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PHP database code snippets and scripts can be used to easily set up entire database management systems. You can use these to generate reports, create forms, dashboards and more.

These PHP database code snippets are very easy to use and intuitive. There are also various database/dashboard themes to use and most of them include a code generator that automatically does all the work for you. Also, they are multilingual and easy to install, so using PHP database code snippets may be just what your project needs.

Take a look at our hand-picked selection!

PDOCrud – Advanced PHP CRUD application (Database Management System)

PDOCrud is a very easy syntax that assists you to develop forms directly from the database. It is an advanced app that offers multiple skin support, and you can export everything to pdf, XML, excel, CSV. You can create forms in a few steps just by writing a few codes, the rest is created by the script.


AniVet | Ultimate Responsive Database Manager

AniVet is a responsive and adjustable database manager that is really easy to use. It has the following features: jquery pagination, ajax search, and proper authentication. It also has a responsive admin panel and more.


MySQL Smart Reports – Online Report Generator with Existing Data.

MySQL smart reports is the best solution to generate reports with a MySQL database. You can also choose table styles, group data and print all in this report. All you need to do is connect to the database, choose the data you need and then the script automatically generates your report or chart. You have 4 styles to choose from and then you can print or download your work to excel or word.


MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database

This universal script can be used to build practically any website. However, if you are building a movie or TV platform for a client or creating one for yourself, check out the features that this script offers from Vebto, who is an elite author, over at Code Canyon. This MTDb multipurpose movie and TV script can be easily installed without having any knowledge of server management or coding.

Firebase And Firestore FireAdmin - admin panel console Preview - CodeCanyon

PDOModel – Database abstraction and helper PHP class

PDOModel is the perfect solution for CRUD operations for Mysql, Postgres, and SQLite. It helps you to add, edit and select data using PDO with fewer coding. Your data can be exported to excel, HTML, pdf, CSV and more.


Scaffolder | A Powerful Laravel + Angular CRUD Generator

Scaffolder generates code and instantly and automatically makes CRUD pages with the use of PHP Laravel 5.2 and Angular JS framework. It has a unique frontend and backend code that is clean and flexible and it helps you to finish your work faster.


patchr – MySQL version control

Patchr  has the following features: uses MySQL, supports a large number of patches, it is GIT submodule ready. Also, it is  fast and secure and is tested on large business apps.


Octopus – Rapid Website Admin Panel

Octopus helps you create a gorgeous accessible app from your own database. It is easy to work with and saves you a lot of time.


PHP mySQL User Location

This is really easy to use with a clean code that is accessible to all. It fully supports PHP, mySQL, jQuery and it comes with an admin section to customize your data from the database. Also, it has countries and region codes, longitudes and latitudes, and the database is separated into small parts so that you can add data from various sources.


Databased – Personal Edition

Databased Personal is a very powerful database application platform. This is the perfect choice if you wish to turn a MySQL database into a beautiful and user-friendly online application.

Databased - Personal Edition Preview

Laravel CRUD – CMS – Sximo 5 LTS

Laravel CRUD -CMS- Sximo 5 LTS has grid options, a grid layout, and option editor and it is easy to customize. Thanks to the core builder you will save a lot of time and edit very easy list data, forms, you can download, search or export.  Also, it has multilingual support and has a lot of add-ons modules for you to customize as you please.


Databasr MySQL Administration Interface

Databasr is an admin interface that aims to simplify the maintenance and development process of other apps.


MyDB – Your Flat-File Database

MyDB is a database that keeps your data, that is not currently in use, stored as non-indexed ‘flat’ file. It is easy and very quickly to add and it does not require a database such as MySQL or SQLite.


Codeigniter CMS – CRUD Builder – Administrator

Codeigniter CMS is a great web app creator that allows you to turn a MySQL database into apps very fast.


PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (v3)

PHP dashboard uses scripts that easily generates gorgeous dashboards using a jQuery framework. It has various themes for you to customize and it includes a code generator that does all the work for you automatically.


SWOT DB – Database & Spreadsheet App

SWOT DB is a database manager designed for those who need to analyze the data in excel or in other spreadsheets apps. It is built with the CodeIgniter PHP framework and it comes with 16 pre-installed themes. Also, it is multilingual and the installation is very easy, it has a one-click quick installer.


DB Reader – Database Management

DB reader is a viewer, that works online, that can easily showcase your work to a client with very little code requirements. Also, you can export data to excel, CSV, pdf or print from browser.

db reader

MySQL Backup&Restore System

MySQL is a backup&restore system that is very easy to install. It has all your data well-organized thanks to its automated backup and delete feature. All your data will be restored in no time.


Ultra DB

Ultra DB has a clean API that is easy to read, create and modify. It is a flat file database that caches all the data so that everything runs extremely fast.

-ultra db

PHP Geomapping Widgets (Asia)

PHP geo mapping widgets is a PHP script that turns geo visualizations into widgets for your sites.  It has 9 customizable themes of the 50 most populated European countries.

php geomapping

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