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May 08, 2019

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The perks of running an online business of your own are hard to deny. You’re not gonna be tortured by the boredom of working 9 to 5 like a robot for the wealth of others. Instead, you work anywhere anytime you want, and enjoy all the profits paid off for your work.

That being said, the problem of low productivity in terms of time, efforts, and other resources does exist when you run a one-man show business. How would you overcome the exhausting endless hours of dealing with customer complaints, fixing broken elements on your website without having some coding skills, or recovering your lost files?


This article curates a list of 8 premium tools and resources recommended by online business experts, that can save your entrepreneurial life.

1- Better customer support service


Alongside with marketing to attract and convert prospects, customer retention plays a vital role in keeping a business sustainable in the long run. To win customers’ loyalty, business owners should focus heavily on improving their company’s customer service and optimizing the overall experience in the whole funnel. Winning one more happy customer will lead to bigger sales and even more referred customers via worth of mouth.

Today’s advanced technologies have made it possible for not only large business with big budgets but also small and medium businesses to improve customer service, with great tools available online. For example, automated email marketing and chatbots can help you personalize your replies to any customer’s query automatically to save you tons of time and human resources in the daily support jobs.

2- Make use of premium WordPress themes

Hosting over 75,000,000 business websites all over the web, WordPress never fails online business owners by providing them with a handful of useful features they need for building a fully functional website. The steps for creating a WordPress website is simple and straightforward even for those who have little technical knowledge. However, designing a splendid website with high performance in terms of conversion is not an easy task you can get done with WordPress free basic themes.

WordPress experts recommend Uncode – Creative WordPress Theme builder as an amazing alternative to consider. One of the top WordPress theme sellers of all time on Themeforest, Uncode gives terrific attention to the details and performance of their theme layouts. You can find any design concept you want in its design collections and easily import into your website. Customizations are made easy with many options to help you take the building of your website to the next level. There’s also a user-built website showcases you can check out on their site for inspiration and motivation to try.

3- Use cloud storage to save files online


Cloud computing services have recently geared up to be the most convenient option to store digital data online. A few decades ago, most companies and individual professionals had to rely on in-house offline servers to keep their documents safe. When collections of data piled up over time, the costs to install and maintain this infrastructure become a real pain. That is why people are now switching gears towards storing data online on cloud servers that give them unlimited storing space at very low cost. Plus, cloud storage also ensures seamless accessibility anywhere anytime for instant retrieving and sharing.

If you’re looking for a service provider, the best cloud storage recommended by experts is pCloud, which comes with very reasonable pricing plans but includes all the features you could ask for in a cloud storage service.

4- Grow Shopify reviews with Opinew reviews importer app

Shopify entrepreneurs are flooded with thousands of best Shopify themes and apps available on the fast-growing Shopify app store, not knowing which ones they really need to maximize the resulted sales at the most cost-efficient level.

Shopify apps enable online sellers to implement a lot of different strategies to increase conversion rates and boost reviews throughout the sales funnel. Among the most proven effective tactics, building brand trust with product reviews never get old and still prove to be extremely valuable. Product pages that publish reviews from verified buyers, even negative ones, show a sense of authenticity, reliability, and social proof. They give new customers a high level of confidence to make a purchase online with the merchant.

One of the best review apps for Shopify entrepreneurs is Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer. Starting from just $9.99 per month, Opinew gives merchants features and customization options to scale up reviews and automate the whole process.

5- Download free authentic stock photos


Photography has always been an integral part of business, especially those that are competing on online social marketplaces. Unfortunately, not many solo entrepreneurs and freelancers have enough luxury to produce stunning professional branded photos for the daily product showcasing and marketing purposes.

Thankfully, there has been a growing number of websites that provide beautiful stock authentic photos popping up all over the Internet. And the best part is that they’re free!

6- Build landing pages that really convert


In earlier days, marketers normally sent traffic to the business homepage with general information in the hope that truly interested visitors might find useful information there and convert themselves. In today’s competitive online business landscape, this strategy seems to not work so well anymore.

Marketers now appreciate the power of personalization and targeting. They send different groups of customer niches to targeted landing pages with customized content and call-to-action elements that align with customers’ tailored needs. By optimizing carefully every single part in the landing pages, they maximize the whole conversion funnel and create amazing business results.

To help businesses capitalize on tools and save IT resources, experts suggest that they take advantage of available best landing page builders that offer a full set of features not only to design professional landing pages but also to track and measure their conversion performance, with the help of built-in analytical tools like heatmaps and user recordings.

7- Agency business made hassle-free with Bookmark’s Agency Reseller Program


The life of a freelancer is tempting. They can work flexibly anywhere, anytime they have the mood for, and focus on doing what they love and are really good at. But when reality hits, they do struggle with the business-related things to make a stable growing flow of income. Business needs a well-rounded strategy and skills to handle all kinds of work, ranging from website optimization, marketing execution, and orders and billing management.

If you’re starting an agency business, whether in the fields of design, web development, content marketing, or SEO, consider Bookmark tool. In a few minutes, you can set up a fully functioning website on Bookmark to represent your business without much technical inconvenience. This tool also makes it easy for you to expand your business by joining their Agency Reseller Program as it allows you to create beautiful websites for your clients cheaper and much faster than ever before.

8- Win your best business logo design by creating a contest

Most business owners didn’t think much about creating a logo for their business until they sat down to do the task and would find it exceedingly challenging. How could we capture a business idea with its intrinsic value comprehensively into a 60×60 square design?

If you’re stuck and don’t have a couple of thousands dollar to pay professional design firms, why not get a few dozens of talented freelancers to compete for your project? 48hourslogo turns this virtually impossible idea into possible reality for small and medium business owners. On the platform, they can host a logo design contest for only $29, then offer an attractive prize for the winner who submits the best logo in the contest.


Owning a business online doesn’t have to be miserable and sacrificing as you might imagine before you get started. There are many online tools and resources that can help you automate large workloads so you can focus more on executing high-level strategies to scale up your business. By the year 2021, worldwide retail online sales will reach $4.5 trillion, are you ready to win a big slice of the cake? Get yourself well prepared now!

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques, collating creative website designs, and writing about the latest design trends, inspiration, design freebies, and more. You can follow him on Twitter

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