Showcase of Impressive Design Process Explanations

Showcase of Impressive Design Process Explanations
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A common feature amongst the top design portfolio and agency websites is a visually presented explanation of their design process. This simple idea of describing how a potential client’s project will be handled from start to finish is a great way of securing projects and giving the customer an insight into what their working relationship with the designer(s) will be like. This showcase rounds up a bunch of impressive examples of how various designers have explained their design process with the aid of clever graphical elements.

Explaining your design process

The basic idea of presenting your design process to potential clients is a great way of giving them an insight into what their project will entail. Not only will this give them comfort in that they’ll know what to expect and how long it might take, but it also shows the amount of work that’s involved which helps tremendously in adding value to your work. Many clients don’t fully understand the work involved when building a website, so explaining the design process beforehand can really help iron out those tricky discussions later down the line.

As designers we like to transform boring information into easily digestible content, and overall just make it all look pretty. All of these featured websites do a great job of presenting their design process in an interesting way, with the help of charts, diagrams and unique illustrations.


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Scribble & Tweak

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Alan Horne

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Janko At Warp Speed

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One Mighty Roar

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  1. Something Sublime says:

    Thanks for sharing and inspiration!

  2. Web Design Scotland says:

    Incredible list, where do you find these?

  3. Logo Design Team says:

    The information you provided is very helpful. As designers we should really present the contents in such a way which is simple but attractive and can attract potential clients easily.

  4. tablet says:

    Great ideas. I don't know how they can design such complex progress.

  5. Amar InfoTech says:

    Great collection , I really liked Bitfoundrys process!

  6. Marianna says:

    In the end, tt's all about visual representation! :)

  7. Bexxie says:

    Great roundup! I was thinking of explaining my process on my site or at least in a blog post. So these will be great inspiration!

  8. rajeev verma says:

    Very well written post.Thanks for Nosotros.

  9. pasxal says:

    I'm usig the proces-steps on my own website ( ) for quite some time now and get a lot of positive reactions. Nice to see how other people are showing their proces in a creative way.

  10. Stu Collett says:

    Great list, thanks Chris.

  11. Ricardo Saavedra says:

    I was about to make my own page. This serves as a great reference !

  12. Website Design Buffalo says:

    This is often a amazing blog, could you be interested in going through an interview concerning just how you created it? If so e-mail me personally!

  13. inspirationfeed says:

    Great collection Chris, I really liked Bitfoundrys process!

  14. Sara says:

    Excellent Collection of websites inspiration. Great

  15. Krishna says:

    Awesome.. i have one, although kept it as a PDF document to send to clients…hmm…
    nice to see how others do things though!

  16. Derek Jensen says:

    It's important to get your personality and uniqueness/angle in the process.

    I admire Scribble & Tweak.

  17. Sagi says:

    Great post Chris!
    Thanks a lot!

  18. McKinney Web Design says:

    Great post Chris! Thanks!

  19. Sean says:

    We have got such an explanation too :): . But my question is a little different – Is there examples of explanations of Agile/SCRUM-based processes?

  20. Iwani Khalid says:

    Cool post!

    And here's a shameless plug! We presented our design process in a comic strip on our website

    Check it out :)

    • Fazreen says:

      I almost suggest your website too when reading this post. Luckily you have commented with the URL. By the way Chris you should check Bitter Coffee site.

  21. Pierre says:

    Nice list !
    What about this one from our talented webdesigner : ?

  22. Patrik Inzinger says:

    Awesome list! Would have needed that as inspiration 3 days ago :P

    Even though it's just a dribbble shot for now, I'd like to add mine to the list :)

  23. alex says:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing and inspiration!

    I remember such an illustration on the front page of a design studio. But i can't remember its name. It was a cool vector illustration, that explained the features of the premium designs.

  24. Danny says:

    An other one for your viewing pleasure

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