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It is common knowledge that advertising is very important to the success of any business. Roll-up banners are part of this and so they have an important role in promoting a business, especially at events. Having the right design and information on your roll-up banner is vital when it comes to attracting new clients. If designed effectively, the roll-up banner will help your business get noticed and promote the right message.

This article offers you a great collection of highly professional and creative roll-up banners, of various dimensions, types, resolution, colors and more. We also added some great signage templates, such as billboards.  Each roll-up or signage template listed in this post is available in Photoshop .psd file format or .Ai and in some cases, in both! They are easy to edit and customize and are a great way of having a nice roll-up banner for your company, without spending too much. You can use them for conferences, meetings, presentations and more. They have very easily adaptable designs and customization is a breeze!

Browse through each of these professional roll-up banners and signage templates and pick the one you think is best for your needs! Don’t forget to let us know your favorite and leave a comment with your choice!

Mobile App Promotion Roll-up Banners

This a nice roll-up banner template, perfect for promoting or advertising mobile apps (iPhone, android, windows). It comes in four design variations and it’s perfect for mobile developers, programmers, smartphone companies, etc.

Mobile App Promotion Roll up Banners

Multiuse Roll-up Banner Wave

This multi-use banner – “Wave” – has a modern and elegant design. This is ideal for a stand display and is available in 3 different color schemes. Its format is 800×2000 mm.

Multiuse Roll up Banner Wave

Fitness Banner

This fitness & sports banner is a clean and fresh template suitable for fitness & sports businesses. It is easily editable and its format is 30×70 inches. The template includes help.txt for fonts and the images that were used in this design.

Fitness Banner

Socialika Social Media Sinage Solution Pack

Socialika Social Media signage solution pack includes a billboard, a standboard, and a name cardboard. Everything is print-ready and fully editable. It also includes editable texts, fonts, and colors. It is easy to customize and very versatile.

Socialika Social Media Sinage Solution Pack

Pro Photographer Outdoor Banner Signage

This is a nice and clean banner for professional photographers or any photography business. It features 3 .psd files, and it comes in 3 color options. Also, it is Photoshop CS4 compatible and allows quick and easy editing. The size is 70 x 30 inches.

Pro Photographer Outdoor Banner Signage

Corporate Business Roll-up Banner

This is a classic corporate or business-style roll-up banner template. The template is easy to use and gives the user the possibility to put four photos on the banner template. The banner is available in 3 color options and has 70 x 30 inches in size.

Corporate Business Roll up Banner

Elephant Cloud Roll-Up Banner

This is a basic, fresh and modern business roll-up banner template, available in 2 styles. It is ideal for a wide range of IT businesses like cloud computing, cloud backup services, hosting and storage services, or mobile application. Moreover, it is simple to use and highly customizable. The size is 30×70 inches.

Elephant Cloud Roll Up Banner

Corporate Roll-up Banners

This is a professional-looking corporate roll-up banners template, suitable for any project purpose. It is very easy to use and customize. Files included are .ai files (CS5 & CS Layered), .eps files and .txt (help file). The size is 70×30 inches (150 Dpi)

Corporate Roll up Banners

Multipurpose Outdoor Banner Signage 3

You can attract clients to your business with this pleasing outdoor banner which is suitable for the tourism industry (hotels and resorts, spas, health care, etc.), but also for any other similar businesses! It comes in 3 color options and is Photoshop CS4 compatible.

Multipurpose Outdoor Banner Signage

Multipurpose Roll-up Banner

These templates are designed for a stand display and are available in 3 different color schemes. The format is 800×2000 mm. Also, the files are fully editable and print-ready. For an easier customization, templates are layered and background graphic elements are as .eps files.

Multipurpose Roll up Banner

Photography Roll-up Banners

These templates can be very useful for photography services or for professional photographers who need a fashionable, professional roll-up banner design to promote their photography services or business. Templates are available in four stylish designs. The format is 70×30 inches.

Photography Roll up Banners

Large Format Charity Check Template

This fully layered, print-ready large format charity check template is suitable for nonprofit organizations and charity events. This includes help files, Illustrator file, .eps and Photoshop files.

Large Format Charity Check Template

Fitness Roll Up Banner

This is a professional fitness / gym / sports business roll-up banner . It includes easily editable fitness logos. The banner has highly organized layers and it’s fully editable and print-ready.

Fitness Roll Up Banner

Creative Design Agency Roll-up Banners

These roll-up banner templates are ideal for a creative design agency or studio. They come in three design variation and are fully editable. The print size is 70×30 inches and has an instruction file included.

Creative Design Agency Roll up Banners

Restaurant Business Billboard

This restaurant business billboard is a designed for any type of companies. It has a professional look and is easy to modify, change its color or dimensions. It is completely editable and print-ready. All included images are in vector format.

Restaurant Business Billboard

Photographer Billboard Template

This interesting photographer billboard template was created for photography services companies but can also be used for any kind of businesses. The template includes fully layered .psd files and is easily customizable and editable. The size is 70 x 30 inches.

Photographer Billboard Template

Simple Roll-Up Banners

This is a simple, high-quality business roll-up banner template. It’s highly customizable. Moreover, it can be easily adjusted to fit the client’s needs. All layers are well-named, organized and editable. The size is 31 x 71 inches.

Simple Roll Up Banners

Roll-up Banner

This corporate roll-up banner is designed for corporate businesses but can be used for other businesses as well. It is simple to edit and customize. The banner is in a print-ready format and it’s available in 2 colors.

Roll up Banner

Photography Roll-up Banner Bundle

This is a creative and modern design template, easily customizable and editable. It is print-ready, and it is completely layered. This clean and classic corporate roll-up banner is suitable for a PR agency or other businesses. It is well-layered organized (EPS), it is print-ready, and has editable text, fonts, and colors. A help guide is included in the download.

Photography Roll up Banner Bundle

Corporate Roll-Up Banner Bundle

This is a clear and creative business roll-up banners template, ideal for all corporate purposes.  The template is easily customizable and editable; it is fully layered and editable. It also includes a help guide.

Corporate Roll Up Banner Bundle


Medical Poster Template Vol.2

This is a medical poster template created exclusively for corporate and small scale companies. It can be also used for other kinds of businesses. It is easy to customize and it is print-ready.

Medical Poster Template Vol2

Corporate Billboard

This corporate billboard template is suitable for any businesses. It is easy to use and customize. It comes in .pds format and the color can be easily modified too.

Corporate Billboard

Business Roll up v9

This business roll-up template comes as a PSD file, and it is perfect for corporate services, products, and other uses. The package also contains a help file and editable .psd. The dimension can be adjusted to any size easily.

Business Roll up v9

Travel Agency Poster Template V06

This template is designed for a travel agency and includes bleeds, guidelines and safelines. It is print-ready, has highly organized layers and includes a help file. The print dimension is 29.8×41.4 inches.

Travel Agency Poster Template V06

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