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If you are into experimenting with new typefaces in your graphic design projects, then you’ll surely like this list of 20 awesome and free chalkboard fonts. These free chalkboard font will let you discover lots of other design possibilities and possibly spark some creative ideas into your mind.

Even though these are free chalkboard fonts, they are high-quality and you’ll definitely want to bookmark at least some of them for later use.

Here they are!

Drawing Guides font

You may use this version of ‘Drawing Guides’ for personal use only but if you wish to use it commercially you will need to purchase a license.

drawing guides

Smudgie Crayon font

‘Smudgie Crayon’ can be used for personal use only. If you need to use it commercially you will need to buy a license.

smudgie crayon

Urban Sketch

Urban Sketch is a free font by Nils von Blanc. The Font was inspired by Ray Larabie and his “GUNPLAY” Font. This Font is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported.

urban sketch font-

Return To Sender

This font is free for personal use. Any commercial use requires a license which is available for a fee.

return to sender fon

Whatever it takes

This font is free and now includes a bold version! It is only free for personal and non-profit use.

whatever it takes font

KG Ten Thousand Reasons font

This font is a chalkboard-style handwriting font. If you need a commercial license, a small donation is needed. Otherwise, it is free for personal use.

 kg ten thousand reasons font by kimberly geswein

Chalk Line Outline font

This font was created with Adobe Illustrator and Fontographer 5. It is a chalk line outline font.

 chalk line outline font


This font is a font that is free for personal use only. It has a chalk-style and lovely details.

 chalk hand lettering

KG Second Chances

This font is free for personal use. This duo of fonts is a striped sketchy outline coupled with a solid version. It is perfect for creating Pinterest-inspired projects!

kg second chances font


This font is the handwritten version of Georgia. It works best in very large letters.

 fff tusj font free

Ribeye font

Ribeye and Ribeye Marrow are cartoon tattoo styled with an edgy design and highly legible letterforms.

 ribeye font

KG Broken Vessels Sketch font

This font is a hand-sketched sans serif sketch font. For a solid version, pair this with KG Second Chances Solid.

 kg broken vessels

Sandbox Melodrama

This font is free for personal and non-profit use. You will need to donate $5 for commercial use.

sandbox melodrama font

Chalkboard by Marta van Eck font

This is a real chalkboard font. It includes capitals, lower cases, numbers and some signs. This is perfect for any school projects and pages.


Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded

“Chalk Hand Lettering Pack” is a free font pack with great details, perfect for projects hat require a more handmade look.

chalk hand lettering


This font is free for personal use. You also can redistribute the fonts on your website as long as you give credit to their creator.

dotness font

Orange Juice

This font is free for personal and non-profit use. Use it in any personal project you want.

 orange juice font

Who Needs Consistency

This font is free for personal use. For commercial licensing, please contact the creator. It will require a small fee.

who needs consistency font

Sketch Block

This is a great free font with a sketch style. Ideal for any kinds of handmade projects.

sketch block font

Vtks Love Love

This is a romantic, hand lettering, sketchy font. It is free for personal use only.

vtks love love font

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