20 Realistic Free Food Packaging Mockups

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When giving a branding or packaging presentation to a client, you need to have the mockup as close to the final product as you can. This way the client will understand exactly how the product will look like with your design on it, and it increases your chances of approval.

Creative mockups are very important for designers because they help them showcase their branding ideas in a realistic, professional way. As you might know, there are so many free mockup templates on the web that you can use for creating powerful and bold designs, but we decided to make it even easier for you and select 20 of the best realistic free food packaging mockups in this list!

These photorealistic free mockups of food packages will help you achieve the best results. You will surely find in this list some eye-catching free food packaging mockups you can use to impress your clients.

So, here is a wide variety of free food packaging mockups featuring different textures, patterns, and forms. Have fun browsing and feel free to download any mockup you need.

Food Packaging & Branding MockUps

This photorealistic set of 2 mockup scenes is perfect to display your food branding projects. Each of the PSD files comes with a set of fully customizable items.

1 Food Packaging & Branding free food packaging mockups

Paper Pouch Packaging Mockup

This is a beautiful paper pouch packaging.  You can change all colors and the packaging design. The dimensions of this mockup are 7400 x 6800 px at 300 dpi.

2 Paper Pouch Packaging Mockup

 Coffee Branding Mockups

This set contains three mockups that are ideal for a coffee label or a branding project.  The PSD files come with smart objects.

3 Coffee Branding free food packaging mockups

Cube Mug Mockup

This layered mockup displays a black and white square mug.  You can use the PSD’s smart object to replace the design with the one you desire.

4 Cube Mug Mockup

Standing Pouch Mockup

This layered PSD file contains a nice mockup of a standing pouch.  The dimensions of this standing pouch mockup are 6000 x 5100 px at 300 dpi.

5 Standing Pouch free food packaging mockups

Bag of Chips Mockup

This fresh looking, completely layered PSD mockup of a chip bag can be edited with the use of smart objects. The dimensions of the mockup are 2800 x 3100 px at 300 dpi.

6 Bag of Chips Mockup

Aluminium Can Mockup

This is a high resolution, print-ready mockup of an aluminium can. The dimensions are 3500 x 2300 px at 300 dpi. It also comes with smart objects.

7 Aluminium Can Mockup

Sealed Sachet Mockup

This is a cute mockup of a sachet.  The PSD dimensions are 5906 x 4200 px at 300 dpi. It also comes with smart layers.

8 Sealed Sachet Mockup

Coffee-to-go Cup Mockup

This sleek layered PSD file presents a hand holding a coffee-to-go cup with a lid. The dimensions of this high-resolution mockup are 4100 × 2800 px.

9 Coffee-to-go Cup free food packaging mockups

Bundle of Milk Carton Mockups

This set includes five mockups showing milk cartons. This mockup comes with high-resolution PSDs and also includes smart objects.

10 Bundle of Milk Carton Mockups

Mason Jar Mockup

This layered PSD includes the mockup of a mason jar. The dimensions are 2500 × 2000 px. It also comes with smart objects.

11 Mason Jar Mockup

Jam Jar Mockup

This is a photorealistic and fully layered mockup of jam jars. The dimensions are 3500 x 2300 px at 300 dpi. It is available with smart layers for easy customization.

12 Jam Jar free food packaging mockups

Juice Carton Box Mockup

This lovely layered PSD mockup of juice packages comes with smart objects, for easy editing. Its dimensions are 3000 x 2400 px at 300 dpi.

13 Juice Carton Box Mockup

Ice Cream Cup Mockups

This fully layered PSD comes with a smart object. You can easily edit the design and the cup color of this free mockup.

14 Ice Cream Cup free food packaging mockups

Soda Can Mockup

This is a beautiful layered mockup of an aluminium soda can. The PSD file measures 3500 x 2300 px at 300 dpi. It also comes with smart objects.

15 Soda Can Mockup

Layered Doypack / Foil Pack Mockup

This is an awesome, print-ready mockup of a foil bag. The PSD includes three backgrounds and has the following dimensions: 3000 x 2000 px at 300 dpi.

16 Layered Doypack

Black Wine Bottle with Box Mockup

This is an exquisite mockup of a black wine bottle. The mockup is a layered PSD with two smart objects – bottle neck and label. The dimensions are: 1078 x 1673 px at 300 dpi.

17 Black Wine Bottle with Box Mockup

Glass Jar Mockup

This is a high-resolution mockup of a glass jar.  The dimensions are 3500 x 2300 px at 300 dpi. All you have to do is to use the PSD’s smart object to insert your own designs.

18 Glass Jar Mockup free food packaging mockups

Milk Carton Box Mockup

This is a fun and colored PSD mockup of milk box cartons. The PSD file comes with smart layers and measures 5000 x 4000 px at 300 dpi.

19 Milk Carton Box Mockup

Clean Wine Bottle Mockup

This is a classy and elegant mockup of wine bottles. You can modify the background, stickers, logo and design of the cap with smart objects.

20 Clean Wine Bottle Mockup

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  1. Lily says:

    Great! These mockups are so cool, I will no longer have to brose through for ages to find ones

  2. Charles Rose says:

    Many products in the household category have packaging that costs more than the ‘goodies’ inside. Those pretty bottles/caps/labels/corrugate add up. If you add the perfumes and dyes… well, it isn’t a contest in some products. Cheap trigger sprayers are the worst offender, followed by liquid fabric softener.

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