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In today’s article, we are going to round up the best free Shopify themes available in the Shopify theme store. Shopify allows you to quickly and easily create an eCommerce website or online store. Both premium and free Shopify themes come built in with all the features you need, such as credit card processing and a very powerful back-end. While there are many free Shopify themes, Shopify itself is a premium platform due to the plethora of powerful features it offers, as such it requires a low monthly subscription cost. This ensures that there is a development team constantly developing the software on which your online store runs, and because the fees are more than reasonable, Shopify is an online sales platform that is widely recommended. This article has been completely updated in 2017 with latest Shopify themes.

To make this roundup even more useful, we decided to add some premium Shopify themes as well, plus some themes you can use for inspiration. These are all responsive Shopify themes with powerful features for online stores. These Shopify templates will surely help you start your online business in no time!

Let us now look at these premium and free Shopify themes available at the Shopify store:

 Free Shopify Themes

Jumpstart Free Shopify Theme

Jumpstart is one of the latest free Shopify Themes. It is a really excellent theme if you want to start a crowdfunding campaign (among other types of websites). Some of its features include a slideshow and video player modules. It features a clean, light design and it looks great in both desktop and mobile.

Jumpstart Free Shopify Theme

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Venture – Boxing Free Shopify Theme

Venture – Boxing is a is a modern, free Shopify theme that is made for stores that sell high volumes of products. The demo website features a store selling boxing gear, however this Shopify template can be equally good for any other type of online store. Some of Venture – Boxing features include a fully responsive theme design, homepage slider, promotional bar (great for showing special offers and coupons, such as free shipping), easy to read typography and more.

Venture Boxing Free Shopify Theme

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Venture – Snowboards Free Shopify Theme

Featuring the same type of design as its cousin, Venture – Boxing, Snowboards is a free Shopify theme that is similarly ideal for high volume eCommerce stores. It features a plethora of color and font combinations, a clean, modern design and a beautiful full screen featured background image.

Venture Snowboards Free Shopify Template

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Simple – Beauty Free Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme is free to use and can be a good choice for a fragrance eCommerce store. What we really liked about this theme is an option to zoom in on the product previews – a feature that was missing from most other free Shopify themes that we’ve reviewed. Another nice touch was that the sale pricing that was presented in a clear way. Overall, Beauty is indeed a very simple Shopify theme.

Simple Beauty Free Shopify Ecommerce Theme

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Boundless Free Shopify Theme

Boundless is a free Shopify template that is perfect for an online website that sells products that feature high-resolution photography.  The possibilities with this template are boundless (pun intended). This theme can be used for clothing, jewelry or any other type of product where you have high-quality images available. This Shopify theme is very minimal and clean with light backgrounds and heavy concentration on featured images and photography.

Boundless Responsive Shopify Theme

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Brooklyn – Brooklyn Free Shopify Template

Brooklyn is a free Shopify theme that is geared towards apparel stores – stores that sell clothes. What we like about this theme is the nice (and quite convincing) full-screen background photo at the top of the page that showcases your apparel products. We also liked this theme’s clean design and a prominent call to action.

Brooklyn free shopify theme

Minimal – Music Free Shopify Template

If you’re about to start selling online music or digital items, then Minimal – Music is an excellent free Shopify theme for your store. The theme’s individual product pages include the option to open a larger preview of the digital item you are selling. Overall, this Shopify template doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some other Shopify themes, but this may be a good thing.

Minimal - Music free Shopify theme

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Minimal – Fashion Free Shopify Template

Are you wondering how to start an online Fashion store using a pre-made template? Minimal – Fashion may just be your solution here. The template is clean, fully responsive (which makes sure it renders perfectly on desktop and mobile devices), and includes multiple, enlargeable product previews. It also allows you to add a “Sale” icon to any individual listings, which is a nice touch.

Minimal - Fashion free Shopify theme

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Minimal – Vintage Free Shopify Template

If rendering beautifully across all mobile devices is your online store priority, then Minimal – Vintage is an excellent choice. This Shopify theme is free, and it looks much like its cousin, the Minimal Fashion theme. This theme has a clean, white background without any featured video or image and a featured image slider on the home page.

Minimal - Vintage free Shopify theme

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Debut Free Shopify Theme

Debut was designed to beautifully showcase your brand and products by giving customers a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image and also by sticking your menu in the header during browsing experiences. It has a very user-friendly interface, allowing customers to browse products by type and sort them by multiple types of filters.

Debut is one of the Best Free Shopify Templates

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Pop – Bone Free Shopify Theme

Contrary to what your initial impression is, Pop – Bone has nothing to do with bones – but it does have to do with improving someone’s skin complexion. Pop – Bone is a free Shopify template that is geared towards pharmaceutical products. The design is very similar to Pop – Toy since Pop is a collection of 2 Shopify themes based on the same template structure. Like Pop – Toy, Bone has a simple design with a featured products section.

This is a minimalist theme with a focus on your products. One of its greatest functions is the slide-out cart, which helps customers easily add products to their cart without leaving their current page. It also features a lovely slideshow on the homepage, so you can showcase multiple products or brand images.

Pop Bone Responsive Shopify Theme

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Pop – Toy Free Shopify Theme

Pop is a free Shopify theme collection that includes a total of 2 free themes – Pop Bone and Pop Toy. What we like about Pop – Toy Shopify template is the “kid friendly” design, soft colors and a nice featured products section. The design itself is very simple, as it should be. Why make it convoluted and complicated?

Pop - Toy free shopify theme

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Simple – Light Free Template for Shopify

Check out this clean and minimal theme, perfect for showcasing your products. It comes with an accordion-style menu, ideal for larger shops, and great image animations, with sleek, transition effects. It also gives your customers some extra product details when they hover over an image. This theme for Shopify is another simple, yet effective template that can be used for your online store. Sharing design elements from Simple – Beauty, this theme includes a zoomable product preview option and a simple website layout.

-light-theme-simple-Responsive Shopify Template

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Venture – Outdoors Free Theme for Shopify

This free Shopify theme is ideal for stores with a large number of products. It has an advanced navigation menu, with product details and images in a large multi-column drop-down layout and a very user-friendly product filtering feature. It also comes with a great slideshow on the homepage and spaces for promotional banners, for sales, offers and more.

outdoors-theme-venture-Best Shopify Themes

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Boundless – Vibrant Free Template for Shopify

This is a minimalist theme that showcases products using high-resolution photography, features multiple products in a simple slideshow on your home page and keeps the menu fixed to the top of your page as the user scrolls down.

vibrant-theme-boundless-Best Shopify Themes

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Supply – Light Free Theme for Shopify

Use this theme for larger fashion-related online stores with multiple products. It comes with useful features to display multiple featured collections on your home page, showcase multiple brand images in the slider and filtering products in a very user-friendly manner.

-light-theme-supply Responsive Shopify Template

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Supply – Blue Free Shopify Template

Supply – Blue is theme #2 out of 3 total themes included for free with your installation of the Supply theme package. Supply – Blue focuses on a photography eCommerce store as it showcases and online store selling various cameras and accessories. Supply – Blue features slider with promo banners, a thumbnail-based list of categories and several featured item lists that can be easily placed on the home page. Overall, the design is very pleasing to the eyes and carries the same benefits as we’ve seen in other Supply themes – such as a well placed call to action button. What Supply theme collection lacks, however, is a better way to showcase the actual product images, as there is no zoom options on product images on the individual listing pages. Despite this drawback, Supply is an excellent choice of a free Shopify theme if you are looking to create a Photography eCommerce store – or any other store for that matter.

Easily showcase and filter large online shops with multiple products, with this sleek, modern, responsive Shopify template, ideal for tech and electronics businesses. It comes with a smart collection filtering feature in the sidebar, which allows customers to filter collection pages by brand, price, and other options.

blue-theme-supply-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Best Shopify Themes

If you’re looking to expand your online business, grow the size of your online shop and add more products and features to your website, these premium Shopify themes may be exactly what you need! Unlike the free versions, these themes also come with some extra features, you’ll surely find useful. They are perfect for larger online stores and are designed to attract even more customers.

Blockshop – Deli Shopify Theme

This is a spacious grid-style theme that features a large image in the upper part of the home page. It impresses with its bold hero imagery and advanced navigation, based on a multi-column drop-down menu. It’s built on a large layout, so you can make the most of large photos and showcase your products perfectly.

deli-theme-blockshop-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Maker – Books Shopify Template

This theme has an editorial-inspired design that’s perfect for publishers, writers and bloggers. It is ideal for stores with a small number of products, digital creators and publishers, and selling eBooks, magazines, and other similar items, online. The homepage has a built-in featured video element, so you can tell your story in style!

books-theme-maker-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Pipeline – Bright Shopify Theme

Check out this minimalist design with parallax effect scrolling ideal for both stores with a large and small number of products. The whole theme is optimized for large product images, has a modular-style home page, advanced navigation and a full-width Instagram feed.

bright-theme-pipeline-Responsive Shopify Themes

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Icon – Dolce Shopify Template

If you own a visually striking brand with image-focused content, this is the theme for you! Works best for fashion and beauty brands, as it has a more feminine design. It offers great and useful features such as: product quick view, advanced navigation, parallax scrolling imagery, sticky navigation, and more.

dolce-theme-icon-Best Shopify Themes

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Focal – Standard Shopify Theme

Owning a lifestyle brand? This bold grid-style theme is perfect for you! It was built for large inventories, comes with infinite scrolling and even displays color swatches on the product page to showcase all the available product colors. This feature is particularly useful for clothing brands.

standard-theme-focal-Best Shopify Theme

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Mobilia – Napa Shopify Template

This theme impresses with its slick styling and smooth content integration. It has great features for your product page, letting you showcase your products in detail with zooming, video clips, and high-resolution images. It even comes with a customizable sidebar, advanced navigation and Disqus support for blog comments.

-napa-theme-mobilia Best Shopify Themes

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California Template for Shopify

This great Shopify theme offers a clean and focused user experience, highlighting three key steps or pieces of brand information, creating an animated depth effect as you scroll down, and showing your customers your recent Instagram activity.

california-theme-california-Best Shopify Themes

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Envy – Stockholm Theme for Shopify

This theme offers a clean style for regular promotions and featured products and lets you easily showcase multiple product or brand photos on your home page. It is integrated with Instagram, so you customers can check out your feed, and comes with lots of useful functionalities for small shops.

stockholm-theme-envy Responsive Shopify Theme

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Canopy – Elda Template for Shopify

This versatile theme is perfect for product promotion, stores with a large number of products, and businesses which are very active on Instagram. It comes with an awesome feature which allows customers to quickly add items to the cart without even leaving the current page.

elda-theme-canopy-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Colors – Generic Theme for Shopify

Check out this unique, mobile-friendly, product-focused theme that’s ideal for visual storytelling. It has a very minimalist layout, your products being the main focus of the customer. It promotes a single product by featuring it on your home page.

-generic-theme-colors-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Kagami – Kyoto Shopify Theme

This cool, bright red Shopify theme is based on a dynamic masonry-style grid, which displays your products beautifully. It comes with a FAQ page, Instagram and Twitter feeds integration and even video support and two menu options.

-kyoto-theme-kagami-Responsive Shopify Theme

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Free Shopify Themes for Inspiration

Shopify’s free themes section is permanently changing and some themes may go, while others are included. We decided to keep these older free Shopify themes which were included when we wrote this article, but are no longer available. You can use them as inspiration to customize your current theme or design an online shop from scratch.

Solo – Solo

Solo is a free Shopify theme that is made for online furniture stores, although it can be used for any other online store (and so can all other free Shopify templates). Solo jumps straight to action by featuring a product catalog of furniture without any background graphics or images. If you are wondering how to create an online furniture store, or a store to sell furniture products in a specific niche, Solo may just be your theme.

Solo free Shopify theme

Supply – Dark

Supply – Dark is a Shopify template that is free to use and features a jewelry store design. This theme shows a featured banner graphic that is prominently placed for all visitors to see, as well as product categories and individual products. The dark background works well for shiny and bright jewelry pieces, making it an ideal free Shopify theme for a jewelry store. We also really liked the prominently placed “Add to cart” button on individual product pages and the social sharing buttons seamlessly built into the listing pages.

Supply - Dark free Shopify theme

Supply – Soft Green

The final theme in Supply template collection, Soft Green is a theme that features various furniture products and can be an ideal Shopify theme to make a furniture online store. As it shares the design with the other 2 Supply themes, it has all of the features that we’ve mentioned in Supply – Dark and Supply – Blue Shopify themes. Soft Green shows us that while the individual product pages lack a zoom option for the product graphics, you can put multiple graphics for each product you are selling. Overall, this is an excellent free eCommerce theme for your furniture website.

Supply - Soft Green free Shopify theme

Classic – Sharp

Classic – Sharp is a Shopify theme that is well-suited for online stores offering a wide selection of products. In many ways this free Shopify template is similar to the Supply templates in its layout style and options. If you are an online business with many different products, this theme may be a good choice for you.

Classic - Sharp free Shopify theme

Classic – Dark

If you are into dark themes, then Classic – Dark is as dark as they get. Full dark background, with white menu links and red elements – this is what Classic – Dark offers you. Calls to action pop out due to the color contrast, and all products “shine through” as the dark background takes away any distractions.

Classic Dark free Shopify theme

Classic – Light

This theme is identical to Classic – Dark theme except the background is white instead of black, and all the menu links and other elements are made to work with the white background. The demo showcases an online electronics store, which seems to work beautifully with this Shopify theme. If you are looking to start an online electronics eCommerce business, then Classic – Light theme may just be your best theme to use.

Classic - Light free Shopify theme

Lookbook – Retro

Lookbook Retro is drastically different from other Shopify themes we’ve showcases in this article. It has a fully touch-friendly design, allowing you to scroll sideways on devices that support scrolling. This allows for a beautiful showcase of your products to all of your tech-savvy customers. This full-page design focuses on the product and nothing else. Checkout is as simple as it can get. Overall, this was one of our favorite free Shopify themes in this showcase.

Lookbook - Retro free Shopify theme

New Standard – Dark

If you’re trying to start an eCommerce website for a winery, then this free theme may be an excellent choice for you. Featuring a dark but not black background, this Shopify template has a nice touch where you can see your cart total price on all pages of the site. All product images are also clickable so that a larger image can be opened and viewed.

New Standard - Dark free Shopify theme

New Standard – Sepia

Featuring neutral website colors, New Standard Sepia is a theme that neither stands out nor blends in. It has a few nice touches such as adding a “Sold out” graphic to any product to entice potential customers to buy other products, as well as a “Sale” icon when you hover over specific products.

New Standard - Sepia free Shopify theme

New Standard – White

The final Shopify theme in the New Standard theme collection, White offers the exact same features as its predecessors Dark and Sepia. The demo website showcases an apparel online store, which seems to work pretty well in this case.

New Standard - White free Shopify theme

Kickstand – Ebook

There aren’t too many Shopify themes you are going to find that are tailored specifically for selling eBooks – in fact, this theme is the only one we’ve found. Focusing on the sales copy and allowing you to write a lot of accompanying text, this theme also showcases any book you’d like on the front page. But it isn’t limited to just 1 book and allows you to sell multiple books through your online store.

Kickstand - Ebook free Shopify theme

Kickstand – Starter

Kickstand – Starter is a nice play on words of “Kickstarter” – the popular project finding website that allows you to get others to fund your projects. If you are in early stages of your online store or your idea and you want to create a beautiful website for your upcoming product, then Kickstand – Starter may be an excellent free Shopify theme for you to use. Showcasing the number of backers and the total amount of money pledged to finding your online campaign, Kickstand also allows you to actually sell the product you are trying to fund.

Kickstand - Starter free Shopify theme

This completes our roundup of the best free Shopify themes for your eCommerce store. Choosing the right platform (such as Shopify) and the right theme for your store is extremely important. Please check out demos of all the free themes listed in this article and make sure to choose the one you like best. Take action and start your online store today with one of the templates above.

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