45 Startup Website Templates, Designs and Tools

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It seems like we see more and more startups launched each day. Young adults prefer to emerge in the world of entrepreneurship, rather than choosing the risk-free option of getting a job. Entrepreneurs learned that the first impression means everything, especially when it comes to startup businesses so, creating a website and a strong online presence for their startup is an essential step.

Consulting WP Review: Finance, Consulting & Business WordPress Theme

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Today we’re going to be talking about Consulting WP – an awesome business and finance WordPress theme that will help you easily create modern and eye-catching websites for your business and ideas. You’ll see that when you’re using Consulting WP it’s very easy to compose a great layout and then insert your own content into it and share your ideas and business with the world. Moreover, Consulting WP comes packed with very useful features and tools that will help you create a great website for your business, finance or even consulting company. Your website will be ready to go in no time!

How to Create a Website with Beautiful Typography

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When users land on your site, your typography will send a message before a word is read, or a button has been clicked.

Typography shares a message about the purpose of the website, creating an atmosphere and setting the tone for a site.

When designing the font for your website, consider the message you would like to put across. What would you like your users to feel or experience when they first glimpse your site?

25 Church Website Templates for Religious Websites

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One of the most important goals of a Church is to spread its message clearly and thoroughly, not only in the sacred space but in the online world, too!

We know this is hard and finding the perfect website for your church or religious website might be even harder, so let’s make a list of the most important aspects a successful religious website should have. Even if we’re talking about an events calendar, a Donation or Fundraising button, a blog, a special page dedicated to sermons that will allow audio or even video files, these are all very important elements that can’t be ignored if you want to bring together a nice community and maybe even mobilize some masses for a certain cause.

Website Readability Guide: Make Your Website Reader-Friendly

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A lot of online ventures offer a really terrible website readability. Considering that almost everything about a website is communicated in text, this is a terrible situation.

These difficult to read websites have followed a bad design model. Digital publications need to be able to compete with printed ones in terms of readability.