Using Website Animation to Improve the User Experience

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If you want to be a good designer, it is very important that you’re on top of the trend before it even is a trend.

Having a good sense of what is going to take off is actually key in making a great product, and you’ll be recognized for being one of the first. You will also be praised for the innovative and new approach to common problems.

Originally, animations were treated as an aesthetic, but they’re now a very powerful tool for smoothing user interactions.

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Hand Drawn Icons

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In a time where design and technology are continuously updating, many new design trends keep coming up. However, with the constant need of coming up with something new, many designers go back to old designing tricks to create a fresh look and stand out from the crowd. Same goes for icon design. One such design practice is using hand-drawn icons. In times where there are complex designed icons, it feels good to see hand-drawn icons as they don’t look overwhelming, and are easy to relate to.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization: Important Factors to Consider

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If you are already a WordPress website owner, or you are about to build one, some skills are essential for you. One of the main and most important things is the website loading speed. Here’s the thing: website speed is something you should worry about the most because the faster your website is, the more users will use it. Nowadays everything is online, and there’s nothing you can’t find online – many websites have similar content and many businesses have similar products.

How to Create Metal Texture Using Photoshop

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These days, Photoshop has become a savior for almost every problem related to photographs and graphics. With the increasing number of solutions to each graphic issue, it is safe to say that every person can handle Photoshop in their little convenient way. To make life easier, here are a few easy ways to create a metal texture using Photoshop.

Brochure Design 101 | Designing Brochures

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Let’s just begin with stating the undeniable fact that a brochure is a final document that organizes all the details about your business/company. It is the handout that you provide to the client to spread awareness about your product or service. A poor brochure design would drive away potential clients to the greedy hands of the competitor brands.

A brochure is necessarily a single leaflet that combines and portrays every detail about the company, product, service, event, a campaign or any other vital information. It is usually a bi-fold or tri-fold piece of paper. Still, some other designers also experiment with z-fold, c-fold or any other customized fold, substantially increasing the cost of design and production per fold.