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In today’s article, we are going to round up 15 of the best, free Bigcommerce themes and templates available in the Bigcommerce store. Bigcommerce is an ecommerce platform that allows you to quickly and easily create your own online ecommerce store. Whether you want to sell clothes, electronics, memorabilia, hand-crafted products or anything else, Bigcommerce is an excellent choice for anyone looking to have their own ecommerce website and an online presence.

For those of you who don’t yet have a Bigcommerce account, you can sign up for a free 15 day trial (no credit card required) and test drive the platform. Please note that while the themes outlined in this article are free, Bigcommerce itself is a paid service where you pay a small monthly fee. This allows Bigcommerce to provide you excellent support and platform updates, ensuring your online store is as successful as it can be.

So, without further adieu, let us look at the best free Bigcommerce themes / templates available in the Bigcommerce store:

Classic Next

Classic Next is a free Bigcommerce theme that is also used as the default theme for all new Bigcommerce stores. The benefit of that is that Bigcommerce must have really perfected this theme if they put it at the forefront of all their new stores for all new customers – so using this theme is something you should feel very confident about. Classic Next is a completely responsive Bigcommerce template, which means it will look perfect on both desktop and mobile (phone/tablet) devices. If you didn’t know this already, most websites receive at least half of their traffic from mobile devices, so having an online store that is fully mobile-optimized is a must for anyone who is serious about their online business. What we liked about this theme is that it is a neutral design, with a white background and a user-friendly layout, which means you can customize it to fit your store perfectly. The demo website for this Bigcommerce theme shows a store selling clothing, but as mentioned earlier this theme can be used for any store.


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Don’t let the name fool you.  The free Runway Bigcommerce theme is a theme that is ideal not only for stores selling clothes, but also for stores selling many other products. The cool thing about this theme design is that it is image-oriented – showcasing how your products look and not their names or prices. Mousing over the product image gives a quick preview of the product name and price, and clicking on the image brings users to the actual product listing page. Another thing we liked about this theme is the magnifying glass on product pages, which allows users to enlarge the product and see it in more detail. The black background gives a more sophisticated, modern feel as opposed to the default white. Some other benefits of this free Bigcommerce template is a nice carousel on the home page that allows you to showcase select products, clean typography and user-friendly design. This theme is perfect for apparel & clothing stores, cosmetic stores, jewelry websites, wedding / bridal shops and many other businesses. The only downside of this theme is that unlike Classic Next, it is not responsive, but for mobile devices the theme will default to Bigcommerce’s mobile theme, which will still ensure that your mobile users get a clean page upon their visit.


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Outdoor is another free Bigcommerce theme that has a beautiful design coupled with a clean and user-friendly layout. What we liked about this free Bigcommerce template is the “rugged” design which gives a very outdoorsy feeling without being too overwhelming. This Bigcommerce theme features a 5 column grid and a category listing located on the left-hand side of the screen (which is great for those stores that have many product categories). What we didn’t like about this theme is that “Add to cart” button was located very low on the screen as the product listing pages in the demo were very description-heavy, but creating shorter and more concise descriptions should solve this problem and move the “add to cart” button closer to the top. Nonetheless, even despite this minor drawback, Outdoor is a perfect theme for apparel and clothing online stores targeting the fitness / outdoor market, as well as any other ecommerce store that wants a touch of a rugged design.


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Musik is a Bigcommerce theme that is free and ideal for those online stores that have something to do with music. The demo website showcases a store selling vinyl and CD records. With a completely dark background, coupled with white text, this free theme is an excellent choice for creating an online store that sells music, books, DVDs, software, computers, electronics and more. What we liked about this free template is the strategic placement of the “add to cart” button, as well as a good color combination for the button, making it stand out on the product listing page. Just like the Outdoor Bigcommerce theme, the Musik theme is hindered by the same non-responsive design – however it will also default your mobile users to the default Bigcommerce theme, ensuring they see a mobile-optimized store on their mobile devices.


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With a rather peculiar name (named after a small town in the Swill Alps), München is another free Bigcommerce template that stands out from others.  It features a clean, neutral design, and showcases a website selling apparel. The unique thing about this theme is that it also has a “quick look” feature – where a user will click on a product from the home page and gets a pop-up with a brief overview of the product. From this pop-up the user is able to add the product to their cart without going to the detailed product listing page, or go to the detailed page to read about it in more detail. This flow ensures maximum conversion rates for your products, which is why this theme is an excellent choice for any kind of online business and ecommerce store. This theme is not responsive, however, but like the previous 3 themes, for mobile users it will show a default mobile Bigcommerce theme, which is sufficient.


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Home IQ

Looking to start an ecommerce store to sell home-related products? Home IQ may just be the perfect free Bigcommerce theme to help you do that. Home IQ features a very neutral and intuitive design, with a simple to use and clean navigation structure. Mousing over the product images will zoom them, allowing your visitors to get a good look at the products they are about to purchase. This Bigcommerce template is an excellent choice for most types of online stores. Like the previous 4 templates, it is also not responsive, but it will show your non-desktop visitor a separate mobile-friendly Bigcommerce theme.


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Hipster is a free Bigcommerce theme that was built with a “mobile-first” approach – which means it is fully responsive and will render beautifully on all devices, whether they are desktop or mobile. Hipster has a clean design, well positioned “Add to cart” button, and even a “Add to wishlist” option, allowing your potential customers to save products in their wishlist so that they can purchase them later. This free Bigcommerce template features a horizontal navigation that is located at the top of the screen (which turns into a sliding hamburger menu on mobile devices), an ability to zoom in on product images, a prominent “Add to cart” button ensuring maximum conversion rates, as well as a clean and easy to use design. Since the categories are located at the top and are presented horizontally, the Hipster free Bigcommerce theme is perfect for most online stores that do not have too many categories.


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Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty is a free Bigcommerce theme that is geared towards online and ecommerce stores that want to concentrate on selling health and beauty products. The fonts used in this theme give off an upscale feel to your online store. The overall design feels tender and calming – with soft color pallets that are easy on the eyes and relaxing. The home page features a slider to showcase your top products, and the product listing pages have a zoom ability, allowing visitors to see your health and beauty products in detail. Like this theme but you want to start a different, non-health/beauty type of store? Don’t worry – this free Bigcommerce template is a perfect choice for any online store.


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Bride To Be

Looking to start a bridal or wedding-related online store with Bigcommerce? Then Bride To Be may just be the best free Bigcommerce theme to help you do that. Some of the benefits of this free template are a 5 grid layout, allowing to showcase many products, left-aligned vertical category links that allow you to list many product categories, and a beautiful, light, simple yet surprisingly modern design (which is probably due to the beautiful fonts used in this theme) and an ability to zoom product images. This free Bigcommerce template is perfect for wedding / bridal online stores, ecommerce stores selling arts and crafts products, online stores specializing in gifts or other specialty items, jewelry stores, health and beauty stores and many others.


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Wine Store

The free Wine Store shopify theme is another excellent choice for anyone looking to start an ecommerce store in the food and beverage industry (though it can also work for any other niche). One of the unique features of this theme is the ability to add your own background image – instantly giving your store a unique feel.


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Beautification is a free Shopify theme that is a perfect choice for any store, not just for those that sell health and beauty products.  What we liked about this free template is that it gets right down to business. There are no sliders on the home page to distract the visitor – only well organized and presented product listings. This theme design is extremely user friendly, with a well optimized call to action button and product listing pages with zoomable images. Another nice feature about this theme is that product description and other information is hidden in a tab by default – so that those who want to read more information can do so, but those who are ready to purchase will be able to do just that without any distractions.


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Bedazzled is a beautiful, free Bigcommerce template that is best suited for jewelry and accessories ecommerce stores. What we liked about this theme is clean, large fonts, high zoom ability (which is essential for products where details are important), “quick view” feature and a light, clean layout. This Bigcommerce template is very easy to use and comes with many customization options, which makes it an excellent choice not just for jewelry and accessories shops, but for others as well.


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Classic Hip

Are you asking yourself how to start an online store to sell clothing and accessories? Ask no further – Classic Hip free Bigcommerce theme may just be best bet. This theme features easy to choose sizing options, zoomable images, classic fonts, light and clean design and a well-placed and conversion-optimized add to cart button. This free Bigcommerce template also has an “add to wishlist” option, and a “quick view” feature that is accessible from the home page. The navigation is presented horizontally, which is ideal for stores with not too many categories, such as online fashion stores.


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Classic White

If you’re looking for a clean theme to start your online store, Classic White is an excellent choice. This free Bigcommerce theme features a brand-neutral design, with a white background, very easy to use navigation and most of the features of the other themes we’ve listed earlier. This theme also features a home page carousel that allows you to showcase products and has an excellent choice of fonts. This free Bigcommerce template is perfect for any type of online store.


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Fun ‘n Games

Finishing up our roundup of the best free Bigcommerce themes, Fun ‘n Games is another free template that is perfectly suitable for any online store that wants a fun design. This theme is also ideal for online stores selling toys, video game ecommerce stores, stores selling clothing and accessories and many other online businesses. You’ll notice that this theme has a vibrant design with colors and fonts that pop. Overall, this is one of the best Bigcommerce themes for those stores that want to spice things up.


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This completes our roundup of the 15 best free Bigcommerce themes and templates that will allow you to create an amazing ecommerce store. No matter what your store niche is, you can feel confident that these Bigcommerce themes will help you get your store up and running in no time.

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