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When is the best time to think about changing your web-site tool kit? If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest design trends or have fallen in love with the tools and services you’ve had for along time, the answer is probably now.

The thought of having to make a change can be disconcerting at first. After all, moving out of one’s comfort zone is seldom fun.

When you’re presented with 15 of the top services and tools presently available and have the opportunity to upgrade that toolkit of yours. The prospect of doing so can be downright exciting.

Why not do so right now? If you make a wrong choice, which is very unlikely, you can always go back to the way things were. We seriously doubt that will be the case.

Starting with UXPin, give it a try. Good things are likely to happen.


Collaboration and prototyping are two very important fields to take into consideration in the design process; especially when large, complex projects are involved.

UXPin is a very advanced prototype and collaboration tool that’s ideal for constructing complex working models. Both prototyping and collaboration are essential to provide the information and feedback teams need to proceed to the next step of product development or simply get a much-need approval.

Ease of use can be critically important in a team environment, and UXPin is not at all difficult to use; either for prototype design and construction or for sharing information

Key UXPin prototyping and collaboration features include:

  • Vector drawing tools that enable team members to create whatever prototyping elements are needed to present or prove a concept or validate a design
  • Design elements and components that you can use again and again make it possible to easily make a prototype
  • Interactive form elements: checkboxes, text fields, radio buttons, and the like
  • iOS, Material Design, and Bootstrap design element libraries


BeTheme may just be one of the most adjustable WordPress themes of all. It’s fast, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. A first-time user should be able to have a traffic-generating site up and running in as little as half a day. Veteran designers will appreciate how much faster and easier this web design tool enables them to respond to a large and demanding clientele.

What BeTheme has to offer:

  • The highlight would be Be’s choice of over 500 customizable and fully mobile friendly pre-made websites. You can choose a website in 30 industries, a big number of business niches, and you have access to built-in UX functionality
  • The powerful Muffin Builder 3 page builder, a Shortcode Generator, an Admin Panel and a selection of shortcodes that offers users multiple design options and eliminates any need for coding.
  • A Layout Generator, multiple grid layout options, color palettes, special effects, and much more

Mobirise Website Builder

One good way to upgrade your toolkit is to choose a website builder that (1) you are able to use in any way you want to, (2) is either affordable or doesn’t cost anything, and (3) gives you total control over the website design and build process.

Mobirise gets an A+ in each case, and there are many reasons why you should choose this website-building theme:

  • It’s an offline tool. Simply download it and use it as you please.
  • It’s free without any strings attached. You can use Mobirise to create both personal and commercial-oriented websites.
  • With Mobirise, you’re not limited to any specific platforms, which along with its being an offline website builder, is why you have full control over your web-building projects and tasks.

Mobirise has an impressive number of homepage templates, HTML themes and modern website blocks that you can use, coding is not necessary, and your websites will be super-fast and 100% responsive.


With nearly a decade of history and millions of daily users, LayerSlider has a well-deserved place when it comes to website animations. With using cutting-edge technologies and following the latest design trends, LayerSlider is a perfect tool to make your websites more exciting.

Features include:

  • An easy to use drag and drop visual editor.
  • A comprehensive animation builder that allows you to even build a complete website.
  • Plenty of slider and popup templates, including templates specially designed for beginners.

Dr. Link Check

If you are running a website that has a lot of pages and have a lot of links to manage, you likely experience at least one broken link on occasion. Dr. Link Check is a tool that will check your code and find broken links.

Dr. Link Check

  • Checks your server for its response time and any error codes
  • Checks for invalid, improperly formatted, or malicious URLs
  • You can automate broken links checks with daily and weekly, or even monthly checks

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

The Uncode creative top-seller theme is an ideal tool for building small business and agency websites and websites for creative individuals and entrepreneurs.

This WooCommerce compatible theme’s features include –

  • Extremely powerful front-end editing capabilities, a highly sophisticated grid system, as well as an adaptive image system
  • 400+ Wireframes Sections
  • An informative and impressive showcase of user-created websites

Click on the banner, visit the Uncode website, and browse the showcase.

XStore | Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

To get exactly the type of eCommerce store you want, you might be tempted to build it from scratch. That’s the hard way. Using XStore to accomplish the same result may seem like a lazy approach, but it’s much faster and far better.

There are several good reasons to let XStore do the heavy lifting.

They include:

  • 90+ ready-to-go customizable stores
  • A powerful product page builder and inspirational demos,
  • $300 worth of premier plugins

All of this comes out to be a fast and easy way to create your eCommerce website.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution 6 gives designers a new way to build rich and dynamic website content. For starters, there’s a powerful visual editor that enables users to quickly create modern designs without any need for coding.


  • 200+ ready-to-go templates from simple headers to full websites including special FX templates with add-ons.
  • A library of 2000+ royalty-free design elements ranging from background images to HTML5 videos
  • 20+ add-ons including special effects

Click on the banner to learn more.

8b Website Builder

8b is new and a lot of fun to work with. You are able to make a website on any device while on the go or at home

Here are 5 reasons we incorporated 8b in our list of best tools to try:

  • Host 8b-built sites anywhere you want and link your own domain
  • Quick-start with 250 website sections and 18 starter templates
  • Google AMP ensures your site will be crazy-fast and mobile friendly
  • Fast Google ranking
  • It is free to use

Check it out today!


Three of the things you want to see in a stock photo agency are a well-organized inventory, top-quality images, and a reasonable price structure. You also would want to be able to browse through the agency’s inventory free of charge. Stockfresh meets each of these criteria.

  • Its inventory consists of millions of items
  • Sign up for free and browse to your heart’s content before choosing a plan.
  • Everything is neatly categorized, and the prices are competitive

Click on the banner to learn more.

Heroic KB – Knowledge Base Plugin

A typical FAQ page provides answers which often fall short of giving visitors satisfactory responses to their questions. Providing those users with accurate responses can be a great help to your business.

The Heroic Knowledge Base plugin enables you to:

  • Offer visitors useable, accurate, and up-to-date information
  • Make the information available to users 24/7
  • Use Heroic KB’s actionable analytics and feedback to improve your customer service operations

The Heroic Knowledge Base plugin is a smart investment.

Rank Math

Optimizing your site for the search engines isn’t necessarily an easy task. Rather than struggle with what sometimes seems to be a losing battle, why not allow Rank Math do the SEO job for you?

Rank Math provides:

  • Analysis of 40 various SEO factors that can attract more traffic
  • A useful selection of WooCommerce, Elementor, Automated Image, as well as tools for local SEO
  • Mets, Sitemap, error page checks and redirection

Click to learn more.

Movedo Theme

Movedo has what it takes to be a game-changer. Originally made by a well-rated author who had no problem going outside the box to give those who use the them with a wide range of cool and extremely useful and sometimes out-of-this-world parallax effects and special automations.


  • Features a clean, modern design
  • Is flexible and responsive
  • Offers outstanding 24/7 support

Simply put; Movedo rocks!


WhatFontIs.com is a font identification service that uses advanced AI  to help designers identify the fonts they need for work or fun. What sets whatfontis apart from others :

  • The largest font database: they indexed 600k fonts.
  • WhatFontIs presents options, and alternatives to expensive fonts.
  • They identify fonts from all foundries, free or commercial

Just upload the image and in 5 seconds you have the font you need.


Goodiewebsite services web designers in need of assistance and small business owners wanting to establish an online presence

You can expect outstanding results from this development platform if you –

  • have a small to medium (1 to 10 page) website in mind
  • have a requirement for a simple WordPress website
  • intend to conduct business via a simple WooCommerce site

Goodiewebsite also provides responsive templates to email marketing customers.

Kate Dagli
Kate represents BeThemes, a WordPress and WooCommerce template creator, and has knowledge and experience with regard to web design. We are glad to have Kate as a contributing author.

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