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If you’re an illustrator or simply a graphic designer who’s looking for some inspiration and freebies with an isometric style, this post is for you!

In this article, you will find lots of high-quality, free isometric vectors with beautiful and unique designs and the best part is that you can download and use for free!

Below, you will find free isometric vectors of social media, workspace illustrated elements, various buildings, travel infographics, hotel vectors, charts elements, and many other useful objects.

Check out these amazing isometric vectors and get inspired!

Collection of buildings to create a city

Check out this amazing pack of buildings that you can use to create a city. These are detailed isometric vector files that can be downloaded and used for free.


Isometric VIP Icon Vectors

Here is a set of 6 VIP isometric vectors with various shapes and colors. Take a look and use them for your VIP website section.


Elements of a workspace

This is an excellent pack of workspace items. You have various high-quality objects such as laptop, notebook, lamp, glasses, pen, etc.


Free Isometric Hotel Vector

This is a nice set of isometric icons that can be used in hotel-related projects. These items can be downloaded and used for free.


Isometric travel infographic with colorful objects

Here is a pack of isometric objects that you can download for free. You can you these to create lively infographics and other projects related to travel.


Free Isometric Bricklayer Vector

This is a small bundle of detailed vectors with an isometric design. This set contains various bricklayer and construction items.


Free Isometric Kids Playground

This is a nice pack of isometric elements that you can download and use for free. These can be used for projects that are related to kids playgrounds.


Isometric infographic

This is a wonderful isometric infographic that you can download and use for free. It contains high-quality elements that you can use in various projects.


Isometric Vector Charts

Here are some useful vector items that you can use to create infographics and charts. These illustrations are editable, you can change their color, position, etc.


Elements to create a city map, isometric view

This is a nice set of isometric elements that you can download and use for free. You can use these items to create city maps.


Free Isometric File Cabinet and Storage Vector

This is a great collection of free resources that you can use in various projects. You can choose between different file cabinets and storage items.


Interior of restaurant with people

Check out this lively isometric scene of a restaurant’s interior. This item can be downloaded and used for free. Enjoy!


3d isometric room

This is a beautiful isometric room that you can download and use for free. It has a 3d design that can be perfect for various projects.


Cute designer workspace

Here is a nice isometric scene of a workspace. It contains all the usual elements such as laptop, notebook, phone, pencils, etc.


Isometric elements to create a city

This is a nice collection of infographic elements that can be used to create various projects. These high-quality items can be downloaded for free.


Isometric items of social media

This si a lovely pack of social media elements with a beautiful isometric design. Download and use these items for free! Enjoy!


Isometric view of a mobile phone and buttons for applications

Check out this amazing isometric view of a mobile phone and buttons. These elements can be used to create various projects.


Isometric devices

Take a look at these nice isometric devices that you can download and use for free. This set contains laptops, a phone, a desktop monitor, and more.


30 Isometric Icon Set

Here is a big pack of 30 icon sets with a lovely isometric design. Take a look at all and use them in your projects.


Isometric icons

This is a nice place to gather design resources with a beautiful isometric design. You can find various items that you can insert in your projects.


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