12 Things NOT to Do While Designing an E-commerce Website

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Selling your products and your services online is a massive venture into markets for a lot of companies. When you can sell your services or products 24 / 7, you can cash in a lot of profit and provide convenience to your customer to buy your products anytime. It also allows your customers to order your product online from whatever place they are in the world, as long as you can ship there. All of this can be established and accomplished by creating an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website reduces individual costs like having a brick-and-mortar store, customer representatives, call centers, and more, to a great extent. However, designing an e-commerce website is not only about creating the database for your products or the creation of a shopping cart.

Tips and guidelines for designing large news websites

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The new digital era of newspapers has begun to provide news articles to a wider range of users via websites, online e-news articles. People try to access enormous amounts of info on the internet daily, and this will impact the behavior of news websites. The main purpose of issuing news is to inform, educate, guide, and sometimes entertain.

News articles generally gather information regarding politics, business, economy, sports, and other interesting subjects that have led the news articles to become a major part of our world. The tricky part of designing a great news website is to adjust space for including all kinds of content.

10 Things Not to Do While Designing a Website for Restaurants

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10 Things Not to Do While Designing a Website for Restaurants. A website is something that creates a long-lasting impression on a new user’s mind. And as they always say, the first impression is the last. If you make the first impression wrong, you have lost the battle. But, if you hit the right notes, you may create a lasting impression where a user comes to your website repeatedly. Here, we are going to talk about websites that belong to restaurants. There are certain things you have to take care of when you are about to design a website for a restaurant. This blog post focuses significantly on the factors that decide the feasibility of a website for in the restaurant / food / catering industry.

10 Tips to Create the Best Website Style Guide

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A website style guide is an important aspect when it comes to bringing coordination and collaboration amongst the team. A style guide acts as a directing tool which guides the developer, and with the help of the website style guide, designers choose the correct way of designing a website. Usually, when a team works on the same project considering the hierarchy and complex interaction, a style guide always keeps you consistent and coordinated at the same time. A website style guide acts as an anchor that conveys the design as intended. Maintaining consistency throughout the website without a style guide is difficult, as the website may look unprofessional. The only way to achieve an organised and systematic flow in work is to abide by the style guide.

10 Design Awards Every Designer Should Know About

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Designers have always worked towards creating something which surprises as well as delights the clients. The designer’s community is not well recognized, given our importance and significant accomplishments. Designers are the ones who push their boundaries and give their best creativity out there to create an experience and not just a design. Why won’t a designer love some recognition for such a rewarding job! Designers must get attention for their work and the creativity they bring into the world. As such, we’ve put together a list of 10 design awards from across the globe, which are amongst the most renowned and magnificent awards in the design industry.

Everything You Need to Know About Print Design

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While it might be tricky to know what a specific graphic designer’s job is, it does not always end with using specialized software, and design principles to simply make an artwork, logo or digital content. There is much more to it than that. Though there is a constant spotlight on the digital work of a graphic designer, print media is equally important to do correctly. Given the liberty of digital media, one might believe that print design is growing irrelevant- but that isn’t the case. Print design is still an important part of the communication design field. As such,  new graphic designers must have a good handle on print skills as well to be marketable in the field.