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Trying to turn your marketing efforts into sales can be extremely difficult.

If you receive a large number of leads, but these leads will never be converted into sales, you will leave your sales team despondent.

At the same time, marketers do need to hand their leads over to sales fairly quickly so that the opportunities to gain clients are not lost to a competitor.

Going from the beginning of the sales pipeline to the end and converting leads into sales is very complex. There are lots of tactics that you can use. For example, if you are a T-Shirt business, you can use free T-Shirt templates to reach potential customers, and then you can try to convert them.

Nevertheless, we have therefore drawn on information from a community of online marketers to explore tools and tactics. These will assist you to increase your conversion rate.

These tips focus on designing your website to create a maximum impact, offering content that can be downloaded by your viewers, marketing emails, and outreach campaigns.

Plan your marketing campaign effectively

Before you begin selling, it’s helpful to explore how you can best present your case or engage with your clients.

Would you like your clients to watch a video about your company or product? Would it help if your clients were to read a white paper or report? How about references from previous clients showing the reliability of your work?

By exploring what you need to prepare in order to assist your clients, you will be more likely to create a positive impression.

Work on your sales repertoire

If you have a script you use to sell your products or services, you could work on improving it by keeping your clients in mind. If you don’t have this script, you could always ask one of your leading salesmen to deliver his presentation for you. You can then record and type out this presentation. Once you have done this, you’ll have a sales script.

You can then add some new ideas into your script and test them to measure their effectiveness.

When you ask your leading salespeople to share ideas and pitches with the rest of the team, you will increase the power of your sales force. You’ll also protect your business, should one of your leading people leave. This way their pitch has been recorded and shared. When your salesman leaves, he won’t be taking all his knowledge with him.

Ask your sales prospects to come to a quick decision

When you make your sales pitch to your prospects, ask them for a quick decision on whether they would like to make a purchase or not. This will help you to assess whether you need to go further with your meetings. It will also help you to establish whether or not your client has money to make a purchase. Make it plain that if your prospect agrees to purchase, you will hold him to this decision.

In your agreement, ask your prospect to let you know if the product is a great fit or will meet his needs. Share what you are willing to spend time and energy working on the project together, but this will have to mean a commitment. You can share that you completely understand if the fit between product and client does not feel right, but you would need to know this as quickly as possible. No hard feelings.

By setting the ground rules, you determine where best to place your energy.

Optimize your offer.

When thinking through your offer, look at the benefits your user will get if they take up your offer immediately. Explore how you shape your sales pitch. Point out what could be lost if an offer is not accepted quickly.

Test what happens if you add bonuses for quick acceptance. By trying out new approaches and monitoring the results, you will explore how to maximize your conversion rate.

Introduce ‘fear of loss’ in order to motivate your prospects

If your sales prospects believe that they will miss out if they don’t act immediately they will be motivated to take action.

Adding a bonus for an immediate sale could encourage a purchase. You could also offer a discount for a limited time period.

Use onsite re-targeting

When your visitors explore your site, you can use browsers or cookies to re-target them. This means that if you visit an e-commerce store and place some items on your wish list or in your shopping basket, they will still be there when you return at a later date.

E-commerce sites can use this same strategy to boost sales via email retargeting. You could use emails to offer discounts to past customers. Customers who are browsing or exploring the site could be reminded of their interests as well as shown new products which may appeal to them. Limited discounts or specials could be presented to customers.

Use Exit-Intent popups

Exit-Intent technology enables you to target viewers who are about to leave your site. Viewers may then be offered a discount or bonus. An example would be a viewer who is offered a voucher to use when making the first purchase. You could place a time limit on your voucher.

Exit-Intent technology could be used to encourage a client to subscribe to your site (and receive a bonus or discount). This way, you could combine Exit-Intent technology with email retargeting to boost your conversion rates.

Improve follow up emails

Sometimes clients will abandon a shopping cart at the point of check out. This is often because of high hidden costs such as shipping. When you see an abandoned shopping cart, you could always encourage your clients to return by sending them vouchers for free shipping. You could also offer up a discount on the total price if a sale is made quickly.

You could also use follow-up emails to introduce your existing customers to new products that may interest them. Recommendations based on previous purchases will help them to find products they enjoy.

Test your emails

If you’re working towards an email campaign with a great conversion rate, you will need to know how many people open your emails as well as how well emails convert.

From focusing on subject lines that entice viewers, to effective copy and a clear call to action, your email needs to be excellent,

In order to find out the types of emails that are most effective, use an A/B split test tool in your campaign. This will help you to find out the types of emails that work best for your different audiences.

If you are sending pop-up forms via email, you can split these to determine what motivates readers to convert to subscribers.

Build more landing pages

Landing pages are very effective tools when it comes to product promotions. This is the space where you show your visitors what you have to offer. By displaying your leading products you will be able to convert customers into suppliers.

Changing your landing page for every new promotion is therefore extremely beneficial.

However, research shows that only 48% of businesses create a new landing page for each of their sales promotions. Therefore creating a new landing page will not only help to increase your conversion rate. It will also set you apart from your competition.

You can also use your new landing page to monitor leads from your offsite marketing campaigns.

Therefore whatever promotion you are carrying out, from free trials, e-books, case studies, or downloads, work on creating a new landing page for each and every one.


By adding these new marketing strategies to your already existing campaigns, you will be able to increase your sales, even without a large marketing budget.

Don’t be afraid to include new test runs or trials. Experimentation may assist you to grow your email list. If you monitor the impacts of your experiments, you will learn new techniques for gaining customers.

From preparing your sales pitch to following up with existing customers through an email marketing campaign, there are multiple ways to build and continue relationships with your customers. The result will be an increased conversion rate. From here you will be able to grow your client base and increase your business.

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