses to ask their client is what kind of emotion is needed to be felt by the viewers or potential customers. Once the designer is evident with the above question, he can create an appropriate design which evokes specific emotion. It is indispensable to keep the designs interactive and which also creates curiosity, happiness, nostalgia and much more. Any specific emotion must be focused, as conveying multiple emotions, can create confusion.

It is better to focus on a single emotion and convey it precisely, which would keep the customer hooked to your design and product as well. If the only focusing is on single emotion in the design, it is obvious to hit the right spot and benefit the designer by having his share of reward in terms of satisfying his client.

5. Big Eyes + Quirk = Cuteness Overload:

Big eyes, quirk, cuteness overload

Making content cute doesn’t mean its feminine, although women are a significant part of your target audience. “Aww! Isn’t it adorable!” Cuteness is the notion you’re tapping. A wide range of products/services designed in such a manner that they look cute and appealing to a broader audience.

Cuteness is a quality appreciated by all kind of people. The quirkiness can add to the benefit. A significant part of the customers is convinced by their kids to take up a product, so your esteemed customers are the kids who need to be attracted. The quality of cute is not just for kids and women, but most of the customers tend to stick to design which have related content that makes them go weak. A design which has content like the puppy eyes, there is no denial everyone falls for it.

6. Comic essence:

Social Media Design - Comic Essence

When we say laughter is the best medicine, and it can also be a good solution, yes for content-driven companies. Indeed it acts one. Don’t we all need a break from strict day-to-day routine? Quite like the previous point of Cuteness, this step is an add-on to that smile into a burst of laughter. Making rich content and displaying it into the design must be a short narrative where the message is very bold and bright. Moreover, with the memes taking over the internet, humour is recommended.

The moment you put anything which makes people laugh, they end up promoting it by themselves, that is how humour plays a significant role in social media design. Moreover, laughter is an emotion which connects every other person no matter what their religion or citizenship they hold. The laughter essence in social media design is one of the factors which thrashes the global boundary too.

7. Wow factor:

Social Media Design - wow factor

Marketers use this emotion to attract more audience, which tends to stay hooked to the content for a more extended period. Adding “WOW” element into your design makes it more adaptive towards the content and holds the attention of any customer. Social media design, which we look and are like, Wow, yes, that is what needs with your design.

Catching your audience off guard is one of the ways to evoke emotions. Brands follow specific patterns to establish their language to the customer. However, consistent patterns work for some brand, some as per the need choose to shift their patterns while designing. When quirky is the brand language, everything works for it. All you must do is create such a brand image, which makes sure the customers go in awe. The wow factor is a must to have in the design to make sure; the customers retain.

8. The audience must be the focus:

Focus on audience

If as a designer, you the customers you know which specific elements you need to bring in the design. Knowing the audience beforehand ensure what kind of emotions need evoking and what kind of design would work. Before you begin a design it a must that you should know your target audience. When you are unclear about your audience, you are bound to create designs which the customers won’t relate. So, it is essential for the age group, gender, career, location and income level of the audience is known.

The more specific details, the better designing. One of the major points before designing is the thought as per the point of view of the client; this would help you to create designs which the customers could relate to answers their unsaid queries. At times you might have seen, the customers suggest the marketer how things could be or should be. So, thinking of behalf of your customer would help the designer to create an intelligent design. Always while designing make sure the focus remains on the audience and their needs.

9. 3 Second Reaction:

3 second reaction

If your design is bold enough to capture your customers’ attention within the first 3 seconds of the pop-up, then you’re more like to get them hooked to your content. Interactive ads these days make use of this tool which leads to more and more Pay Per Click ad models. The only way to attract your priced audience is to capture their attention within three seconds. Competition starts during the initial seconds, where the audience stays on the design rather than opting for another brand.

What you must do is win such a situation by creating a quirky design that holds customer to brand through the design. Make the design such that it is upfront, relates to the audience and takes away their attention without much effort. It is in the initial seconds, where the winner is declared. Count on it and make maximum utilisation of it. It is usually the reaction of the audience in less time is what decides the quality of the design. If the design can hook the audience within seconds, it is bound to get famous.

10. Trending Issues:

Social Media Design - Trending Issues

Being aware doesn’t necessarily mean you’re up to date with market trends. You must play your role as an entity who has an opinion or concern with the trending issues that are going around. Trending issues is an extension of Similar Interests, but here the audience is much that of a larger scale, and yes, your opinion matters. When you as a designer or as a brand show the audience that you have your stand or word for any trending issue, it is well appreciated.

Connecting your designs with the trending issue always hit the right spot. All you must do is be in constant touch with the trending issues and create a quirky design based on the same, and the reviews and feedback you get would be worth it. When your designs are linking to the trending issues, the audience comes to know that you are active than others. The audience who are unaware about your brand would have your introduction through such design and would end up choosing your brand. It is one of the easiest ways to evoke emotions through social media design and connect to your valuable audience in the best possible way.

The concept behind social media design is to evoke emotions in the audience. The concept conveys through only if the ways are defined before-hand. There are a set of rules following, which can evoke emotions. Rules may seem to be severe and annoying, but if you don’t want to follow the rules just try to be quirky and authentic and most importantly always connect with your audience and your work is done. We have mentioned ways which can bring out the emotions that the designer wishes to from the audience. We have considered the points through a detailed study of popular social media design which ensures the desired results. Social media design which gets popular is the designs which evoke emotions. We have brought ways that ensure you create designs that are bound to evoke emotions.

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