13 Magazine Cover Mockups for Designers

13 Magazine Cover Mockups for Designers
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February 17, 2021

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The viewers’ attention and impact of any design are directly proportional to the presentation of that design. Every brand wants to showcase its product in the best possible way, and designers want to showcase their design in the best possible way.

Mockups are the modern way of enhancing the overall presentation. They help you put your design and products in real 3D presentation format so that your audience and client can get an idea about the product’s final look. Magazine mockups are very helpful to showcase your design in a magazine format. You can present your design with some great magazine designs to gather more attention and create faith in the design before the final print. Magazine design covers the look of brochures, pamphlets, books, and any similar print medium. We have gathered our professionally curated list of 13 magazine cover mockups for designers. So, let’s check them out in detail.

1. Magazine on Table Cover Mock-Up:

Magazine on Table Cover Mock-UpPin

This one is a very eye-catching mockup, and it’s available for free to download on the Mediafire website. It is a PSD file of 50.55 MB in size. In this mockup, you can see a magazine placed on a table with a wooden background. This cover mockup has multiple elements to enhance this overall file. Magazine with a phone, plant, and table makes this mockup more realistic and attractive. You can use this mockup for your creative designs of unique products, stationeries, designing related segments, etc., to make an aesthetic presentation. This cover mockup can be a lovely method to win your customers and clients. One of the best things is that it is not restricted to a specific category of design. This mockup is very flexible, and it allows you to edit this for any kind of design as per your need.

2. Hand Holding Magazine Cover Mockup:

Hand Holding Magazine Cover MockupPin

This one is a very useful mockup, and it is available on the mockup tree website. You can download it for free, and It is a PSD file with 136 MB size and 300 DPI resolution. Coming back to the mockup, it is a magazine cover mockup only, so you get to edit your design on the cover page only with this mockup file. You can edit this through your photoshop software. It’s a beautiful mockup of a correctly placed magazine with a front view and a holding hand. There is a solid rock in the background to make this design more appealing. You can make your design center of attention with this mockup because there are no unnecessary elements present to divert the viewer’s attention. Perfect for making an elegant and rich presentation of your design and superior products.

3. Deck Of Magazines Cover Mockup:

Deck Of Magazines Cover MockupPin

This mockup is available on the Freepik website. It is a free downloadable PSD file. You can open this file in your photoshop software and change the elements by smart object layers. This mockup is a relatively simple design; it has three magazines on top of each other with a plain background. It gives a perfect 3D look with the shadows, and it shows the front angle of your design from a top and slanted perspective. There is nothing complicated about this mockup to create unnecessary elements. You can present your design in a classy and straightforward manner through this mockup. It can capture direct attention to your design. The deck of three magazines gives an extra volume to this mockup, and that’s the reason why this mockup looks so real and appealing.

4. Open Magazine Mockup with Pastel Background:

Open Magazine Mockup with Pastel BackgroundPin

This magazine mockup is available on the Graphicsfuel website, and it is free to download. This mockup is in a PSD file with a dimension of 4000×3000 pixels, and it is 31.8 MB in size. You can edit this mockup in photoshop software through smart object layers. If you are looking for a clean and upfront mockup for your design, this one is a perfect choice. It is easy to edit and flexible for your various requirements. You can use this mockup to create decent and trendy magazine designs because this mockup is in square magazine format with pastel color backgrounds. And It has a relaxed look with a cross angle.

5. Customizable Magazine And Magazine Cover Mockup:

Customizable Magazine And Magazine Cover MockupPin

This mockup has a combination of the cover page and inner pages of the magazine. It is available on the Zippypixels website for free to download. You have to enter your name and email address, and you can get the PSD file in your mailbox. The size of this file is 75.69 MB, and the dimensions are 3500×2300 with 300 DPI resolution. The minimum software requirement for this mockup is the CS4+ version of photoshop. Talking about the mockup, this one is a stunning and simple mockup design. You get a cover page of the magazine and an inner page of the magazine as well. They are in a central place with a top angle to showcase your design powerfully with every detail. There are an ink pen and an iPad in the background, but they don’t take the design’s primary space. It is a very balanced mockup for a creative design and attractive presentation. Every element is editable for you to make this mockup as your mockup.

6. Two Magazine Mockups With A Shadow:

Two Magazine Mockups With A ShadowPin

This mockup is a fantastic download available on the mockup free website. It is for free and with 300 DPI of resolution. You get two PSD files; one is for the cover page and one for the inner page. This is a front view and top angle mockup with classic lighting and balanced shadows to make this more realistic. You can place your design or designs on both of these mockups to create a compelling presentation. Shadows, images, texts, and colors are customizable for you to change in your creative way. Mockups help you to showcase the final print look of your design without printing any. Here, This mockup is very good in design quality; you can consider it a very realistic and premium choice for various designs.

7. Attractive Magazine Cover Mockup:

Attractive Magazine Cover MockupPin

This cover mockup is available on the Freepik website. You can download it from a premium account. It is in a customizable PSD file format. This mockup is a magazine cover page with a front angle. There are white smooth-textured background and some green leaves in depth. It is a highly creative mockup for your creative design. You can create a supreme impression for your design with the help of this mockup. Every element is customizable with this mockup. It is easy to download and easy to use. There is no need to advance technical knowledge of software to edit this mockup. You can surely add your ideas and creativity to make this mockup even more useful for professional use.

8. One-sided Open Magazine Mockup:

One-sided Open Magazine MockupPin

This beautiful mockup is available on the Graphicburger website, and you can download it for free from this site. It is in a PSD file with 3200×2300 pixels of dimension and 98MB of size. As you can see, it is a simple black mockup with matt black background. You can edit this mockup as per your design in photoshop software through smart object layers and make it just like yours. The black background gives an honest and classy look, and that is why your design can stand out effortlessly with this mockup. For business projects and premium audiences, this mockup can work remarkably well.

9. Extra realistic 4K magazine Mockup:

Extra realistic 4K magazine MockupPin

This is a highly favorable magazine mockup available by the Unblast website. It is an entirely free downloadable PSD file. You get a cover page, inner page, and back cover page mockups of the magazine with different perspectives to improve your presentation. It is a high-resolution mockup with a super-realistic look. All the different perspectives have similar quality looks. You can present your design as per your choice through all the pages and all the perspectives with this one mockup. Products and designs can surely get a different transformation with this easy technique. So if you are looking for a decent mockup with excellent quality and realistic look that can help you with your various presentation of designs, then this one is a must-try design.

10. Inside Magazine Mockup:

Inside Magazine MockupPin

This attractive magazine mockup is available on the Pixeden website. You can download a PSD file of 157.7 MB through a free account. This mockup is entirely editable, and you can edit in whichever way you want. This mockup is very colorful and dynamic. In this design, there is an inside look of a magazine on top of some pastel color blocks. It gives a nice 3D look to the content. You can edit the colors and design of this mockup as per your design and product category. This mockup can help you showcase your product and designs in a unique, stylish, and futuristic way.

11. Magazine Cover Mockup with Flowers:

Inside Magazine MockupPin

This is a magazine cover page mockup available on the Behance site. It is an editable PSD file. It is a 76 MB file with 3531×3531 dimensions. This mockup is a premium quality mockup with a very realistic look. You can edit your design in this mockup by smart object layer and create your eye-catchy presentation. Magazine surrounded by pretty yellow and pink flowers is a brilliant idea for a captivating presentation. If your design is about some traveling, beauty, leisure, spiritual, or youth and kids-related products, then this is just perfect for the final presentation. It is a simple yet tempting and gentle yet professional mockup for magazine cover pages.

12. A5 size Magazine Mockup:

A5 size Magazine MockupPin

This is an A5 size magazine mockup with a cover page, inner page, and back cover page. It is available on the Graphicburger website for free download. The size of this mockup is 124.7 MB, and the dimensions are 4200×3150 px. It has a realistic look with shadows on white and grey background. You can edit this template through smart object layers for your particular design. You can create three different kinds of presentations for your design through a single download. It allows you to present your design in a most elegant yet effective way. This mockup’s back cover is in a unique placing of a backwardly rested magazine, one of the unique things about this design. It adds a different element to your presentation. You can edit all elements as per your creativity to enhance the final print version of your design.

13. Realistic Cover Page Mockup of an Open Magazine:

Realistic Cover Page Mockup of an Open MagazinePin

It is available on the Pixeden website. This mockup is in a PSD file, and you can download it for free. You can change the colors, texts, graphics, and shadows as per your design and requirement. It is a high-quality realistic mockup that gives you a different look for a captivating presentation. It has a magazine cover page as a center of attention, but that magazine is not entirely open or closed in-between states without any outer force. Very much exciting and a 3D way of showcasing a magazine cover page. You can place your design on this cover page to present the final print look very uniquely.

Designers are always experimenting with presentation methods. There are multiple ways of doing that, and mockups have become an integral part of presentations now. There are several free and paid platforms available to get your desired mockups. You can download and edit as per your requirement with your preferred software. 3D looks can change the whole presentation within simple steps, as they are more effective and beneficial. The final print is the final verdict of a design, and magazine cover mockups just help you get assured with the verdict. And therefore, we have placed some of the fantastic mockups on our list. We hope all the magazine cover mockups mentioned above can help you find the most suitable mockup for your unique design.

Written by Harsh Raval

Harsh is a skilled graphic designer, digital marketing consultant, web developer, and content creator. With more than 10 years of experience in content creation, Harsh is dedicated to contributing engaging and thorough graphic and web design articles to Line25.

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