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It’s never late to learn and meet new opportunities in your live. That’s probably the main message of a new project presented by TemplateMonster. Their Certification Center is all about educating those who want it and certifying true professionals for free. The project is intended to uncover the unknown side of web development, give you a push for self-improvement, and provide you with a wide range of opportunities in terms of professional growth.

Who is this project intended for? It targets everyone who is eager to learn. No matter what’s your background and how much you know about web design. Even if you know nothing, TM Certification Center is here to teach you. If you are a freelancer, you can pass a quiz and become TemplateMonster’s certified partner. Before we dig deeper into investigating all benefits that you can draw from this free project, let’s watch a brief introduction video.

As you can see, TM Certification Center welcomes experienced webmasters and web design studios to pass a quiz containing 20 questions only and confirm their experience of working with ready-made website templates from TemplateMonster. The test shouldn’t be difficult for those who have worked with WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop themes produced by the company.
As soon as the quiz is completed, you will attain a TemplateMonster certificate and the prerogative of being added to TM list of partners. The latter is accessible to all TemplateMonster’s customers who are looking for skilled professionals that can get all installation and customization job done for them. In such a way, certified webmasters can broaden their customer base with the help of the themes provider.
TM Certification Center is not for professionals only. It targets beginners as well. The project includes a series of free courses covering the basics of how WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, and OpenCart are built. By enrolling into any course you will be shown how the chosen platform looks and feels from the inside, how the admin panels and settings can be managed, etc.
Moreover, you will be taught the basics of how to work with ready-made website templates. You will be guided through the process of the themes’ installation and customization. There will be instructions on how to expand the themes’ functionality with plugins and extensions.
Each course includes quizzes that are intended to check how well you have understood the information, and the aspects that need to be repeated once again.
Basically, that’s all what TM Certification Center is about. Enroll, gain new skills, and become a certified TM partner now.

Good luck!

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