30 Free Icon Packs from the Dribbble Community

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Dribbble is not only a great website to find insights into what fellow designers are working on, it’s also home to an array of freebies available for download from generous Dribbble users. This post rounds up 30 high quality icon sets that can be downloaded and used in your own projects for free.

Credit Card Icon Pack by Louis Harboe

View the icon pack

iOS Icon Pack by Michael Shanks

View the icon pack

8-bit Social Icon Pack by Patrick Jones

View the icon pack

Social Media Icon Pack by Alden Haley

View the icon pack

PixelPhilia 32px Icon Set by Ömer Çetin

View the icon pack

Social Icons with States by Handsome

View the icon pack

Premium Pixels Icon Set by Matt Gentile

View the icon pack

Free Icons Download by Hüseyin Yilmaz

View the icon pack

140 Icons Freebie by Thom

View the icon pack

30 Toolbar Icons for Free by Matthew Skiles

View the icon pack

350 Free Vector Web Icons by Brankic

View the icon pack

Picons Social by Morphix Studio

View the icon pack

Freecns UI Icons by Yanlu

View the icon pack

Free Vector Icons by Hugo

View the icon pack

12px Glyphs Free PSD by Facundo Gonzalez

View the icon pack

48 Free 16px Pictograms by Miro Keller

View the icon pack

Tinycons Free Preview Pack by Vic Bell

View the icon pack

Mini Clouds Set PSD by Jackie Tran

View the icon pack

Icecreamcons Vector Icons by Yunmie Kim

View the icon pack

Toolbar Icons by David Keegan

View the icon pack

User Avatar Icons by iconshock

View the icon pack

Free Tiny Icons by Andree

View the icon pack

Icons by Paulius Uza

View the icon pack

Random Icons by Ryan Quintal

View the icon pack

Glyphs by David Silva

View the icon pack

Socialico Icons Pack by Fontfabric

View the icon pack

Delight Icons by Jeremy Sallée

View the icon pack

Social Icons PSD by Umar Irshad

View the icon pack

Free Icon Set by Joe Prince

View the icon pack

Free Icons by Diego Margini

View the icon pack

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Written by Iggy

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  1. Stephen Cree says:

    Fab collection. Many thanks. Much appreciated!

  2. adams says:

    Thanks for sharing this great collection…

  3. honour says:

    very cool collection, thxs for sharing them.

  4. Jeff says:

    This is a great collection of icon packs. I will definitely be back here the next time I am doing a website design.

  5. Responsive Design says:

    Thanks Chris,
    These are really awesome collection, quiet varied contrast. And on top of that they are free.

  6. jared says:

    Thanks for sharing these, I was looking for some like these.

  7. DesignFacet says:

    Cool, they look great. Now need to find the time to download them :)

  8. Dreb says:

    Awesome collection. Thanks creatives for sharing you talents with us :)

  9. David Silva says:

    Hey Chris! Thanks for including me in the list.

    I also found a few cool sets that I didn't have as well. So thanks for that.

  10. Kenson says:

    Nice! I downloaded the ones I thought I'd use. Thanks for linking us!

  11. Justin says:

    I love those 8-bit social media icons. If you were to start up your own gaming site or blog, those icons would be perfect.

  12. Brent Galloway says:

    Nice! Dribbble is definitely the place to be for designers! Great for inspiration, feedback, and resources!

    Thanks for sharing, Chris! : )

  13. Andy Feliciotti says:

    A brilliant post as usual Chris, didn't know Dribbble had such good resources

  14. Matthew Skiles says:

    Nice list Chris. I released another icon set 2 days ago, in case anyone's interested:

  15. jamEs says:

    So many of these sets need the updated Twitter logo. Many are still showing the bubble T logo which is now 2 branding revisions behind.

  16. Osho Garg says:

    Wow Great Collection Chris Can We Use This Icons For Free Without Backlink ?

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