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Owning a business can be empowering. Owning a company that you’ve built from scratch is more than empowering, it means taking full control of your professional life. While that sounds very appealing, most of the time it’s simply intimidating as having a unique and promising idea is not enough to build your dream business from the ground up. On top of constant market research, endless paperwork, and competitor observation, you have to find motivation to keep you going even through the hardest of times.

To avoid the struggle of having to go through all that hard work, we create excuses as to why is it that we’re not able to build a business on our own. Even in the light of the most promising ideas, there will always be the voice deep in your head giving you all the reasons why you can’t achieve your dream. To help you deal with those sometimes unreasonable excuses, here’s a list of ten tools that will eliminate all excuses and motivate you to finally bring that idea for a business to life.

1. The “I don’t have time for client communication” excuse

If you have an idea for an e-shop and your excuse is that you don’t have time for client communication – you have no excuse. Ecommerce marketing automation is designed to automate all your email marketing and client relationship management tasks. You can use Omnisend to create sign-up boxes for your website visitors, create landing pages for your products, send promotional emails, or handle order confirmations – all with only a few clicks.

2. The “I’m bad with numbers” excuse

The times were you had to be mathematically savvy to run a business have passed. Invoice tool will enable you to send invoices and get paid from anywhere, at any time. InvoiceNinja is based on automation, which means that you can create recurring and auto-bill invoices, collect deposits and partial payments with just a few clicks. Unlike other invoicing software, it also allows you to create personalized invoices with your brand’s logo on them.

3. The “I don’t have enough storage on your computer” excuse

Businesses are notorious for requiring large amounts of paperwork, legal documents or other intellectual property. Having space to store all of that information safely is essential. With conquering the cloud, your excuse of not having enough storage on your computer is gone out the window. Not only do you get 20Gb of free storage space for all your documents, but also multiple layers of security to protect all your data. On top of that, real-time team collaboration on shared files from multiple devices is also possible.

4. The “nobody cares about my silly ideas” excuse

Every new business, digital or not, needs to have a healthy social media following. Show the world that your ideas are interesting, get real Instagram followers, likes and comments on all your posts about your products or brand. Combin will provide you with the insights on your target audience, connect you with the right influencers, and help you increase your Instagram following organically. By creating a buzz around your brand on social media platforms, you will increase your websites traffic and grow a loyal customer base.

5. The “I’m not good with words” excuse

Writing is tough, no question there, but it certainly doesn’t have to be an excuse for your holding back on crafting the future in business. If you want to be in the writing business, word counter tool is perfect for you. It will help you keep your paragraphs, words and sentences counted, your social media scribblings neat, tidy and of the required length. This hassle-free tool will show you all of the statistics in real-time, as you are writing.

6. The “I’m not creative enough” excuse

With focused, you don’t have to have an eye for design or color. Focused Collection is designed to help you choose the right design and imagery for all your presentations, blog and social media posts, so no more excuses if you think you lack the visual creativity. Focused collection is dedicated to pairing the right artists with the right kind of businesses by providing a wide range of images that will fulfill any requirements.

7. The “I don’t want to lose time with my family” excuse

Personal time and time with your family and loved ones is extremely important. Not only you are benefiting from the time spent with your closest family and friends, but your business is too. Cloud workflow automation will let you get out of the office more often than you think is appropriate. Integromat will help you automate time-consuming day-to-day tasks by connecting multiple apps and platforms, transferring and transforming data 24/7. It works, so you don’t have to.

8. No more “I forget the password to my own computer, don’t trust me to remember this” excuse

WordPress security plugin lets you forget the password and login details to often the most important thing in your business – your WordPress. With Magic Password, you won’t even have to know what your password (or username) is, as everything is done with your paired phone. It also protects you from brute-force attacks and keyloggers.

9. The “I don’t have any marketing knowledge” excuse

Maxtraffic is perfect for increasing your website’s traffic, generating email list and keeping in touch with your existing clients. So no more “I don’t have any marketing knowledge” excuse. Web push notifications will help you grow your email list by reminding your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It will help you increase your sales by reaching out to your customers even when they aren’t on your website, and it will help you reach international audiences with targeting and personalized messaging.

10. “I have no organizational skills” excuse

Salesmate will keep you organized even at the busiest times of your business. With this tool, you will be able to easily track and automate your sales activities, provide a personalized experience for your every customer, and receive powerful sales insights for better optimization and performance. Make notes on every client, create follow up tasks and track the progress of your sales team all on one platform.

These ten digital tools will help you create a profitable online business, so stop coming up with silly excuse to stop you from going out there and getting what you’ve always wanted.

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