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A greeting card is a piece of decorative, high-quality paper that encapsulates a message that can be sent by a person to another during the holidays and otherwise, to convey good wishes and thoughts. There are many types of greeting cards available in the market. Initially, when the trend of sending the greeting cards began, people used to send physical greeting cards; they used handwritten cards to send them across to someone.

We use Greeting cards to announce the birth of a new baby, to wish someone good health during illness, or merely to wish happy birthday to someone. Previously, most greeting cards were sent through the mail and placed in colorful envelopes. But after the advent of the Internet, people send electronic cards, also called e-cards to send messages and good wishes to people across the globe. We design these e-cards in Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Hence, specific greeting card designs never go out of style. In this blog, we have gone through the designs according to the most popular holidays.

1. Thanksgiving Greeting card Templates:


This website, called template offers various templates for various greeting card templates, available for free download. The downloaded package consists of high-quality images, original artwork and fonts. Available for free, you can edit and print as and when required. The template is available in the size of 5×7 inches with designed front and back face with original headings. The colors and texts are entirely customizable. The orientation style of the template is a landscape and has CYMK colors with 300 dpi resolution.

2. Birthday Greeting card Templates:

Birthday Greeting Card Template

If it is a child’s birthday, the tradition is to gift toys to the child. But, how about giving a greeting card to a child who has just turned 1? This template helps you create a bespoke greeting card that you can gift the child on his or her first birthday, which he or she can read when he or she ages.

The most significant advantage is, it is compatible with all the devices. The template is available in 7×10 inch size that is available for download in any file format whenever you want to download. Easy and quick to customize, the template is ready to go to the printing press, and you can customize the colors according to your needs.

It has an eye-catching title with a subheading, content along with free images and artwork that is ready to be used. Moreover, the template also offers free standard Google fonts, well-organized layers and layer groups. You can use their smart objects to replace images. Customizable layout and graphic files, it also has scalable vector objects.

3. Valentine’s Day Greeting card Templates:

Valentines Day Card

You can show and express your love to your special someone through the Valentine greeting card template and customize the card, messages and the images. The downloaded package has high-quality pictures, original artwork, fonts along with suggestive headings. The package contents are easy to edit and print. The template size is 5×7 inches with nicely designed front and back with required file format availability.

You can customize the texts, and the colors and the package has well-organized layer and layer groups. The images and scalable vectors are replaceable with smart objects. With landscape orientation and CYMK colors and 300 dpi resolutions, the layouts and the graphic files are easy to customize.

4. Engagement Greeting card Templates:

Engagement Greeting Card

The best part of getting engaged is not the ring. The best part of it is the announcement that you are getting engaged. And if it is your friend who is getting engaged, we have an engagement greeting card template that you can customize and send it to your friend to send good wishes for this beautiful announcement.

This template is available in the size of 5×7 inches that has all required file formats that can be downloaded anytime from anywhere. The ease of use of this template is that it can be customized and you can print it out as needed. With an attention-grabbing title and textual content, the template has CMYK colors that can be changed to suit the requirements.

Moreover, you get free images, artworks, free standard Google fonts along with nicely organized layers and layer groups. The template provides smart objects that you can use to replace the images and also offers scalable vector objects. The graphic files and layouts can be fully customized.

5. New Year Greeting card Templates:

New Year Card

Sending wishes for a new year has never been easier. Template.net offers the free templates to customize your own New Year greeting card. The best part is, the template is free for download. The packaging comes with high-quality images, artwork and fonts. They also offer original suggestive headings. The templates are ready for download, editing and printing with the size of 5×7 inches.

Along with nicely designed front and back images, it is available in all the file formats with customizable colors and texts. The template also has well-organized layers and layer groups where images and scalable vectors are replaceable with smart objects. With landscape orientation and 300 dpi high-resolution files, they layouts and graphic files can be modified as per your requirements.

6. Wedding Invitation Greeting card Templates:

Wedding Invitation

Send a wedding invite to your special people on your wedding who are going to speak their wedding vows, to let them know you arranged this beautiful wedding. This template allows you to customize the greeting card according to your requirements. Everything on this template is customizable and ready to be shared.

This template is a flat card that comes with original artwork, fonts, suggestive heading and textual content. With download availability, the template is editable and printable in the size 5×7 inch. The template offers ease of use as the front, and the back face is well designed and has all the required file formats for graphic designers. You can customize the colors, texts and images of the template to suit your needs.

The template has well-organized layers and layer groups. It offers ease to the graphic designers as it has scalable vectors and fully customizable layout and graphic files. Moreover, the template has a landscape orientation with CYMK colors and 139×216 mm resolution for front face of the card.

7. Christmas Greeting card Templates:


This template helps you create a greeting card where you can choose to add New Year wishes as well. It is a two-in-one template which you can use to send greeting cards to family, friends and colleagues. This template has high-quality images with original artwork and fonts, which are available for download and are easy to edit and print. Available in 5×7 inches size, it has suggestive headings, and well-designed front and back face of the template.

It has compatible file formats with well-organized layers and layer groups. Images and scalable vectors are replaceable with smart objects. The template offers landscape orientation with CYMK colors and 300 dpi resolutions where the graphic files and layouts are customizable.

8. Corporate Greeting card Templates:

Corporate Greeting Card Template

The perfect greeting card that matches the corporate world is here. These days there are so many corporate events that are being held. We are going to look at this template that suits your professional requirements. This template allows you to edit the contents and the graphics quickly, according to your corporate needs. The best part of is that it is available for free download.

This template package comes with original artwork, fonts, suggestive heading and textual content. You can download the template instantly which is easily downloadable, editable and printable. The template comes in the size of 5×7 inches where the front and back face of the template are pre-designed. All the file formats within the template are compatible with easily customizable colors, texts and images.

It has well-organized layers and layer groups with scalable vectors, and you can completely customize the layouts and graphic files. The template comes with landscape orientation, CYMK colors at high quality 300 dpi resolutions.

9. Women’s Day Greeting card Templates:

Womens Day Greeting Card Templates

A woman is worthy of everything in this world. And therefore we have a special day to celebrate a woman’s existence on this planet. Wish your favorite women happy women’s day through our Women’s day card template that is easy to customize, edit and print. The mentioned template has become a designer’s favorite because it has pre-loaded original artworks, fonts, suggestive heading and content.

It is available in the size of 1000×1000 inches along with pre-designed front and back face. All the file formats are according to the graphic designing software where all the colors, texts and images are customizable. You get beautifully organized layers and layer groups along with scalable vectors. The layouts and graphic files come with landscape orientation and CYMK colors at a high-quality resolution of 300 dpi, which are entirely customizable.

10. Mother’s Day Greeting card Templates:

Mothers Day Greeting Card Templates

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood and the woman who chose to be a mother and give birth to a new life. It is a celebration of maternal bonds of a mother with her children and a mother’s influence on her children and society at large. Our mother’s day greeting card templates are meant primarily for this day. The template has CYMK colors with a high quality 300 dpi resolution, modifiable layouts, graphic files, texts, colors and images. The package comes with scalar vectors, original artwork, fonts, suggestive heading and textual content.

The files in this package are modifiable and printable with the available size of 5×7 inches. The card template comes with pre-designed front and back face. It has 7 inner layouts. You can add stickers and insert pictures. It is also easy to customize the inside text of the greeting card.

11. International Coffee Day:

International Coffee Day

The international coffee day is celebrated on 1st October every year across the world to celebrate the love for coffee around the globe. There are many events arranged for, on this particular day, which revolves around the beverage called coffee. This day also promotes the fair trade coffee, and to raise awareness for the plight of coffee growers.

On this day, individual coffee shops offer coffee free of cost. We have designed an exclusive greeting card template to celebrate this special day for coffee lovers around the world. The template comes with landscape orientation and has fully customizable layouts, graphic files and scalable vectors. It has well-organized layers and layer groups along with modifiable textual content, colors and images.

Moreover, the template offers original artworks, fonts, suggestive heading and textual content. The image files are ready to be printed. The graphic files are available in the 5×5 inches with well designed front and back faces. At 300 dpi resolution and CYMK colors, the files are high quality and compatible with all the graphic designing software. Plus, it comes in three color selection to choose from.

12. Graduation Greeting card template:

Graduation Greeting Card Template

A Graduation greeting card for someone who just finished their graduation is a perfect gift when you live continents apart. The templates feature instant download facility, easy to customize, ready to be printed and comes in the size of 5×7 inches.

The colors of the graphic files are easily modifiable. The images, artworks, standard Google fonts come free of cost. The well-organized layers and layer groups offer ease to the graphic designers to work with the template.

Moreover, it has scalable vector images, customizable layouts and graphic files. You can add stickers and photos. This template has 7 inner layouts and the inside text is customizable. You can find the download link below.

13. Congratulations greeting card Template:

Congratulations Greeting Card

This template offers a perfect greeting card template to let you send a card saying congratulations on their achievements and to celebrate them. You can send this card to tell them they did well and perform well. It has high-quality graphics and textual content that are entirely customizable which are ready to be edited, modified and shared.

Available in 5×5 inches size, it offers an instant download facility in the required file format from anywhere at any time. The files can be easily customized and ready to go to printing. The colors of the template can be changed easily changed and contain an attractive title with subheading and textual content.

The template package comes with free images, original artworks and standard Google fonts. It has a well-organized layer, layer groups and offers an option of replacing images with smart objects. In addition to this, there are scalable vector images, layout and graphic files that are easily customizable. This template also features 10 inner layouts and customizable inside text. You can add pictures and stickers in the card.

These websites have all the evergreen designs for greeting cards that are available for free for graphic designers. All the templates are free to download. All the images and textual content is easily modifiable according to the requirements.

It is available for sharing on online platforms and social media platforms. If you want to send this card in a physical form, you can print the card on a high-quality paper and send it via post. This website offers a range of templates that can be easily customized, printed and shared on social media. It is a graphic designer’s dream come true when it comes to selecting and customizing greeting card designs.

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