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Textures are amazing items that can be easily added to give a different look to your pictures. You will learn how to manage different textures and create beautiful designs that will definitely attract the viewer’s attention. Sometimes it can be better if you can create your own textures rather than using pre-made ones. That way you can let your creativity thrive and create unique artwork.

In these amazing tutorials, you will find step-by-step information on how to follow each tutorial and get best results. You will also learn new techniques that will enhance your productivity. You can use them to create various projects such as posters, banners, commercials, and more. These tutorials can be used by both beginner or experienced designers.

Here are a few methods to utilize textures in a creative way. Let’s get started!

5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures in Photoshop

This is a great tutorial that will teach you 5 neat tricks that you can use in Adobe Photoshop to make your textures look professional. Take a look and use this technique for your future projects.


How to Make an Awesome Grungy Paper Texture from Scratch

Here is an excellent tutorial that will teach you how to make an awesome grungy paper texture from scratch. You will need a scanner, a brown piece of paper and you are done. Enjoy!


The Ultimate Wood Texture Tutorial

By using this neat tutorial you will learn how to create beautiful wood texture and apply various artworks on top of it. Follow the steps to get best results.


Textured Crumpled Paper

This is a nice step-by-step tutorial that explains how to create this amazing effect of textured crumpled paper. It has a photorealistic design and it has simple information for you to follow.


Use Texture Effects to Create Beautiful Compositions

During this tutorial, you will be creating gorgeous compositions by using texture effects. You will be using some simple techniques that can be used for other projects as well.


Creating Colorful Disco Lines Effect

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create this joyful colorful disco lines effect. This was created by using Adobe Photoshop and it can be used by both beginner or experienced designers.


Reverse Grunge: Easy Texture Technique in Photoshop

In this great Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a reverse grunge by using a simple texture technique. I want to show you an easy and quick way to make a grunge-textured background in Photoshop.


Create a Photo Composite with Filter Forge and Photoshop

This technique demonstrates ho to create a photo composite by using filter forge and Adobe Photoshop. You will begin in Photoshop to isolate the subject and then you will use Filter Forge to create variously rendered textures.


Create a Chilling Abstract Using Photos and Textures

This innovative tutorial gives you step-by-step guidance on how to create a creepy abstract by using a mix from photos and textures.  Take a look and start creating!


Antique a Photo Using Textures in 3 Quick Steps

If you ever wanted to create an antique-looking photo very easy, you can now do it in just 3 steps by using textures. You will work with adjustment tools, grunge texture, and other great tools.


Easily Create Seamless Photo Textures You Can Tile

Learn how to create a seamless photo texture that you can use with a tile repetitive design. This technique is great for multiple purposes such as architecture renderings.


Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures

Here is a great tutorial that explains how to enhance your portraits by using textures. Follow the steps and create beautiful artworks. Enjoy!


Creating an Embedded Concrete Effect Using Only Layer Styles

By following this tutorial, you will learn how to create and embedded concrete effect by using layer styles. You will start with a texture pattern and follow simple steps to achieve this great result.


Unique Textures without Using Brushes

In this great Adobe Photoshop tutorial, the designer will show you how to create unique textures without using any brushes. It will give you new perspectives for your unused photos from your hard drive.


Texturing of Old Paper

This technique demonstrates how to create an old paper texture. You can use this item for multiple purposes and get noticed. Take a look!


How to Create a Grunge Style Illustration with Stains

Learn how to design a grungy style illustration that you can use for your current or upcoming projects. Enjoy!

How to Create a Grunge Style Illustration with Stains

Create Smoke Effect on Grungy Wallpaper

Here is a great tutorial that shows you how to create a cool smoke effect on a grungy wallpaper. You will use smudge and warp tools from Adobe Photoshop.


Guide to Creating Bokeh Textures

This great tutorial, explains how to design bokeh textures that you can easily create for yourself, without having to search for various libraries.


Apply Texture, Age, and Weathering Effects in Photoshop Using Machine Wash Deluxe 2

In this excellent Adobe Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to apply textures and other great effects by using Machine Wash Deluxe 2.


Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation Using Ice and Fire Textures

Here is a wonderful Adobe Photoshop tutorial that you can follow to create surreal photos using ice and fire templates. Take a look and start creating!


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