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Whether you have to design a website, create the cover of a magazine or build up a portfolio, you will have to choose a font to use at some point. As we are sure you all know, typography is a fundamental element of any creative and printed work and you have to pay extra attention to this aspect. Typography can have a tremendous impact on readers and has the ability to attract or push them away.

In general, serif fonts are considered more suitable for printed works and, for example, sans-serif better for headlines. In today’s article, we have comprised a list of 20 highly legible fonts you have to try at least once. Many are suitable for large posters, design works, graphic design, web design, architectural portfolios, magazines and also for editorial use, such as magazines, newspapers, and books.

Reviewing this list, you can get an idea of how and when to use the fonts and how to pick them depending on what kind of work you will create. Fonts have the ability to transmit a certain message and you have to know first what kind of emotion you want to deliver.

If you’re an architecture student and need to compile a convincing portfolio, you first have to know the general design guidelines, and then you can complete “the picture” with a font that fits the aesthetic line of your entire portfolio. The font you select becomes a key component of your design and helps to complete the message you want to deliver and also works as an adjuvant in creating and highlighting your brand identity to the visitor.

Another important aspect you have to take into account is to choose a font that is readable because the last thing you want is to push your visitors away because they can’t read your texts.

A legible font is a functional one and besides that, as previously stated, it helps in completing the creative work, regardless of the fact that you are an artist, web designer, graphic designer or an architect.

So, hoping we aroused your interest, we kindly invite you to check the next list and we’re sure you will find at least one interesting font to use in your next works.

Calendas Plus

Calendas is a classic and elegant font created in 2010. It can be used also when using small sized texts and it was specially created for a calendar project.

1 Calendas Legible Fonts Plus


Margot is based on curvy and rounded shapes and it was created especially for big prints, such as posters and banners, but it’s also suitable for smaller prints.

2 Margot Legible Fonts

Bitter Ht

Bitter Ht is another free font with a is a serif font with an interesting design. It was designed especially for eBooks, meaning it has been optimized for reading.

3 Bitter Ht Legible Fonts


Fritz is a serif font and it comes with a robotic look and in 4 options regarding the weights. It can be used in any creative works such as portfolios, banners, posters and graphic design.

4 Fritz Legible Fonts


Medio is another serif font and it comes with an elegant design. It can successfully be used in graphic design and web design and in other creative works.

5 Medio Legible Fonts


Ainslie was created by Insigne Design in 2013 and it comes in 42 variations. The design is based on flowing shapes and it was optimized for great readability. It can be used in graphic design, portfolios and web design.

6 Ainslie Legible Font

Korneuburg Slab

Korneuburg Slab is another serif font and the design was inspired by the Korneuburg archways. It has a certain rigorous look and it can be used in headlines, magazines, and other creative works.

7 Korneuburg Slab Legible Font


Aleo comes in 6 distinct options and is a font that was optimized for readability. It ‘s suited for any creative works such as banners, headlines, magazines, and portfolios.

8 Aleo Legible Font

Klinic Slab

Klinic Slab is another serif font and it comes in 4 distinct weights and it’s suitable for web design, graphic design, posters, and magazines.

9 Klinic Slab Legible Font


Tryst has an elegant and modern design with soft curved shapes and it’s perfect for web design, posters, flyers, magazines and, design portfolios.

10 Tryst Legible Font

Fenix STD

Fenix STD is another serif font and it contains sharp and edged curves suggesting a certain rigorousness. The design is modern and classy and it can be used for portfolios, headlines, and web design.

11 Fenix STD Legible Font


Gaspar is another serif font created especially for editorial use by Carlos Alonso Costa. It was designed so that it wasn’t too thick and dense and it can be used for newspapers, magazines and also posters.

12 Gaspar Legible Font


Butler is elegant, classy, and has also a modern look and it’s perfect for magazines, fashion magazines, posters and other creative works. It has a great readability due to its clear and smooth shapes.

13 Butler Legible Font


Ethos is a serif font family which comes with 36 styles, thus being perfect for a wide range of uses. Another strong point for Ethos is that it comes with various italics and ligatures to enhance the reader’s experience.

14 Ethos Legible Font


Voga is a Didone typeface and it comes with an elegant and modern design. It has high and smooth shapes and it would look perfect on any fashion magazine cover.

15 Voga Legible Font


Recia is a serif font and it comes with 5 weights and matching italics. This font was created by Carlos del Toro especially for print and display works.

16 Recia Legible Font

Borgia Pro

Borgia Pro is another serif font and it comes in 8 styles. Its suitable for printing, books, magazines and other creative works.

17 Borgia Pro Legible Font


Lora is a modern serif font and it was created especially for digital displays. The design is based on thin and rough shapes and it’s also suitable for ebooks and magazines.

18 Lora Legible Font


This full-slab serif font is based on irregular shapes and it lacks a proper consistency, thus being suitable for prints with a more joyful and playful look.

19 Calluna Legible Font

Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab is based on geometrical shapes, thus having a technical look but the overall aspect has some elegant notes. Roboto Slab can be suitable for many creative works and can be used in web design, graphic design, magazines and also portfolios.

20 Roboto Slab Legible Font

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