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There are two mainstream ways to build a website: 1) using a premium WordPress theme and 2) utilizing a website builder. This article will introduce a third alternative; a more affordable one that gets a website up and running faster and without limiting creativity. WordPress page builders.

Before you jump to any conclusions, let me point out the main PROs of WordPress page builders, when compared with the other two alternatives.

-page builders have more features and less limitations (compared to website builders);
-most page builders cost twice less than WordPress Themes for the same end result;
-page builders can be used with free or old WordPress Themes; no need to change the theme;

Designing a Website with a Popular WordPress Page Builder


Before seeing the video below, let me explain why we chose to design a website using Visual Composer and not a different page builder.

Fast learning curve.  You can master it in hours, rather than days. The fast speed with which you can design a simple or a complex layout is one of Visual Composer’s main strengths.

You can test it before you buy it. You can take Visual Composer for a spin, by requesting a free trial here.

Very affordable. At $34, it costs two or three times less than similar plugins.

Intuitive and easy to use. You can drag and drop everything. And if you need a backend page builder, then Visual Composer comes with one too.

Visual Composer is included in most WordPress themes, so why should I use it as a standalone product?

VC is incorporated into many themes, including many of the premium themes, and for good reason. VC has achieved a reputation as being one of the best and most useful WordPress plugins on the market today, so it only makes sense that a majority of WordPress themes have incorporated it.

Some themes however have chosen to disable certain VC features, and they do not automatically install VC updates, nor do they provide VC support. VC support, instant updates, and the page builder’s full range of features are available only if you buy a license.

To sum up

  • A Visual Composer license gives you access to product support and automatic updates, a premium WordPress theme doesn’t;
  • It gives you access to many useful features that were disabled by the developers behind a theme;

A quick overview of Visual Composer’s main features

Visual Composer offers the advantages of a frontend page builder and a backend editor. The drag and drop editor lets you build your layout without a need for programming. Most VC users build layouts inside their WordPress theme, but you can do the same by using VC as a standalone design tool.

  • Visual Composer features include 40+ Content Elements; more than sufficient to build any web page layout.


These elements can be added, edited, or removed by a single click, and placed exactly where you want them with the drag and drop interface.

  • The VC Skin Builder provides an easy approach to customizing the overall look of your site and emphasize your brand. You can change the entire look of a page with a click or two. Few website-building tools can do it easier or better.


  • If you are looking for an easy way to display your portfolios, posts, or media, you will find VC’s advanced Grid Builder more than helpful.4

There’s more of course, but the bottom line is you can do what needs to be done with a standalone page building tool.

Using a standalone page builder to design your next website is an approach well worth considering. It will save you time and money. The time saved is due in part to the rapidity with which you can build your website pages, and due in part to the fast learning curves associated with the typical page builders.

In addition to the benefits VC brings to the table as a standalone tool, you can use it with any WordPress theme. Since Visual Composer is the most popular page builder of all time (500,000 users have something to say about that), and since it offers a free trial, it’s a good place to start.

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