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Nobody likes waiting for a page, slider or any other type of content to load. However, there are ways you can make the loading process more appealing to the user, and animated spinners and loaders play an important role in this.

Today, we selected 20 free animated spinners and loaders created with either CSS3 and HTML5 or jQuery.  These are indicators that will help the user visualize the loading process and thus, improve the overall user experience of a website or app.

You can use animated spinners and loaders for loading galleries, slider images, blog posts, pages, and more. They can also be used for both web design projects and app development works. They are very versatile and all have simple, modern and clean styles.

Check them out!

Single Element CSS Spinners

Here are some elegant CSS spinners that can be easily become a part of any kind of dynamic web projects by simply inserting a piece of code. This tool lets you easily change the color of your background or of your elements in order to create a spinner that totally fits your needs.

single element css Free Animated Spinners and Loaders

CSS Rainbow Loader

Here is a properly-executed CSS rainbow loader with a sleek design and vibrant colors. Perfect for fun, energetic websites! Use this wonderful rainbow loader if you want to add a dash of color and a smooth, simple motion to your web design projects.

rainbow loader


This spinner is ideal for grid style websites and was created with the help of HTML and CSS. It has a very simple design created from tiny squares and it resembles the shape and movement of the Windows XP logo. It’s very easy to customize it and change its background color, width, height and more!


Single element Slack loader

This sleek loader achieves its effect through a combination of HTML and CSS. Looks great and can be added on any type of websites. If you love the Slack loader then you’ll definitely love this one too, because it’s almost identical. You can work a bit and customize it to match your desired look.

single element slack loader

Bar/Ball Loader

This loader will add a dynamic touch to your website. It is made of rectangular tiles set in motion by a rotating ball. We recommend using this if you’re searching for a funny, vibrant alternative to a classic loader. Just like before, this tool is also very easy to customize and transform.

 bar ball loader

Text Filling

This is a great loader that can be integrated with a logo, website title or catchy slogan. It can become a strong branding element for your website. You can change its dimensions, colors, fonts in order to create a nice overall experience for the users of your website.

yet another loading animation

VSCO – CSS loader

This awesome CSS loader is appropriate for various high-end projects as well as app designs. It works around a very simple concept but the end results are very clean and effective. This loader is based on a multi-circle design with a vibrant background color.

vsco loader

Reddit Loader

Check out this Reddit-inspired loader. It has only two colors and a very hi-tech appearance. You can, of course, change the colors to fit your design projects, personal or commercial. You can use it to add a nice modern touch to your website.

reddit loader Free Animated Spinners and Loaders

Loader #7

This loader design is ideal for dynamic projects with stylish designs. It can be easily added to any website. We recommend this if you don’t want to use any boring loaders but you’re still fond of a more classic look. This spinner is a great option if you want something simple, straight to the point and easy to customize.

loader 7 circular

Cube CSS Loader

This simple and minimalist, cube CSS loader can be used for any kinds of web and app designs with a futuristic, clean and blocky/grid design. Its design was based on a gif and it resembles a grid with 9 squares that have a random movement. You can customize things such as the delay, the starting color, the ending color and more!

css loader-

Another Simple CSS load animation

Check out this simple but eye-catching preloading animation. It was made with CSS and HTML. You can change the background color and the element color in order to achieve your desired look. This is a really mesmerizing loader that you can add to your website design.

another simple css load animation

Tumblr-style cog loaders

If you’re looking for loaders similar to the ones on Tumblr, check these out! These Tumblr-style cog loading animations are made with CSS and SVG icons. The only thing you need to do if you want to insert these into your website is to follow the step by step tutorial from the original link.

tumblr style cog loaders

CSS3 Loaders

Check out these awesome, circular and interactive CSS3 loaders. Hover over individual borders for some fun! This awesome loader has a nice, continuous movement but everytime you hover your mouse on it, the movement stops and the elements remain in place, creating a random, unique form. The color choice is great but you can always customize that.

 css3 loaders

CSS loader

These are some pastel-colored circular loaders. They look great on feminine website designs. We recommend using this spinner if you’re looking for a very subtle, bouncy effect. You can, of course, change the colors and animation delay of the code in order to create a personalized one perfect for other purposes.

css loader

CSS loaders kit

Check out these single element pure CSS spinners & loaders. This kit comes with multiple types of spinners and loaders for you to choose from. It includes lots of animated icons that have a very simple and clean flat look with thin lines. The movement is very smooth but noticeable.

pure css loaders kit

Simple Loader

This is a simple loader with rectangle shapes that rotate. It’s easy to implement on any website and it’s a perfect choice if you’re not looking for something too complicated and you don’t want to use a classic loader either.

 one div simple loader

Loaders collection by Loaders.css

Check out these delightful, performance-focused pure CSS loading animations. There are many loaders for you to choose from. Each animation is limited to a small subset of css properties in order to avoid expensive painting and layout calculations. We’re sure you’re gonna find at least one that fits your website.


CSS loader

This is a cool circles loader that turns into a triangle and then comes back as a dotted line. It has a very smooth movement and nice look with only two colors that can be easily changed (the background color and the color of the dots). You can also create a slower or faster animation by changing the provided code.

a pen by jesse shawl loader Free Animated Spinners and Loaders

CSS Loader

This is another loader collection with CSS loaders, all circle-shaped, with different kinds of animations. These loaders resemble a clock design so they keep a classic touch but with modern and minimal design. You can choose between different styles to find the one that works perfectly with your design projects.

css loader

CSS loading text animation

This is a CSS loading text animation that can be applied to any kind of text or even logo. The effect of this loader makes a certain text/word logo to fill up with another color while the page is loading. This is a very cool and highly customizable spinner that has a repeatable movement.

loading animation

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