15 Awesome Tools & Resources for Web Designers and Agencies

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People have been faced with keeping up with change forever. But change has seldom happened as rapidly as it is doing today. Especially, if we talk about the world of digital technology and digital design.

The good thing is that tools and resources in both web design and business processes manage to keep pace.  But keeping pace with the new tools alone can still be quite challenging. If for no other reason that there are so many of them.

You could easily spend all your time testing and trying these tools to see which will work best for you. Like that, you will never get any design work accomplished.

Just pick one or two from the selection of top tools and resources we’ve put together. They could make a world of difference to you. Give them a look and take advantage of freebies and free trials. Let us know what you think (if you’re not too busy doing web design).

The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design

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As the experts have repeatedly said, ‘content is key’. Whether you are a web designer or a graphic designer; you must give importance to words in your design. Content is an important factor in any design. If you want to craft a bespoke website that converts, then adding appealing content is a must. It will help you to get more attention and conversion from all website visitors. Similarly, appropriate content adds greater value to your graphic design.

Words have the ability to include critical thinking along with creative thinking of web designers and graphic designers. For any web and graphic design to attract prospects and compel action, the written content has to move along with and match the tone of the design.

Creating Websites with Speed in Mind: Do’s and Don’ts

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Whichever business you are in, your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Website speed has a direct impact on your sales funnel, traffic, conversion, and page views. Generally, people will lose attention from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, by creating a speedy website, you can increase your conversion rate and drive more traffic.

Below are some points to consider when creating a website that loads fast. We’ve outlined things that you should do to increase your website loading speed, and things that you should not do, as they will decrease your page loading times.

Premium Services & Tools Recommended By Experts

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The perks of running an online business of your own are hard to deny. You’re not gonna be tortured by the boredom of working 9 to 5 like a robot for the wealth of others. Instead, you work anywhere anytime you want, and enjoy all the profits paid off for your work.

That being said, the problem of low productivity in terms of time, efforts, and other resources does exist when you run a one-man show business. How would you overcome the exhausting endless hours of dealing with customer complaints, fixing broken elements on your website without having some coding skills, or recovering your lost files?

Decoding The Science of Colors

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Different colors ignite different emotions in people and thus, they are used to motivate and attract consumers. The Greek scholar Aristotle developed the theory of color psychology. The theory suggests that God created these colors through the celestial light. This was later changed by Sir Isaac Newton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe who gave a scientific perspective to the theory.

Colors are an important factor in almost all purchasing decisions and are therefore extremely important in graphic and web design. Color matters a lot because it highlights the brand identity and helps to enhance the brand recall value. For instance, if you see a dark colored bottle in the red background then, you’ll immediately recognize the famous beverage brand Coca-Cola.