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The blockchain technology that you keep hearing about has already had major impacts in different aspects of the digital sphere, despite being so new. Blockchain can transform the way we use the internet and in some ways, changes have already taken form. The technology has especially affected the web design aspect of internet use. In the coming year, it is expected that blockchain will have more effects on web development. Web developers will need to adapt to this fast-growing technology. As things are right now it is anticipated that some changes need to be done in web design to accommodate this new technology. This makes it important to know how blockchain will impact web design.

Search Engines and Digital Marketing

blockchain and seo

Traditionally it is necessary to gather information from sources such as Google while doing digital marketing. This is because such sources are some of the most reliable sources of information regarding different products. But through blockchain technology it will be possible to get the information directly from the customers. The main reason behind this is that it will be possible to build the profiles of the different customers without having to go through the “back door” to obtain their data. These customers will be willing to share certain details about themselves – and they can also control what they WON’T allow to be shared. This means that in one sense, marketers and SEO folks will be able to obtain more accurate customer data more simply, but it also means that if customers want their data concealed, it can’t be bought or stolen.

Web developers will have to design websites which allow the information regarding the customers to be collected easily. This does not mean that the security and privacy of the customers will be infringed – quite the opposite. However, the information gathered will be only what the customers are willing to share. The main benefits of this will include:

  • Segregating customers into groups will be easier
  • Is will be possible to know the preferences of different customers
  • The information collected will be more accurate
  • The development of websites on WordPress will also improve to accommodate these changes

This will mean, however, that visitors can express their preferences so much more openly and inform site design decisions. Designers unwilling to motivate their designs by the wants of the people will be less sought after.

Improved Security

web design security tips

One of the major concerns in the current internet setting is security. Many people are concerned about the security of their data on the internet. But blockchain for websites guarantees this security. The main reason behind this is that security is one of the main pillars of blockchain. With blockchain users are able to keep their data encrypted at all times. As a result the data cannot be accessed by people who are not allowed to access it. This also gives the internet users more freedom to control their data.

The enhanced security will have to be incorporated in other aspects of internet use. This will result to web designers coming up with ways in which to incorporate this technology. Because of this many people will feel more secure providing their personal details on the internet.

The fact that the information provided by the users will not be in a centralized location makes it optimally secure. The data moved from one place to the other will first be encrypted by edge security to improve security. Currently every blockchain revalidates its content after ten minutes. When web developers incorporate the modern technology into other aspects of internet use the security will be significantly improved.

Web designers and developers who DON’T use blockchain will be seen as building and designing less secure websites.

Creation of More Interactive Websites

how blockchain benefits web design

One of the primary aspects of blockchain is being very interactive. This means that when blockchain and web development come together the levels of interaction always rise. Web designers will have the huge task of making websites more interactive. It will be almost compulsory to make the websites more interactive because there’s so much more A good example is in places like Google where there will be no single centralized page. Instead, there will be an interactive platform which will be changing as circumstances and surroundings change. Think of your website as a Google Doc that’s ever-evolving. That’s how blockchain works.

All web designers and developers will need to ensure that complex issues such as analogy and abstraction are not passed on to the users. Instead, the developers will have to work on these issues in the background. The users will not know what has been going on in the background. Instead, they will only be able to enjoy more interactive websites which have more advanced features.

The interfaces of the modern websites will allow different users to use the data at the same time provided they all have the permission to access the data. There will also be the option of deciding the number of users that a certain users can interact with at a given time. The enhanced interaction levels are motivated by blockchain because this is one of the most important requirements in the blockchain.    Therefore, it is anticipated that blockchain will have a huge and significant impact on web design and web development.

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  1. Blockchain is incredible technology and I believe it has really long future to go. Blockchain is the requirement of the current time because it makes our handling of online transactions and engagements very secure. Cybersecurity is major issue arising currently but most of the companies are unaware of potentially new lurking threats in the digital arena be it web design, digital marketing or any other web space, it is time that we make web more secure place for all to work.


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