35 Creative Examples of Doodles in Web Design

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The everyday doodle is often left hiding away in a designer’s sketchbook, never being fufilled in life as a complete design, but every now and again doodles get their chance of being part of the big picture. In web design, designers often strive to inject creativity into their interfaces and layouts. The good old pencil can be a highly useful tool that can easily add personality to a design, giving that feel of originality that you just don’t get with crisp, smooth digital effects. This showcase of creative doodles in web design provides a wealth of inspiration and shows how hand-drawn elements can add add that tactile and low-fi feel to a website design.


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Web Designer Wall

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View the website


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Mark Forrester

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Sushi & Robots

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View the website

Project 365

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Yellow Bird Project

View the website

TechAdventure DC

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Snopp Media

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Kev Adamson

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Legwork Studio

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Suie Paparude

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Alessandro Cavallo

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Adam Amarel

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Creative Week

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10 Words

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Belzebu de Saia

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Kid Acne

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Kris Colvin

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A Crayon’s Life

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Story Pixel

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The Brew Magazine

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We Are Not Freelancers

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Dawghouse Design Studio

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Konstantin says:

    Great list Chris. Beautiful! Right what I need for my Monday morning inspiration ;) Thanks for sharing!

    ~ K.

  2. Great roundup Chris. I was going to say that it’s an excellent Monday Morning round-up, but it’s still Sunday evening here. :)

    Nice collection. Definitely a great source of inspiration. While this trend might be slightly overused, I think if done right, it can really make a website look very nice.

  3. Belinda says:

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for showing them.

  4. Tutorijali HDonWEB says:

    Excellent list Chris. Just like everything you publish on line25 :-)

  5. jay design says:

    Great collection. I think this kind of web design is becoming more appealing at the moment.

  6. squareart says:

    Stunning list, very inspirational.
    – as are you: )
    Thanks Chris.

  7. paul says:

    Nice list!
    What is the best technique for creating doodles in web design?
    Draw it with a pencil and then scan it in?

    • Sue Mary says:

      Maybe it would be more elegant to use a graphics tablet or something similar, but since I do not own any device like this, I used exactly the method you described.
      If you need the doodles just for web and you do not want to print them as large posters, this works really good.

  8. Mike Smith says:

    I have to admit Chris, I’m a bit sad that I didn’t make the list :(

    This is a killer list though. My favorite kind of site designs to be honest.

  9. Michael Pitzer says:

    Nice collection. Thankfully you only focus on great work as I know a few of things I’ve created would find their way on to the not so great list…

  10. William Knight says:

    I recently became friends with a Wacom tablet and am very excited to apply some of these concepts to my future projects. These are great examples! Thanks Chris Spooner!

  11. Mark says:


    nice collection, thnx for sharing.

    Web Design Company London

  12. It is amazing what having no limits can do with designers creativity. I wasn’t even able to pick a favorite.

  13. Stratos says:

    What was awesome :O


  14. Win a Wacom Tablet- help us design a new logo for anchorblue.

  15. Eko Setiawan says:

    Great list, we have inspiration now…Thanks…

  16. Jonathan says:

    Can’t get more unique than if you doodle it yourself. Thanks for rounding up these great looking sites.

  17. This is a good collection of doodle sites. I enjoyed checking them out. I love building sites artistic like these you have listed.

  18. Callum Chapman says:

    Whilst on the topic of doodles, if anyone is looking to add a doodle touch to their site without too much effort, check out my latest social media icon pack: The Little (Free) Sketchy Monster Social Icon Pack :)

  19. Website Design Contest says:

    I liked web designer wall a lot and thanks for including it in the list. I am going to build a site and going to post it in a contest held by

  20. alen says:

    Great list, we have inspiration now…Thanks…

  21. Chris Ingram says:

    I love to see this kind of design on websites, too bad i’m not creative/arty enough to do this myself

  22. Jan Cavan says:

    Thanks for including Dawghouse Design Studio in this list!

  23. Krishna says:

    I love the “doodle” style on websites, I think it adds a touch of personality…

    A nice list to refer back to! :)

  24. m a r c o says:

    Really cool post… Very creative and inspiring websites. I started in this business because as a kid, all I did was doodle around… Drawing caricatures on my school books (I have the attention span of a fruit fly)… As a grown-up I still do (every phone conference I have ends up being nothing but a date on top of the page and nothing but caricatures). I honestly hadn’t ever considered putting any of that on the web… until just now. So a very enthusiastic thank you for your post…

  25. Jessette says:

    I’m browsing through and I came upon this site. I’m happy to see my design is included in the list. :D Thanks!

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