20 Sketch Tutorials for Beginner Designers

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Sketch is an excellent design software that gives you all the tools you need to create beautiful artworks. It has some amazing features that you can use to save time in your design process and to ease your workflow.

This is an amazing collection of free Sketch tutorials for beginners. These will introduce you to everything you need to know to start designing with Sketch. By following them, you will learn how to create every design that you see in the example and also learn neat tricks that will benefit you later on. You do not need any previous experience with this program, all you need is free time and to be ready to learn new skills. Later on, after you’ve acquired some basic Sketch design skills, you can even learn how to play with Sketch plugins and all of its amazing features.

Check out these 20 free Sketch tutorials for beginners and start creating beautiful designs. Enjoy!

Draw in Sketch With a Limited Set of Shapes

Here you have an excellent tutorial that shows you the making of 18 famous robots, created in Sketch, by using only rectangles, circles, and lines.

Free Sketch Tutorials for Beginners

Organizing Sketch 3 For iOS

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to create beautiful UI kits for your apps. You will create a fast design with a responsive layout.

organising sketch 3 for ios sketch app medium Free Sketch Tutorials for Beginners

Use Magic Mirror to Create a Poster Mockup

By following this tutorial, you will learn how to use Magic Mirror for image transformation tool. You can use this to create perspective mockups just by using Sketch.

magic mirror

Resizing Symbols in Sketch

This tutorial shows how to best resize symbols very fast and easily, by using Sketch. This comes in handy especially for responsive designs but not only.

how to use sketchs resizing symbols like a boss design sketch medium

Guide to Login Form Interface Design For Beginners

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a beautiful login form interface just by using Sketch. It is a beginner-level tutorial and you will not need any previous experience in the program.

sketch for beginners design a login form interface

Design a Colorful Switch

Here is an excellent tutorial that shows you in a step-by-step manner how to create a colorful switch icon by using Sketch.

sketch tutorial 01 google design medium

Create Your Own Sketch Plugin

By following this tutorial you will learn how to create a Sketch plugin. It is very easy to create and you will learn neat tricks.

i made a sketch plugin you can too design sketch medium

Material Design Form

Here is a great tutorial that shows you how to create a nice and clean sign in form. It is an easy-to-follow tutorial that is perfect for beginners.

design a material inspired mobile login form in sketch

SVG Sprites

During this tutorial, you will be creating very fast and easy SVG sprites. These are vector files and can be scaled to whatever size you need.

how to implement cross browser svg sprites

Web Journal UI

This tutorial to show the making of a beautiful web journal app by using Sketch. You can use this application for both mobile and desktop.

designing a vsco inspired web journal in sketch

Water Droplet Icon

This technique demonstrates how to create a wonderful water droplet icon. You will work with layers, drop-shadow, inner-shadow, text, border, and more.

create an eye catching water droplet icon with sketch 3

Mockup in Sketch

In this neat Sketch tutorial, you will be creating a website mockup for a digital studio. The steps are easy to follow and you will learn new tricks that will help you in the future.

how to mock up a website with sketch _ creative bloq

Vector Logo

Learn how to create a logo from scratch by using Sketch. It is a simple tutorial that is great for beginners. Enjoy!

creating a vector logo in sketch 3 gymnasium medium

Discovering Sketch

Here you will find very useful tutorials on how to work with Sketch. It is perfect for beginners as it explains every feature and how to work with this program.

discovering sketch sketch app medium

iOS 10 Style Shadows in Sketch

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to use the Symbols in Sketch to make a great iOS 10 style shadows.

iOS 10 style shadows in Sketch

8 Critical Shortcuts in Sketch

Want to work smarter and faster than everyone else? This tutorial is going to show you how to master the 8 most important Sketch shortcuts.

8 critical shortcuts in Sketch

Getting the pixels right in Sketch

In this tutorial, the designer explains how you can make sure your designs are true to the pixels they’re built of. This can be very useful when designing with Sketch.

Getting The Pixels Right in Sketch

Getting Started Toolbox

By following this tutorial you will be introduced into the world of designing with Sketch. The designer shows you every feature of this program and how to work with it.

switching to sketch a guide to getting started _ medialoot

Simple Calendar Icon

Here is a great tutorial that shows you how to design a simple calendar icon just by using Sketch. It is an easy-to-follow tutorial that is perfect for beginners.

how to create a calendar icon using bohemian coding sketch _ medialoot

Diamond Icon

Take a look at this simple tutorial and follow it to create this flat diamond icon. You will work with vector tools and layer styles. Enjoy!

how to create a flat diamond icon with sketch app _ medialoot

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