20 Fancy Old School Fonts You Can Download For Free

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As a designer, having a well-organized free fonts collection is crucial! This can save you a lot of time, as typography is an essential part in any type of design project. To ease your work, we share with you today, 20 fancy old school fonts you can download for free. 

You can use these old school fonts in school/college/university and highschool-themed projects, as well as in other designs you see fit. These are all free for personal projects, but please check the license file individually if you want to use any of them in commercial projects.

Browse through all of these old school fonts, select your favorites, and download them to your freebie fonts collection. These eye-catching free fonts will definitely come in handy at some point.


Here is a wonderful typeface which you can download and use for free in various personal projects. Discover all the characters and see if these fit your style.

Quaterback Old School Font

Colleged Font

You can use this font in various designs, no matter if they are meant for printed or digital projects.

Colleged Old School Font

College Font

This typeface was created by Matthew Welch. You can use it for personal projects, should you need it for commercial ones, please contact the author.

College Old School Font

University Font

This bold font was designed by Geronimo. You can use this freebie in various projects, printed or digital, but please check the license file.

University Old School Font

Stitch’n School Font

This unique font will look beautifully in many designs. You can use it for personal projects, with no attributions, but please check the license for commercial ones.

Stitch'n-School Old School Font

Vintage College Dept Worn

This vintage-looking typeface has a lovely design that will definitely get your attention. Have a closer look and see if this fits your style.

Old School Font

Legend M54

This font has a simple but catchy design with neat eye-catching features. You can download and use it for free for any of your personal projects.

Legend M54 Old School Font

Sablon Up Font

This is a lovely font with a strong design that will fit multipurpose projects. Discover all the characters and use this font in your upcoming projects.

Sablon Up Old School Font

Campus A Font

This is a unique typeface with a wonderful concept that will be perfect for creative designs. You can download and use it for free for personal projects.

Campus Old School Font

Mickey’s School Font

There are many types of projects where you can use this typeface. Some of which may include: posters, websites, advertisements, etc.

Mickey's School Old School Font

Universal College Font

This lovely font has unique features that will make it noticeable in various projects. Take a look and see if this style suits your current designs.

Universal College Old School Font

Bandung Hardcore GP Font

Here you have an interesting typeface that will come in handy in many situations. This creative font will definitely get the viewer’s attention.

Bandung Hardcore Old School Font

IFC Hardball Font

This is a neat font that was created by Anton Krylov. You can utilize it for free for personal uses, for commercial purposes, please check with the designer.

IFC Old School Font

Collegerion by Leonard Posavec

This is a neat font design that you can download and integrate into multipurpose projects. It includes a free license for personal projects, for commercial ones, you need to purchase it.

Collegerion Old School Font

Gun School Font

This is a bold typeface with a strong design that includes neat features. The characters have a unique style with an eye-catching design.

Gun Old School Font

Jersey Letters

This beautiful double-lined typeface was created by Perry Mason. You can download and use it for free in various current or future designs.

Jersey Old School Font

XXII Don’t mess with Vikings

Here is a wonderful typeface that was designed by Lecter Johnson. You can use it for free only for personal projects, if you want it for commercial ones, please contact the author.

Old School Font

Hand Shop Typography A20

This is a big family that includes 8 fonts with beautiful designs. These can be downloaded and used for free in multipurpose projects.

Hand Shop Old School Font

Nebraska Font

Nebraska is a stunning typeface that was created by Daniel Heikkinen. This font has a beautiful bold design and it will definitely make your projects noticed.

Nebraska Old School Font

Bascula Font

This is a unique font with a creative design that will get your user’s attention. Download it for free and use it in your upcoming projects.

Bascula Old School Font

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