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The type of fonts that you choose for your project says a lot about what your project is and the effect it creates in the viewer’s mind. This is important when you are targeting the audience that speaks a myriad of different languages. In this case, you should take up different multilingual fonts to convey the same message in different languages. For instance, if you target the audience in India, you should know a little about how it is a land of so many languages. And in that case, fonts that are available in each language should be used to create a positive impact.

Moreover, everyone loves to see content in their regional language or mother tongue. Not only one country, but a lot of international countries also have people that talk in various languages. Hence, to address this shortcoming, we came up with a list where you get all the multilingual fonts that you require while targeting people with different languages. Let us take a look at each of the fonts.

1. Grotte:

Multilingual Fonts - Grotte

Grotte font is known for its support for Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, French, and Cyrillic languages. You don’t have to buy the expensive font packages to have multilingual font support. There are fonts that are available for free and support a variety of languages. Grotte is a Sans-Serif font that has outlines with a beautiful geometry.

These fonts have curves that talk elegance to whichever project it is used. Because of its natural and clean look, Grotte can be used in designing posters, packaging, commercials, and more. When you have a minimal budget for executing an international marketing campaign, these fonts can come to your rescue.

2. Omnes:


A beverage company called Coca Cola had used these fonts to promote their soft drink called Fanta. And hence, it reminds us of something sweet. The companies involved in condiments also have used these fonts and have been very popular. Omnes has rounded ends and is bold in its weight that appeals to your tastebuds.

Hence, if you are designing a food product, then make sure to use these fonts. Any design related to food can take up these fonts without giving it a second thought and be successful with it. Omnes support a lot of international languages like Afrikaans, Polish, Latin, Sorbian, among others. You can download these fonts for free from the download link that we have provided here.

3. Helvetica World:

Multilingual Fonts - Helvetica World

Helvetica is a prevalent font face with the designers and web developers because of its clean and immaculate design and the professional look it offers to the text. But, as Helvetica is present virtually everywhere, you might be tempted to use its other variants. If you are targeting an international audience or any audience that talks in a lot of languages, Helvetica World is the right choice of the font.

Though Linotype designed it, Helvetica is an upgraded version of Helvetica. Helvetica World supports around 102 languages and is perfect when you target a multilingual audience. Because of its versatility, you can use these fonts as and when required without worrying much about it. You can download Helvetica World from the link above.

4. Suisse:


Suisse is a Swiss typeface that includes six different collections along with 55 different styles. It has a clean and clear design that you could lend in new projects that ask for many font variations. The different styles mentioned here include the fonts for languages like Latin, Cyrillic, and Arabic.

If you prefer a clean looking font style but still crave slight variation, then Suisse Mono and Suisse Condensed should be considered. Before you decide whether the fonts are perfect for use in your projects, you should always try it and ask for reviews from different people to see how the fonts look.

5. Dominicale:


Dominicale is unique yet clean fonts with blunt serifs and slanted stems. These fonts offer a very ancient look to the projects to which they are applied. The makers of these fonts were very interested in developing fonts that resembled the old script on medieval books.

With an angular structure in the fonts, they are a perfect fit for projects that involve poster designing and package designs. These fonts are trilingual as it supports English, French and German fonts. Hence, Dominicale should be used when you want to target European masses of people.

6. Gill Sans Nova:

Multilingual Fonts - Gill Sans Nova

Since its origin that dates back to 1928, it has been the most popular font choice with graphic and web designers. Every publishing house has used these fonts over a large number of publications.

The fonts flaunt a British character, yet Gill Sans Nova is a proud package of a more extensive character set. Gill Sans Nova was launched by Monotype in the year 2015 and had 43 different fonts that can be useful for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.

7. Greta Sans:

Greta Sans

Peter Bilak designed the fonts Greta Sans, and the Typotheque website first published it. Greta Sans is a powerful font face that has ten font weights with three different font widths. These fonts are strong enough to handle any typographical issue as it comes with the support for 217 different international languages.

With this versatility, you can also work with Hebrew, Thai, Korean, and many more. As these fonts are versatile to a great extent, you can use these in multiple projects. You can use these fonts to run international campaigns that are targeted in different countries. With these fonts, you don’t have to worry about how the audience will respond to your campaign because you can target audience attention with these fonts.

8. Google Noto:

Multilingual Fonts - Google Noto

The term “Noto” means “No Tofu.” Tofu is the standing rectangle symbol that you see when the said fonts are not supported on your device. To remove this shortcoming, Google introduced fonts called Google Noto that tries to support all the fonts from all the different languages. This kind of idea provides a harmonious balance to the fonts and lets you use multiple fonts without the fear of seeing tofu in the place of a character.

Noto is available with a variety of font-weight and styles for use. The best part of using these fonts is, you can download the entire package for free. You can even choose to download the required fonts from the website, which are also available for free. If you browse the font details on the site, you can see which regions are covered with the respective fonts. This detail can help you understand which fonts you can use that target an international audience.

9. SST:


SST fonts were a joint venture of Sony Corporation and Monotype GmbH, and Sony has officially used the typeface for its projects and continues to use it. These fonts offer a clean and professional look along with elegance to whichever plan you use in. The package, when you download, provides a variety of font-weight and styles for use.

Moreover, SST supports up to 35 different international languages like Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Albanian, and more. The characters of these fonts offer a robust and unwavering attitude to your professional projects. Hence, they are perfect for use when you want to attract your audience’s attention and don’t want to entertain nonsense.

10. Misto:

Multilingual Fonts - Misto

In the Ukrainian language, the term “Misto” means “a city.” Misto fonts were inspired by Slavutych city, which happens to be the youngest city of Ukraine in just 32 years.

These fonts are display fonts that employ reverse contrast in its forms of stroke. Misto is a Sans-Serif font that supports Latin and Cyrillic. Hence, these fonts are suitable for the marketing campaigns that target the audience from the languages mentioned above.

11. Restora:


Nasir Uddin created Restora, which belongs to the Serif font family. Restora was developed after the creator drew inspiration from retro-style Serifs, where the fonts have a unique stroke style and form. It has distinct and unmistakable strokes that allow versatility in its uses and applications.

Restora also comes with small caps and retro-styled numerics, among other features, and it features around 730+ glyphs. This font is known to support languages in Western Europe, Central/Eastern areas of Europe, Baltic regions, Turkish vicinities and the Romanian regions.

12. Okta Neue:

Multilingual Fonts - Okta Neue

Okta Neue is another font from the Okta font family, which was launched in 2019. These fonts showcase legibility, geometric yet straightforward characters, and low contrast between the strokes. Okta Neue was developed with one thing in mind: the support for various languages.

Hence, Okta Neue was given an amplified character set, which lets Okta Neue extend support for Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Bulgarian, and Serbian. This font comes in 22 different yet unique styles that make you see how you can work with the font characters where your project is concerned.

13. Argesta:


Argesta classifies as neoclassical that belongs to the serif font family. These fonts are suitable for a classy appearance, vintage ideas, which offers it a contemporary look. Argesta is said to be inspired and motivated by haute couture and suits well when you are about to target your brand to your audience.

You can also use these fonts for package designs, designing a luxury product, and anything that needs elegance and style. You can download the fonts for free from the link that we have provided to you.

14. Disket Mono:

Disket Mono

Disket Mono is a display font that is monospaced in its form and was designed by Mariano Diez. These fonts have a modular and grid-based structure that attributes its designs to geometric constructions and contemporary architecture. Disket mono comes with regular and bold font weights, along with 614 characters in each weight.

With its support in multiple languages, it has become prevalent in use. Moreover, it is known to support around 20 words. Best for logo design and promotional campaigns, you should frequently take these fonts for the mentioned purposes.

15. Butler:

Multilingual Fonts - Butler

Butler fonts are a beautiful set of fonts that are a combination of Dala Floda and Bodoni font family. These fonts were developed with a goal to bring a hint of contemporary culture to serif font type by manipulating the curves of serif fonts. Moreover, they also have added an extra stencil family.

You can use these multilingual fonts for titles on the books, posters, and practically any other stuff that you can come up with. Butler font package consists of 334 characters and seven different font weights. It also includes seven different stencil weights, text figurines, fractions, ligature structures, and more. With added glyphs, it supports a lot of languages.

16. Bagnard:


Bagnard was created by three designers, namely Doug Thomas, Chris Fodge, and May Kim, who created a different version of the serif version of the font under the same name. These fonts are licensed as open-source, and hence you can download it for free. Bagnard fonts look like paintbrush typeface as it has very distinct slants and strokes in its formation.

Therefore, these multilingual fonts should be used when you want to catch a viewer’s attention the first time he looks at the text in these fonts. Bagnard supports a lot of languages and has a rich character set and glyphs. Because of this versatility, it becomes one of the most used fonts in graphic design projects and more.


Modern typography is incomplete without support to multilingual fonts. Multilingual fonts are a must when the world is a local village. When you have to target general masses of audiences, you need multilingual fonts. It doesn’t look awe-inspiring when your content shows up with tofus all around the text. To avoid such an embarrassing situation, you should have multilingual fonts, and before that, you should know which areas you are targeting. This helps you understand which fonts you require and which fonts can suit your task the best. And this knowledge can help you win half the war when you know which fonts to use and what to target.

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