Building Responsive Emails – The Challenges and Workarounds using Hybrid Coding

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As per a recent survey, the typical digital consumer on an average now owns 3.64 of connected devices. This sums up to approximately 30.4 Billion devices globally. Moreover as per the latest Litmus survey of Emails opened in different email environments, Mobiles stands tall at 54% followed by 26% opens in webmail and 20% in desktop email clients. Following this trend, responsive emails came into picture.

How To Create A Perfect Designer’s Portfolio Website Using WordPress

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Every designer should have a portfolio website. A good portfolio website is one that showcases your talents and is capable of appealing to the masses. One of the many challenging components of web design in today’s industry is trying to find the best tool to use for the job; from deciding which programming language to use, to whether or not you should use a framework or CMS. In this blogpost, you are going to build a single-page portfolio website using the popular CMS WordPress. WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS) that accounts for almost 20% of all websites.

25 Awesome Movie Effects Photoshop Tutorials

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Did you like our Sci-Fi/Space Photoshop tutorials list? If yes, then you’ll definitely enjoy learning some new tips and tricks from these 25 movie effects Photoshop tutorials! For all the movie fans out there, we gathered here some really cool movie effects Photoshop tutorials which will teach you how to recreate your favorite movies posters or even manipulate your own photos and make you look like your favorite movie character!

20 Brilliant Sci-Fi/Space Photoshop Tutorials

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One of the most inventive and beautiful art genres of our time is the digital space art. If you are passionate about space, science, planets and stars, this list of brilliant space Photoshop tutorials will definitely appeal to you!

For the majority of the tutorials in this list, you won’t use any stock photos or any material at all besides Photoshop filters, effects and blending modes. This will also help you to enrich your Photoshop knowledge. You will create a vibrant and lifelike images of space, planets and stars with tools found in Photoshop.