20 Eye-Catching SVG Animations for All Projects

20 Eye-Catching SVG Animations for All Projects
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SVG animations can be found more and more frequently on websites, in the form of SVG icons with beautiful motion effects. They have the role of adding interactivity, while also not making the website load slower. Here are 20 eye-catching SVG animations for your inspiration, that will help you make your websites stand out and keep your users engaged.

In this article, you’ll find various SVG icons, from different categories such as business, education, medical, industry, environment, weather, and more.

These SVG icons have stunning designs and you can always customize some of their features according to your requirements. You can change colors, animation speed, size, text, hover color, etc. Each element supports a certain amount of configuration that assures you get the best of what they have to offer.

Also, these SVG animated icons are compatible with all major browsers and will definitely display perfectly in any situation.

Cyclo – SVG Loaders Kit

Here is a stunning kit of 33 loading animation effects that were created using SVG. These are 33 variations, fully scalable and are available in a vector format.

Cyclo - SVG Loaders KitPin

SnapIt – SVG Wheel – Slavlee

Here is a jQuery plugin which automatically generates a both static or animated wheel that is produced by entering a few parameters.

SnapIt - SVG Wheel - SlavleePin

Animated SVG Banner SEO & Development

This is a neat SVG banner with an animated layout that activates when scrolling. You can customize its colors, graphics, and text.

Animated SVG Banner SEO & DevelopmentPin

Industry Oriented SVG Animations-1

Here is a neat pack of vector-based SVG animations that are industry-related. These are fully scalable at any size, without quality losses.

Industry Oriented SVG Animations-1Pin

Rainbow Spinner Loader – SVG Animation

This is an amazing lightweight SVG vector pack that includes 20 creative shapes. You can customize their size, colors, elements, animation speed, etc.

Rainbow Spinner Loader - SVG AnimationPin

Interactive Vectorel Turkey Districts Map [SVG, JS, HTML5]

Here is a district map of Turkey that is in SVG version. This allows you to edit the background and map colors, tooltip data, and more.

Interactive Vectorel Turkey Districts MapPin

Social Neon Icons – Animated SVG Icons

This is a neat collection of 26 SVG social icons with a neon design. These have fully responsive layouts and can be quickly configured to meet your requirements.

Social Neon Icons - Animated SVG IconsPin

Animated SVG Business Strategy Icons

Here are some animated SVG icons that are business-related. This set includes various icons: archery, board chart, contract, megaphone, money tree, etc.

Animated SVG Business Strategy IconsPin

Environment Animated SVG Icons

This is a wonderful pack of environment SVG icons with an animated design. You can choose between 24 creative icons that will surely come in handy in your future projects.

Environment Animated SVG IconsPin

Medical SVG Animated Icons

This is a lovely set of 20 excellent SVG medical-related icons. These animated designs will be perfect for various projects. Also, these include many customizable features, to make everything as your want.

Medical SVG Animated IconsPin

Animated SVG Icon Mega Pack

This is a nice mega pack of animated SVG icons with a beautiful handcrafted design. These are highly customizable and include many variations.

Animated SVG Icon Mega PackPin

Animated SVG Loaders

This is a lovely pack of 18 animated SVG loaders that you can easily configure. These have many editable features: color, speed, size, animation style, etc.

Animated SVG LoadersPin

Education Animated SVG Icon Set

This animated SVG icons will look amazing in your education-related projects. This set contains 16 different designs that you can use in various situations.

Education Animated SVG Icon SetPin

Under Construction Animated SVG

Here are some beautifully animated SVG icons that you can use if your website is currently under construction. This pack includes 10 creative construction graphics.

Under Construction Animated SVGPin

16 SVG Weather Icons – Animation Loops

This pack of 16 SVG weather icons will definitely come in handy in many situations. Download and use them in your current or upcoming projects.

16 SVG Weather Icons - Animation LoopsPin

Medical – SVG Animated Icons

This is a lovely collection of 26 stunning medical related SVG icons. These have animated designs and will look amazing in your projects.

Medical - SVG Animated IconsPin

These animated SVG icons can be quickly customized to meet your requirements. You can choose between 15 beautiful designs, with different styles.

Toggling Animated SVG IconsPin

Cute Animals and Birds SVG Animation

Here is a stunning pack of 22 different SVG animations which you can use in various types of projects. These are stunning animations of animals and birds and will surely get the user’s attention.

Cute Animals and Birds SVG AnimationPin

This is a nice collection of 15 animated SVG icons that are compatible with all major browsers. You can configure some of their features to make them fit your preferences.

Animated SVG line iconsPin

12 Animated Business/Creative SVG Icons

Here are 12 animated SVG icons that are business related. These elements will make your projects stand out and get the user’s attention.

 12 Animated Business/Creative SVG IconsPin

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