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Mockups are great assets for packaging designers to use for showcasing their projects to clients. Here is a collection of excellent high-quality free bottle mockups that are definitely going to make your presentation more attractive.

These have striking designs, with lots of details, and you can easily customize them to fit your brand. Many of the mockups have photorealistic designs and come as fully editable PSD files, created using smart objects. These PSDs have well-organized layers, for easy editing.

Having a pre-design mockup is a real time saver and any designer can use them easily. You can play with their features, by changing colors, backgrounds, reflections, shadows, and more.

Take a look at these 20 best free bottle mockups and use them in your future presentations.

Wine Bottle Label Mockup PSD

This is a great wine bottle label mockup with a photorealistic design. It is a PSD file with smart objects, therefore inserting your own design is very easy.

wine bottle label mockup psd

Beer Bottle Mockup PSD

Use this realistic-looking beer bottle mock-up to improve your brand presentation. It features both the front and back of the bottle, giving you all the necessary space to insert your design.

beer bottle mockup psd-

Realistic Wine Mockup PSD

This is an excellent photorealistic wine mockup, which comes in a PSD format. It has a beautiful background made of corks. Edit it and use it to insert your design.

realistic wine mockup psd

Dispenser Bottle MockUp

This is a PSD mockup of a dispenser bottle. You can easily edit it to fit your artwork. It has a realistic look and it can definitely make an attractive presentation for your brand.

Dispenser Bottle MockUp

Realistic Wine Bottle Mockup

Check out this great wine bottle mockup scene. It comes with different elements in the background but the bottle definitely stands out. Insert your artwork and enjoy!

realistic wine bottle mockup

Psd Wine Bottle Mockup

This wine bottle mockup is great to use in commercial projects as well as in personal ones. It is a freebie that will add that extra-something to your presentation.

psd wine bottle mockup

Realistic Wine Label Mockup

This realistic wine label mockup uses smart-object layers and vector layers. You can easily edit the colors and label design.

6 Realistic Wine Label Mockup

Elegant Bottle Mockups

This is a fine bottle mockup for you to use in your future presentations. It comes with an elegant design and it is super easy to add your design to it.

wine bottle mock up psd

Wine Bottle MockUp

This is another photorealistic PSD mock-up. It comes with two wine bottles and a greeting card that you can use for your brand or for different messages. Enjoy!

wine bottle mockup psd

Photorealistic Wine Bottle MockUp PSD

This is a simple wine bottle PSD mockup. It comes with a plain black background and a clean design. It is fully editable and it is very easy to add your project.

photorealistic wine bottle mockup psd

Beer Bottles Mockup

Use this photorealistic beer bottles mockup to showcase your design. It is a fully customizable PSD file that comes with a clean white background.

photorealistic beer bottles mockup psd

Wine Label Mockup with Editable Layers

Here is a clean wine PSD mockup template, free for commercial use and easy to customize.

8 Wine Label Mockup with Editable layers

Beer Mockup PSD

Take a look at this beer mockup PSD template and use it to showcase your project in an engaging manner. Add your design and enjoy its features.

free beer bottle mockup psd

Wine Bottle Mockup Template

This is a beautiful wine bottle mockup that you can use to rapidly insert your design. It looks great for an elegant label presentation.

wine bottle psd mockup template

Ceramic Bottles PSD MockUp

This is a gorgeous PSD ceramic bottle mockup to make your presentation really stand out. It uses smart layers which means it’s easily editable. Enjoy!

Ceramic Bottles PSD Mockups

Versatile Bottle MockUp

This is another photo-realistic and very versatile bottle mockup that will make your design more attractive. It is a PSD layered file with a well-organized structure. It comes with beautiful details which add more to its realistic look.

Versatile Bottle MockUp

Mason Jar Mockup

Showcase your work with this jar mockup with smart layers. You can modify the jam color, labels, background and more!

23 Mason Jar Mockup

Realistic Wine Mockup Set

This is a beautiful high-quality wine mockup PSD template. It is very detailed which makes it great for close-ups.

realistic wine mockup set

Mockup Wine Bottle

This is a clean design of a wine bottle mockup. It is editable, which allows you to easily change the stickers, the logo, the cap colors, and the background.

free psd wine bottle mockup

Whisky Bottle Mockup

Take a look at this great whisky bottle mockup. It comes with a nice presentation that includes the bottle as well as the box and a glass.

whisky bottle mockup psd free bottle mockups

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