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As of late, there has been an uproar about the largest WordPress Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming WordPress theme called Czar, that is being described as a multipurpose revolutionary theme that enables one to build powerful websites. Well, does it really hint towards a revolution in websites powered with WordPress? We decided to review Czar by having a look at its Kickstarter campaign (view here) and have uncovered certain things that make Czar a revolutionary WordPress theme.

In-built Customer Support Desk – Zootash


While there is a horde of WordPress themes that serve you with a variety of offerings, Czar outperforms each of them as it has an in-built customer support desk, called ‘Zootash’. Zootash helps you prioritize the important communication which otherwise goes unnoticed, due to your inbox being flooded with all kinds of other emails, leading to a lost business opportunity. Zootash creates a support ticket for every contact form filled in by the visitors. It lets you create multiple support departments and assign tickets to each of these, depending upon the department selected by the visitor while filling in the contact form. Although there are customer support systems that help you provide phenomenal customer support service , these are expensive and demand monthly recurring costs, in addition to a separate implementation which is often difficult. Czar earns a point or two in its favour in this regard as Zootash comes build-in, absolutely free of charge.

It is Made to Outdo the Existing WordPress Themes With ‘Czar In A Box’

“Czar in a box” is an exclusive version of Czar that comes in a box together with a lot of essentials that help developers and designers undertake wireframing effortlessly and overcome the challenge of creating unique designs with the same theme. It contains design boards, each for a desktop, tablet and mobile which serve as whiteboards, along with magic elements that are magnetic in nature. These elements easily attract to the design boards and enable designers to create wireframes and pre-plan the design before actually developing it. To help one figure out the best UI elements for his or her designs, it also has a UI guide which contains a list of all the elements that form a part Czar. Overall, “Czar in a box” is quite impressive.

Nine Exclusive Plugins Add To The Exclusivity Of Czar

These nine Czar-exclusive plugins are intelligently crafted to work with Czar. The plugins provide extended functionality for your website taking it to a different level altogether. These plugins have been carved out to work seamlessly with Czar and offer functionality which would either call for spending money for purchasing additional plugins or asking a WordPress developer to design one depending on the need . The brains behind Czar decided to specifically include these nine plugins as these are on the majority of websites powered with WordPress. For instance, the sticky widgets in the sidebar help entice the customers for call to action such as a monthly subscription.

Modular Approach Towards Creating Compositions

Well, Czar is not the only theme that is built on the modular building blocks . Many existing WordPress themes are based on the modular approach of design. But what Czar has is an extensive collection of elements (70 + elements) that act as building blocks and give you the power to create endless compositions by just putting the elements together. Many themes adopt a composition based approach towards design where they try to sell a composition and the buyers select the theme based on the design of the theme. But Czar relies on these various elements that are a part of the theme and aims to build various compositions based on these elements.


With offerings like in-built customer support desk, Zootash and outstanding concept of ‘Czar In A Box’ Czar is certainly a theme that is set to cause a revolution in the websites that are made with WordPress.

Czar Is A Need Of The WordPress Enthusiasts, Business Owners And The Developers And, Is Therefore, Here To Stay!

View Czar on Kickstarter

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6 thoughts on “Is Czar A Revolution In Websites Powered With WordPress?”

  1. Their Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.
    I was interested to check it out and write a review, so I contacted the makers of czar; wanted to know how to get one. No one replied back. If they are trying to get peoples attention, they are doing a very poor job at it. Good luck with customer support if you don’t even bother to write back to a paying customer.

  2. Reading the blog post, it truly seems that Czar will serve like a revolution in the WordPress development arena. The number of benefits it offers proves that it has impeccably been named as ‘Czar’. It’s exciting features will make it rule!

  3. It is really cool theme, I just had a over view of the Czar theme through the link placed here it seems to be something really interesting. However the price option is not mentioned here except the top bar which shows it to be 7 day free trial, but how the pricing options after a free trail?

    • Hi Raghav,

      The 7 day free trial is for something entirely different. Once you click on the Kickstarter link for Czar you will be able to see all contribution options.


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