20 Awesome Font Pairing Tools for Designers

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Fonts are essential elements in the designing process that can really make your website or any graphic design project stand out. It is important to choose the right fonts combinations according to your project’s overall look.

When you need to use more than one font for a project, it may be difficult and time-consuming to find other fonts to pair it with. This is where font pairing tools come in handy! Designers always appreciate tools to make their lives easier, such as coding tools for designers or font pairing tools featured in this article. These amazing tools are project-savers and will help you find matching fonts quickly and easily.

These tools will give you various options to choose from and are very easy to use. All you need to do is to select the primary font that you are using and you will be given many similar fonts to choose from.

Browse through this selection of font pairing tools that have only one purpose, to match your chosen typeface. You can use one or all of these tools to help you achieve great results. Enjoy!

Google Type

Google offers lots of beautiful fonts available for free download. By using Google Type you can easily pair typefaces and make the designing process easier.


Type Genius

Type Genius is, as the name states, a genius tool that helps you correspondent matches for your font. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is to select your font and press ‘find matches’. Enjoy!


Just My Type

Just My Type is a great tool that helps you find the best matches for your font. It works really fast and you can use the pairing fonts that it finds to complete your website or any design project.



Blender is a neat tool for any blogger. It offers you matching fonts for heading, subheading and text copy. You can use different parameters such as the font family, size and line height.


Font Combinator by Typotheque

Typotheque is a great tool that helps you pair various fonts from Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic types. It is perfect for graphic designers to use in their projects.


Type Connection

Type Connection is very easy and fun to use and  it offers great results. By using this neat tool you can find matching fonts for your font and make your job easier.


Font Pair

Font Pair offers a great way to find pairing fonts based on a series of filters: sans serif, serif, cursive, etc. It is a very useful tool for any designer and it will definitely help with the designing process.


Type Wolf

Type Wolf is a neat selection of gorgeous font that blends various fonts. You will find specific information on each font along with great suggestions on how to find your matching font.

typography-inspiration helps you match you selected font with tons of other fonts to help you chose the best one. It also gives you examples of various font combinations to see other combinations and to choose your favorites.


Font Combinator

Font Combinator makes your job easier when it comes to matching fonts. You can select some parameters such as font, size, and color.


Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit is an easy and rapid way of finding matching fonts. You need to select your font and it will suggest paired Webkit fonts that you can use in your projects.



Typespiration lets you search through lots of websites with gorgeous fonts and color palettes. Below each example, you will be given a list with each font that was used, color combination and more information about the site.


Fonts In Use

Fonts in Use offers a nice and easy way of finding matching fonts for your design project. Take a look at its full features and start using it today!


Mixing Typefaces

Mixing Typefaces is actually a PDF file that gives you font matching possibilities. You need to choose a font from the vertical axis and cross-reference it with a font from the horizontal axis.


The Art of Combining Fonts

Here is a nice tool that helps you pair various fonts in a very easy way. Take a look and use it for your design projects. Enjoy!


The Art of Mixing Typefaces

This is a nice font pairing tool that is very useful for any designer. It offers an infographic on how to combine Google fonts in the best way.


The Ten Commandments of Typography

This is a set of 10 rules that stat how it best to use and to match various fonts. This is a real time-saving tool and it will help you achieve great results.



Typecast helps you pair different fonts and it can really make the designing process faster and better. It is a useful tool for any designer. Take a look!


Mixing and Matching Fonts

Mixing and Matching Fonts is a neat infographic that gives you some useful information on how to choose and to combine various fonts.



Matcherator is an excellent tool that helps you identify any font from an image that you have. If this great tool can’t determine the exact font, it will give you a selection of matching fonts that you can use.


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