12 Free eCommerce PSD Templates to Quickly Build an Impressive Online Store

The design of your website matters the most while starting an online store. For creating a great buying experience for your users online, it is necessary to use a design with good User Interface (UI). There are a lot of web designs available on the Internet that you can take inspiration from. If you plan on developing the online web store by yourself or with the help of a web developer, then it is a great idea to use an existing E-commerce PSD template. This will give you a jump start in designing the online store.

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6 Tried & Tested Design Processes to Try On Your Next Project

One of the crucial components of determining the success of the design is the Design Process used by the designer. Design Process basically consists of the procedure, a systematic series of steps prescribed for creating the design. The Design Process is not only helpful to designers in creating a flawless design, but it is also beneficial in enhancing the overall experience of the customers and clients when they view as well as the the design.

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Top 10 WordPress Landing Page Themes For Online Businesses

In this Digital Age, it has become extremely important to showcase your services on your website. A dynamic, aesthetically appealing and flawless website helps you to attract your targeted audience and gain their attention. It is also helpful in marketing your product and also building credibility in the industry in the best possible manner. But to strike the right chords, you need to have an exclusive landing page. Your website will stand out with the ideal landing page.

Here is the set of 10 WordPress landing page themes to build your online business:

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10 Best Fonts to Make Your Business Cards Design Stand Out

Business Cards are an integral part of your organization’s branding. Your organization’s business card acts as the first link of communication. As a result, you want to make sure that your business card stands out and creates a positive first impression.

Selection of font plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your business cards. Fonts along with design, layout and color create a great business card. It’s a good branding exercise to select a font that is specific to your business card and other business stationary like letterheads, envelopes etc.

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10 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes

Brick and mortar stores and cafes now also need a digital presence to attract customers and retain them. Along with a steady and engaging presence on social media platforms, cafes can also benefit from a website like other local businesses. You can use your cafe website to increase brand awareness, organize games, competitions etc. to draw more visitors to your website and store. Additionally, a website is also a good platform to keep customers updated with events, menu, news etc. related to the cafe. Moreover, you can allow your customers to place orders online and pick up at the cafe.

Creating a website for your cafe can be fairly simple with a CMS like WordPress. It does not require a lot of coding and you have the option to make changes to the website by yourself whenever you like. There are many WordPress Cafe themes available to choose from if you want to throw up a stylish, professional looking website really quickly. Below is a list of 10 best WordPress themes for your cafe website.

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10+ Best Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

In this digital world, it is very important to showcase your talent and art on your website. As a graphic designer or a creative artist, you should opt for a portfolio WordPress theme to create a website. It helps you showcase your work in the best possible manner and gain attention of your target audience.

Selecting a good portfolio WordPress theme allows you to easily showcase your work on your website and lets you easily add new work at a later date.

Here is the list of 10+ portfolio WordPress themes that let you showcase your work in style. These WordPress themes are perfect to create portfolio websites for graphic designers, web designers, artists and other creative professionals.

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10 Best WordPress Themes for Events Websites

Promoting events online is a great way to increase awareness about the event among a wider audience. It also helps efficiently track marketing ROIs. Most people are used to being informed of an event online via social media platforms. They also expect an official event website nowadays for information about the itinerary, venue, timings, etc. Additionally, you can also sell event passes online to increase sales.

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The Importance of Words in Web and Graphic Design

As the experts have repeatedly said, ‘content is key’. Whether you are a web designer or a graphic designer; you must give importance to words in your design. Content is an important factor in any design. If you want to craft a bespoke website that converts, then adding appealing content is a must. It will help you to get more attention and conversion from all website visitors. Similarly, appropriate content adds greater value to your graphic design.

Words have the ability to include critical thinking along with creative thinking of web designers and graphic designers. For any web and graphic design to attract prospects and compel action, the written content has to move along with and match the tone of the design.

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Creating Websites with Speed in Mind: Do’s and Don’ts

Whichever business you are in, your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Website speed has a direct impact on your sales funnel, traffic, conversion, and page views. Generally, people will lose attention from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, by creating a speedy website, you can increase your conversion rate and drive more traffic.

Below are some points to consider when creating a website that loads fast. We’ve outlined things that you should do to increase your website loading speed, and things that you should not do, as they will decrease your page loading times.

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5 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Website owners understand the importance of attracting traffic. However, many of them think that it is very difficult to attract traffic to their website. If you think that SEO, Backlinks, and content are the only options to enhance website traffic, then think again. Traffic analytics can provide insightful data on what works and what doesn’t work on your website.

Google Analytics or GA is an online tool that helps you to track traffic on your website. You just have to insert Google Analytics code on the site and rest will be taken care off. The best part about Google Analytics is you can use it with any type of website. Whether you have an e-commerce website, blog, or editorial website, Google Analytics is compatible with all of them.

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