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Today we will be reviewing WP.land, a company that specializes in WordPress Hosting. In a nutshell, WP.land is a hosting company that provides individuals and businesses of any size with WordPress hosting. There are many hosting companies out there, but very few actually specialize in WordPress. WordPress is an extremely popular CMS for building websites (our own Line25 site runs on it after all), so it’s extremely important to pick the right host for your WP-powered website. Let’s take a look at some of WP.land’s features (and their incredibly low pricing) to see why it makes such an excellent hosting company for WordPress websites.

Fast loading speed

This is probably one of the most important considerations when choosing a hosting company. There are some hosting companies out there (we won’t point fingers) who put too many accounts per server, resulting in slow loading times for all websites on that server. You don’t want that. You want your website to load fast. Not just fast – blazing fast. WP.land carefully proportions each server’s resources to make sure their servers are not overloaded. Moreover, WP.land’s infrastructure is based on SSD storage and fast network connections, resulting in really fast loading times for your WordPress sites.

Instant Setup

You don’t need to wait hours or days for your hosting site to be set up. WP.land’s hosting packages are provisioned instantly. You simply let WP.land know what domain name you want to use, and they instantly take care of the rest.

Regular, automatic backups

Stuff happens. It’s possible that you accidentally delete something on your site, or even the hard-drive where your website’s files reside fails. That is why WP.land takes multiple daily backups, and store all of your backups for 30 days. When stuff happens, all you need to do is ask WP.land to restore one of the recent backups of your WordPress site.


WordPress is a platform that is constantly evolving, as such it is being regularly updated. It is imperative for you to always stay up to date with your WordPress version, as well as all of the plug-ins you are using. WP.land automatically updates your WordPress installation to the latest version at all times, ensuring your site is the as secure as it can be.


WP.land is an excellent host for WordPress sites of any size – from small to large. So when your site goes viral and gets a ton of hits and traffic, you can rest assured it won’t go down because of your hosting company’s inability to handle the traffic.

Excellent technical support

If you have a question or issue, you can always reach WP.land via phone (WP advanced package) or email (both WP basic and advanced package).

Pricing Plans

WP.land’s hosting is ridiculously cheap. If you want them to host just 1 website, their price is $5/month when pre-paid for 3 years, $5.5/month for 2 years, $6/month for 1 year, or you can go monthly at $6.5/month. WP Basic package comes with 1 WordPress site, 10 GB of storage, unlimited data transfer, online tech support and 60 days money back guarantee.

WP Advanced allows you to host 1 WordPress website and comes with 40 GB of storage, unlimited data transfer, online & phone tech support and 60 days money back guarantee. It is priced at $20/month for 3 years, $22/month for 2 years, $24/month for 1 year, or you can go monthly at $26/month.

*Bonus* WP.land has been kind enough to provide us with a special coupon only for Line25 readers. Use coupon code “Line25” to get 50% off any packageYes, you read that right. 50% off makes your WP Basic plan just $2.5/month when pre-paying for 3 years ($3.25/month if paying month to month), and WP Advanced just $10/month when pre-paying for 3 years ($13/month if paying month to month).

Final verdict: if you’ve got a WP-powered website or are working on creating one, WP.land should be your go-to place when it comes to WordPress-based hosting.

Check out WP.land

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