30 Inspiring Examples of Retro Style Website Designs

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The retro theme has exploded in recent years with nostalgic styles becoming popular in fashion, photo and video. In the web design industry the emergence of the retro or vintage trend has kind of evolved from the “grunge theme”, with designs taking inspiration from a particular era in history. This post showcases 30 website designs that perfectly execute the retro style, with aged textures, muted colours and impactful typography.

CG Inspired

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Cast Iron Design Company

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La Bubbly

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View the website


View the website

Barrelhouse Flat

View the website

Two Fish Illustration & Design

View the website

Brock Kenzler

View the website

Trailer Park Truck

View the website

Forefathers Group

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Friendly Gents

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Blind Barber

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Lyudmil Shoshorov

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Tom, Dick & Harry Creative Co.

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Kitchen Sink Studios

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Forever Heavy

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These Are Things

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Rob Edwards

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Cascade Brewery Co.

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The Mischief Co.

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Matt Hovland

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Austin Beerworks

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Build Responsively Workshop

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Love it!

    I am currently re-designing my site in a retro 50's style and these will come in extrememly useful for some much needed inspiration.

    Cheers Chris.

  2. Ruth says:

    I love these retro styles. Probably some of my favorite designs!

  3. John says:

    Great piece, thanks. And for some more inspiration and sources: is outstanding…

  4. Travis Welborn says:

    Nice group of sites, Chris. I have to say that Bitfoundry was my favorite.

  5. RedRokk says:

    Love retro sites. This is a good collection of new designs I haven't seen before. Nice choice is designs.

  6. Stolarija Elatio says:

    Great collection in one place, thx :-)

  7. Web Designer says:

    This is a good collection of Retro designs, thanks for sharing…

  8. Fred Dirkse says:

    Awesome designs! Love all of them. Very inspiring, this could help a lot for anyone who would have plan to give some retro styles on their websites. Thanks for posting such a great list.

  9. I think this style might just be a fleeting thing (only time will tell) but I do enjoy the muted colors and textured pages. When I have an opportunity I might do my personal website in this style

    (which will make this post very helpful in the future thank you!)

  10. S3bY says:

    I always enjoy an elegant website with retro elements in it! So thanks for this collection!

  11. Loving this retro look… Really impressive designs :)

  12. i like it, i will reuse this idea on my blog soon.

  13. Thank you for giving good collection of impressive designs!!!!!!

  14. Tim Fuell says:

    Some great stuff here.
    We've had a retro-feel from day one, it puts clients at ease especially when dealing with a modern concept like social media they may be scared of. We're very proud of our website and our retro feel office too – the Comic book wall is certainly the only one we've seen in London!

  15. Justin says:

    The design for the Barrelhouse Flat site is amazing! It really gives the site an "Old Western Tavern" feel to it.

    After reading this blog entry, I think I may give my site a film noir look to it.

  16. Anjali says:

    great work i love these kind of designs. Can any tell me is their any particular kind of webdesigner for getting website designed in old patterns.

  17. They all looked great, I love all the designs. Thanks for sharing!

  18. seb says:

    Very nice! I love that, thanks.

  19. dragos says:

    Awesome designs!

  20. I love the Von Dutch site and how they combine retro and responsive web design

  21. Webspace in Nepal says:

    I like your examples. Keep posting such a great article.

  22. I love these retro styles. Thank you for giving good collection of impressive designs at one place…………

  23. La Bubly – Sparklin' wine for the sparklin' mind. That's precious. I would say that other than the dark colors, this is my favorite UI and design.

  24. I love love love this style! But it can be a bit of a tough sell to client who are wanting something more status quo.

  25. Dan says:

    Wow! That’s some impressive designs! Inspiring!

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