20 Realistic Free Food Packaging Mockups

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When giving a branding or packaging presentation to a client, you need to have the mockup as close to the final product as you can. This way the client will understand exactly how the product will look like with your design on it, and it increases your chances of approval.

20 Free Vintage Logo Kits

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The vintage/retro style is very fashionable at the moment and lots of graphic designers approach this trend when creating either their personal branding or logos for their clients. This style can be used to create branding items, such as logos or packaging designs, for retro coffee shops, restaurants, online shops, clothing brands and more! Some well-known objects from the past, such as vinyl records or classic cars, tend to appear in these types of designs, giving them a hipster-esque feel.

4 Things You Need to Check in a WordPress Theme Before Buying

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In your search for a WordPress theme that will best suit your needs, your first impression might be that most of them look alike. You’re left with the feeling that you can’t make a bad choice, or, conversely, that you can’t make a really good one.

If you really want to find a theme that stands out well above the rest, here is what you need to look for: