20 Cool Website Designs with Full Screen Slideshows

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Javascript slideshows became increasingly popular thanks to the introduction of libraries such as jQuery. We’re used to seeing slideshows contained in a box somewhere on the page, but nowadays we’re seeing supersize slideshows that span the whole screen. This post showcases 20 cool websites that make use of this full screen slideshow effect to promote their content.

The Kitchen Community

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Blind Barber

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Planet Propaganda

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Ismael Burciaga

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Onside Sports Agency

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The NoMad Hotel

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Rory McIlroy

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Regenerate Music Company

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Colleen Clapp

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Code Slingers Challenge

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Rally Interactive

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Digital Kitchen

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Lake Nona

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Interni Design Studio

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

  • Reeoo

    I think the Full Screen Slideshows is very suitable to demonstrate product.

  • Website Designer Kent

    Hi Chris,

    There's some great layouts here. Slideshows are a good choice for portfolio style sites, or any which are graphic-heavy.

    Best wishes, Alex

  • Darren Strydom

    Great post.

    Check out this one that my company made for a furniture design client of ours in Hong Kong. and it's fully responsive :)

  • adams

    Amazing slideshow…great collection cool websites..

  • Osho Garg

    Good Collection Chris. Some Of Them Are Really Awesome Layouts Specially Lake Nona Menu Bar Awesome :)

  • Marketing Warwick

    Nice collection Chris. How would these full screen slideshow work on tablets and mobile devices? I know all about responsive design but would it look as good?

  • web design and animation

    Amazing work Chris such a nice collection of designs..
    I think slideshows must be a better choice for portfolio..

  • Karina

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for sharing the cool site-examples. I got a question, do you ask the site-owners when you use their screendesigns as screenshots. Is it definately legal to use these pictures under copyright? Of course there would be a huge problem worldwide, cos we got these best-of-lists all over the place. But this does not mean that it is legal to do so. Waht do you think? Who has experience, may Chris or ANY other blogger use any picture (even with link deeplink to the "creator") in an own context?

    Appreciate your opinions
    Best regards

  • Sander

    Here's another example of a fullscreen background photo slideshow Advantage of such slideshows is that it looks great on every screensize, but performance can be a little low due to large images that have to be downloaded.

  • Gonzalo

    Very inspiring! As usual…

  • Ankita Shinde

    really it is great…
    more attractive <a href="">web design</a>

  • Myo Kyaw Htun

    My website inside the comment uses big photo and it is one page. Please consider for next time.

  • Dubai Web Designing

    Hello Chris.

    Fantastic collection on the full screen slideshow website. It is amazing that a nice big image can totally transform into a nice looking website, however I believe it it best to keep it these types of web designs to minimal content being display unless you can use something like 30% opacity so the user can see the background image as well as the content.

    Kind Regards.
    Sky Blue.

  • Chicago Website Design

    We love full screen slideshow sites but they are only practical for those companies that are visual in nature. Landscapers, architects, and any industry that is visual based would benefit greatly but I'm not sure that other businesses would benefit as much. Great examples of websites using full screen jquery slideshows!!

  • Webdesign Lover

    Awesome collection that you have share here. It’s really inspiring! I think this kind of slideshows cab be useful to make portfolio site or for representing new launch products or services. I feel so happy by seeing this collection.

  • varknot guknuk

    greetings earthling, how can we get our site listed, it's pretty hideous and has no special effects, thanks…

  • Alex
  • ColourKraft

    Blind Barber is one of my all time favourite designs, so simple yet effective. It's great to see it included here.

  • ErfanTextile

    Simply the best post I found out on the web about this subject.

  • Software Development

    Nice one sir, it is really provide me the innovative way of design to implementing.